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3DS expectation? Low. Actual reaction? High.

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So I went to a Gamestop recently to see what games they had there and I saw a 3DS. My first experience with one and I got to try Street Fighter IV, it was amazing. Since you can say I am a little bit of a Sony fanboy, I was expecting it to suck or be really lame but actually I think it is super cool. If I wasn't already saving my money for a NGP, I might have bought a 3DS. Anyone who is thiking of getting one SHOULD! The 3D is really cool but I did get a bit of a headache but no eye strain from the time I was playing it. Even though it is $250 and the hardware may be priced around $100, it is so worth the money because it will bring you hours of fun. I also got to try it at Target and try the Mii Maker. It was sort of accurate because it made me laugh when it showed me my friend's Mii, he looked hilarious. The technology is pretty awesome. I guess the 3DS and NGP can livesimultaneously together in some sort of Animal Crossing world where fishing daily for third party companies nibbling at your bait/console and scooping up money is normal.

The Future Of Gaming

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You are probably thinking that this is going to be a broad blog and it is, don't get me wrong. Anyways, what is the future of gaming with all the 3DTVs and the 3DS and now every handheld gaming device is practically touch (iPod Touch, Nintendo 3DS and PSP2 or NGP). Holograms maybe? Handheld stomping all over the console generation. All of that in this blog, hopefully.


Hey Guys, Hammstray is back from the virtual dead, I haven't posted a blog in forever. Anyways, getting back on topic, I have been noticing that a lot of people are trying to figure out the future of gaming. Myself included. I am surprised with the technology we have. The same thing was thought way back in the 1950's when they thought they had the best technology and they could never fathom our progress: 3DTVs, video games, internet, portable touch screen 3g wi-fi communication game compatible handheld devices. I am questioning what will be in the near future of 2050 or 2100!!! It will be pretty cool then and they will think, "how did they survive back then?" But seriously, what is the future of gaming?

For my first point, I think 3D is taking over. The 3DS sounds like a really good idea and it could be called a handheld version of the Wii with 3D engineering with the glasses. Amazing! We also have 3DTVs and every movie that is coming out turns out to be in, guess what, 3D! I can't believe it. Soon they will be making helmets that import us into a gaming universe that is 3D, has super realistic graphics and fun!

My next point is on touch. It seems like everyone is pushing the touch compatible phones to their max. iPod Touches (iPhones), DS, and the new PSP2 will have touch on the front screen and back screen? I think they are pushing it to far. Every phone now is becoming a touch it seems like. I really like touch though because it is pretty accurate. It is also like the motion gaming equipment like the Playstation Move, Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii. It is really accurate, sometimes too much but it is pretty fun once you get into one of those games. This is something that will easily take over our generation and generations to come.

Now I also mentionedholograms. Now let us face it, graphics are getting better all the time in games. 3D games look amazing but really it is just a fake 3D screen projected through glasses or how the pictures form together to make a 3D image on a 2D screen. Eventually, if holograms become part of the gaming world someday, it will actually come out of the tv in your face and you can see it and touch, put your hand through it like what you do when you first see a 3D movie but then realize that it is just projected. It will really add a great element to gaming I think.

Finally, onto the handheld generation that I think is really starting to creep up on our console generation and take over. The new handheld devices like the 3DS and NGP or PSP2 are really incredible if you think about their technology (located in my previous blog). I found this article from 1up.com (http://www.1up.com/news/rumor-psp-2-graphics-ps3) and it says that it is rumored that for the size of screen the PSP2 has, its graphics are comparable to the PS3's! If handheld gaming systems are going to have graphics comparable to console graphics and are cheaper (more or less), I would rather buy a PSP2 then a PS3! Handheld gaming has become popular on the iPod Touch and iPhone so it could become possible that handheld gaming could become pretty popular in the next couple of years.

I will leave you with this information to ponder. What are your thoughts on the future for gaming?

3DS and NGP!!! What will you choose?

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Well, news about the highly anticipated PSP2 or NGP (Next Gen Portable) has finally been released. People are questioning buying the 3DS now, now that Sony has released info on their opposition to the newest Nintendo handheld system. Well, let us compare the two new handheld systems from two of the greatest gaming empires.



