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We saw 3-D (no spoilers, mind you~)

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And you know how long the 3-D lasted? In the middle of the movie, we saw everything in 3-D for about...15 minutes, maybe. My dad and I think it was a rip-off. :lol:

But it was a very good movie. And my mom and sister went to CheeseCake Factory with a friend without me. :|

How could they? I love that resteruant...:lol:

So, right. Ordering the second BL and Death Note manga. :D Eventually..

I 'm afraid I might not get into the BL fandom. o: Oh no...

You know...[edit, and highlight because HTML IS STUPID arg]

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I'm using FireFox to see if I can push the enter button and it will actually work...html takes to long..:lol:

Anyways, what I've been thinking about doing is making another account. Yes, I get bored easily. :|

I know I've already said this, but after I thought about it, I thought: (rofl, "Hello, is this the Department of Redundant sentances department?") "Would I just get bored of that one and create another one?"

So I'm kinda torn there. Um...other then that..I haven't been busy this summer, so I want to go to the hut. But I've been too lazy and nobody is there. :lol: Time difference, anyone?

Let's start an RPG like thing again? I'll try to work with the BL one. :o I should go watch it..for once...

And if I end up not watching it..again..then I'll give you all a dollar. :lol:

Death Note

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I love the plot/story and the art is amazing. :P

Light's expressions want to make me squeal. The way they make him smile is just so cute...

So, then. I'm bored. We need to start the BL/IY crossover! :lol: -pokes ___-

So...shoo, off to the hut or chat blog.

To make this interesting, what is your hair color? :P

...Just...needed a question for people to answer...:lol:

Chat Blog here!

Guess who went to Anime Plus? [edit]

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Me! ((Well, duh.))

Um, but, I did get the FullMetal Alchemit: Complete Best CD. Which only has 8 songs. :| But it works, right? :lol:

And I got FMA volume 10, Death Note volume 1...the art looks really good. *0*

My youngest brother got a Sora wallscroll. (Let's play a guessing game! Okay, guess who is jealous?...winner gets a scented candle or something.)

Okay, so I'm not so jealous I wanna take it down and run down the street with it, but you get the point. ;)

I could have just raided the shop, getting more stuff I wanted:

- Roy patch

- Kon hat

- Yuki hat

- Kyo keychain

- Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru keychain

- KH2 wallscroll

- Kairi action figure

- Haruhi Suzimiya DVD

- Ouran HighSchool DVD

- Keroro Gunsou DVD

:lol: But I'd loose a lot of money there, so I just got a box of chocolate pocky..yum...:P

No, serisouly, that Kon hat? I'd go to sleep wearing it. I swear. It's so adorable. 

Oh, and, put up pictures on The AutoMail Shop. Whoo hoo! :D

Why the URL isn't working, I have no idea. :|

Also, never play We Love Katamari in the morning. I ended up playing it all day. I wasn't able to find the soundtrack at Anime Plus, though. The music in Katamari is so addicting. :P

-runs off to download FMA music to iPod-

-gets out soap and sponge-

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[size=10]Have I ever told anyone I'm obsessed with foam, soap, and sponges, but I'm not a neat freak? I just love how it smells and feels. :lol:[/size]

Um, just making a new blog. it? :lol:. I'm going to get that FMA cd tomorrow, apparently.

And tomorrow is my dad's birthday, whoo hoo! :P

-goes off to work on website-


.Chat Blog here!

Jedediah and Octavius...

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My dad rented Night at the Museum for us while he went out.

And I just remembered how much I loved those little figures, including Jedediah and Octavius. :P

And now, I quote in all his glory:

Jedediah: No problemo, Gigantor.

Larry: Um, my name's Larry, first of all, okay Jed? See, I call you Jed, I don't call you tiny.

Jedediah: What's that supposed to mean?

Larry: Hey, Teeny, how does that sound?

Jedediah: I...I don't like it. It hurts ny feelings.

Larry: Okay, well Gigantor makes me sound like a freak.

Octavius: I don't. I just call you Larry.

Larry: Don't be a kiss-___.



Larry: I'm trusting you guys, and if you dont do what I say you'll end up like your buddies in the Mayan world over there, locked up. Do they look happy?

Jedediah: ...No. They look sad.


Seriously, if they made a good series of thee guys, I'd totally watch it. :lol:

The Adventures of Barry the Chopper! ....And Kyo Sohma.

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Hm. So, Jerry Jewel is the english voice actor for Kyo Sohma of Fruits Basket and Barry the Chopper of FullMetal Alchemist.

So, while my siblings and I were watching the Barry episode, this is what happened: ( whoo hoo, script form! :lol: )


Barry [as a woman]: -talking-


Brother1: ...Who?

Me: -explains story-x2 ( yes, two times :lol: )

Later in the episode...

Barry: The first woman I ever chopped up was my wife...

Me: I shouldn't be imagining Kyo saying this.

Barry: -blah, chop chop chop, blah-

Me: -wide eyed- It's ruining my image of Kyo~

Brother2: Shut up.

Me: BUT IT'S KYO. D: Scarring me for|

Barry: -talking-

Me: -still imagining Kyo saying this-


So it was kinda weird. The story of him doing a woman's voice is hilarious, though. I think I blogged about it a while ago. I'm sure of it. :lol: If I find it, I'll post it here. :P

And that's H-chan's fangirl moment of the day! ...Unless we go to Barnes and Noble..!

Chat Blog here!


Bah bah bah bah! I found it. Thanks DS, that interview amuses me to no end..:D

Friday the Thirteenth...

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Um..I needed an excuse for a new blog. :lol:

Someone! Now! Give me an idea for my website!

Anyways, down at the chat blog...nobody is visiting. :lol: Ow-kun and I, though, had a conversation :|


So...don't read if you don't want to hear a tiny rant about clothing? :lol:


Okay, so I've been tired of wearing all the clothes that everyone else in my school wears. And it's not because I'm a *rebel* and hate Juicy and Ambercrombie. :lol: It's pretty much just because I really like crazy clothing but haven't been wearing it. Mostly because I'm afriad my mom will freak out when I do...(tried to buy arm warmers, she didn't want me to. Then she said I could, but now I'm scarred for life because I think my mom will hate me. :|)


I found this Japanese clothing s tyle called harajuku. Um, I think I'll go for something less crazy, but I'll be sticking with stockings and lots of bracelets because I love wearing stuff like that. :D 

So. This is mostly a little note for me. You can ignore it if you want. :lol:



[url=]Chat Blog here![/url]

EDIT: When I said stockings, I didn't mean I'd be wearing two different kinds (like spotted ones and striped ones at the same time), just...stockings. :P

Flashback? ::laughs::

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Ooo..a "show"'?
MI! Get back to bed!
Yes SG! I'm going my love!
(resumes eating ice cream and watching portable television Ka(gome) brought)
now wheres that ____ magazine...

MI, all your domestic cooking magazines are on the top shelf.
Oh thank goodness, I thought I missplaced them!

:lol: This always amuses need an idea for my FMA website. Just a topic, anyone? :D Other than that, you can all just go to the chat blog...

Chat Blog here!