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Finally! Justice!

Today I was driving to my girlfriends house (where I am right now), listening to C101's (Rock Station) Two Guys in the Morning talking show.
Today is Crime Tuesday where Rex and Gino bring up crime reports that have happened since last Tuesday.

Well, we have a good story this time. (not saying any of them a bad. Because most of them are hilarious)

Just recently, a man was alone in his house at night, when he looked out his window only two see to men with crowbars breaking into his neighbors home through the window.
Where was the neighbor? On vacation.
Well, the man called 911 and was reporting the incident. But during the phone call, the man was becoming furious because of the break in.
The dispatcher asked the man to look outside to see if he could see the two guys.
But, the man said that he couldn't because if he did, he would end up shooting the two guys with the pistol he was apparently holding now.
For 7 minutes the dispatcher debated with the man, trying to convince him that it was not worth shooting the two guys.
But, he just wouldn't listen. He knew of the consequences but did not care. He was furious over the break in.

The man then told the dispatcher that he was sorry, but couldn't stand by and let the two guys take any loot they could.
He then rushed outside (still holding the phone. Never turned it off) and through the phone you could hear the man yelling at the two guys as they crawled back out the window.
As they crawled out, they were now holding a pillow case of junk they had stolen, and began to run away.
Through the phone, you could then hear 3 shots being fired.

The two guys were killed.

Later the man was taken into court for the shooting.

Now, there is a law saying that home owners are able to protect their own homes from intruders, without worry of being taken into custody. But that does not include your neighbors home. Only your own.

Well, in the end, the man was released free of all charges! YES! JUSTICE!

Lets see if those two guys homies decide to come back now!

All the same... All the same... All the same...

Todays video games have become very redundant. They are very few games out there today that hold that unique feel.

I love all types of video games. Rythem (Rock Band / Guitar Hero), Shooters (Halo / Gears of War), Action Adventure (Grand Theft Auto 4 / Assassins Creed) Racing (Burnout / Grand Turismo) Sports (Madden / NBA)...

They are all the same. In every shooter, you run, find the enemy, shoot him/her/ dodge other enemy fire, and fire again. Kill everyone, take their ammo, and do the same over again. Maybe with a different weapon.

Rythem games, they are fun, you get into a song you really like and just start jammin'. But, havent you ever noticed that you are always doing the same thing over and over again? Yeah, you can increase the difficulty to add more notes, and make the speed faster... But still, after a while, it becomes very redundant. And once you can play the colors at school/work or even at the dinner table, without the game even playing... then you know you've played the same thing over and over way to many times.

Action Adventure games, you get your objective, run in, look at your surroundings, figure out the best plan and quickly pull off your move. In GTA, either run in guns blazing, or sneak up and wack the man/women you were hired to hit across the head with a baseball bat. In Assassins Creed, run in, find your target, sneak up past the guards, and quickly assassinate your target. Then run away and hide or fight your way out.

Racing games are redundant as well. Pick your car, watch the light go from red, yellow and green, peel out, get ahead of everyone and pass the finishing line. Then, in the next race, do it again.... But wait, this time you get to drive this awsome new car! LIKE.... OMG! :P

Then for Sports games... the worst of them all... Now, I have to say this before I rant... If you have to sit on your butt all day and play sports games, pretending to be an all-star player, becaue you cant go outside and do it yourself, then it's time to turn off the console and go outside... I mean, why make a game for Sports... it's not like it's going to make you any better in the real world. (With all games by the way. Except the drums and vocals for Rock Band... Those two actually did help. The only thing thats different with each new game is the players that are in each team, and the graphics. Nothing else...

Now, I am not ranting on any particular games that I have mentioned. I dont hate any of them. I own atleast one or two of each genre that I listed above. But, I just feel that there arent any new or creative games out there that really excite me anymore... except for a few...

1) Star Wars The Force Unleashed

2) Civilization Revolutions (One of the best strategy franchises every! I LOVE YOU SID!)


4) Prince of Persia

5) The Bourne Conspiracy (Even though most games based on movies suck becuase they have to follow strict guide lines.)

6) Souldcalibur 4!!! OMG YODA!!!

The only thing I dont like about them is that most of them are being released within' the same small time frame... and I am not the wealthiest man around in the world. (Job searching sucks when no one is hiring...)