+No glasses needed

+Better graphics

+Great game lineup from high grossing titles

+Able to turn 3D off and on

+Top screen is wider



-Must be at a precise angle to see in 3D

-motion control and tilting of the system will have players "losing" there 3D during that part of the game



+Graphics comparable to PS3

+Great level lineup as well

+touch screen on front and back so you can climb ropes using the back while selecting certain things on the front side

+sixaxis control like PS3 controller

+two analog sticks

+nice curve shape to fit hands





-Needs a great exclusive game (DS has pokemon)

-Might not make as much money due to 3DS competition

So what do you choose? I choose NGP! :P


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2011 has just started and we are already feeling the great effects of the abundance of games that are overflowing or budget and washing out our wallets but well worth it! LBP2 is probably going to get GOTY like Mm's previous game. I wouldn't even bother getting LBP1 anymore because guess what? LBP2 has all the levels from the original game (except story mode levels). Everybody who is on edge and has LBP1, all your costumes and old levels carry over! I can't stop playing it, heck, why am I typing this blog now when I could be playing it. So fun and I can't believe anyone who calls themselves a playstation gamer yet doesn't have LBP2. Story mode is intriguing and this game is bundles of fun when you play with friends online or with a friend who has come to your house. Pick this game up at retailers near you! :D

Need help with a LBP TROPHY FAST!

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Okay, everyone knows LBP2 is going to be great but that means that LBP1 will not get as played with. I need a favor from any of you guys out there who can help me get it. It is the Party Person trophy, I think. The description says you need 3 people playing with you and beating a level who are on your friends list and I need it before Tuesday. Can anyone help me?

New avatar!

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I have changed my avatar once again, the first time this new year! Yeah! :D Anyways, as you can see, it is again LBP related. My first avatar had the hero hair dlc, the second avatar was a picture from the collector's edition and this one is an american sackboy supporting my country and the LBP2 release! I even got the zipper and everything. Hope you enjoy it and see ya later guys! :D

Random Pages Unresponsive Killed!

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So up in my banner, I have a Page(s) Unresponsive. I got one of those in real life. When you get it, it says, do you wish to wait or kill pages. I just exited out of the page the first time but this time I pressed kill pages and I got a picture of a dead, unhappy folder and underneath it reading: Aw, Snap! See for yourself:

unhappy, dead folder say AW SNAP!

Weird right? Well, anyways, Happy New Years everyone and I hope this year serves you better than the last one! See ya guys in a few days when i post my next blog! :D

Happy New Year and my new banner!

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Yes, I finally made a new banner. My other one I realized was a little awkward saying I am a ginger and all... anyways, this one brings out my creative and love of computers. I am such a nerd. Also, I just realized this is my last banner I will ever have in 2010! That is terrible! What other things have I done my last of: taking a shower, eating a poptart :o, eating oatmeal, putting on some pants, sleeping, writing a blog, watching me write a blog, watching youtube (maybe), stretch, putting on a shirt, attempting to make a better blog picture and failing. I only will be able to brush my teeth twice more before the clock strikes the day of New Years, 1/1/11, XXML. XXML? That sounds like the size of shirt godzilla might wear:

godzilla in a mmxl shirt

Merry New Years and I hope you guys had a happy Christmas or other religious holiday! I am going to go to the store now so peace be with you guyz and hope MMXL will serve you well! :D

What I got for Christmas...

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What I got for Christmas? I know this is a day late but yesterday I was busy with unwrapping presents, going to the movies, etc., etc. Well, I got plenty of things. I got a Playstation Network card from my best friend, a couple of shirts from my aunt, a lion that holds my glasses, a mouse for my computer, an orange (watch The Middle if you don't know what I mean), some sweatshirts, coin money, under armor. This is were it gets good: I got Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition, iLife '11 for my computer, also Mac OS X Snow Leopard and *drumroll, trumpets blaring, crowd cheering* AN IPAD!!! I also got an iTunes card for that iPad. It is awesome! If you have any suggestions for apps I should get, post a comment. I was super excited about that and I wasn't sure if I was going to get one since I saw my mom unwrap one also. Anyways, I think this has been THE. BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER!!! What did you guys get?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Hope you guys all have a Merry Christmas! Hope everyone gets at least one game that they wanted! I am pretty sure the box wrapped DS case under my tree is Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies which I thought looked pretty good! Thx to everyone who made my 2010 Gamespot experience awesome! :D I hope I get at least one PS3 game...

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