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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

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....Jack Frost nipping at your nose...

That's as many lyrics as I'm going to write. That's the Christmas Song, sung and covered by hundreds of people. The version I've been listening to is by Richard Marx though, so I'm saying him.


So, how's things? Life okay?

I certainly hope so. I also wish you all the best.


Since the redesign - and the fact that Gamespot dropped several of the fun aspects of the site (levels, emblems, voting) - I have honestly not been here very much. I stop in here and there, but that's about it.

I'm posting this journal entry mostly because of Christmas...and that I didn't post anything on my Birthday.

It was my Birthday. Another year older! Yay!

It was a fun day. Got some cool stuff, took the afternoon off from work, saw two (~!) movies (Anchorman 2 and Hobbit 2), and had the most amazing Kingdom Hearts cake.

It was a great day.


Gaming? Hmm...I have been playing a lot lately.

I finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies a little while back, DLC case and all. It was amazing, and I wondered why it took me so long to get into the series.

So, I'm going back in time. I finished T&T and DD, so next up is AAI: Miles Edgeworth. It's on the way.

I've been playing a bit more Pokemon X, and am planning on picking up Pokemon Y very soon. There's something enchanting on doing a playthrough with just the new Pokemon...

...okay, it's an excuse to play with Honedge and Hawlucha primarily. Don't hate! Appreciate!

I'm also about 70% done with Epic Mickey: Castle of Illusion. I got that last week and have been playing almost non-stop. It's such a cool game. Disappointed in the lack of a Gaston boss battle.

...because no one is a better boss battle than Gaston!

(Sorry, had to do it.)

I also picked up and was given Star Trek (PS3), Deadpool (PS3), Disney Infinity (PS3) and Saints Row IV (PS3). So, I'm hoping to do some console stuff soon.


I have some plans for 2014.

Projects to do.

Cons to go to. (Tora-con 2014, Anime Syracuse 2014, Anime North 2014 - even after all of my complaining - is a maybe.)

Cosplays to do.

And so on. Wish me luck.


HB's playlist:

The Christmas Song - Richard Marx

Bonfire Heart - James Blunt

Say Something - A Great Big World

Compass - Lady Antebellum

Monster - Imagine Dragons

The Muse - Zac Brown Band

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Heart to Heart - Demi Lovato

You're Not Alone - Katie Covington


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

HB is out.

I truly wish you Love and Peace.

...In the World of Dreams, I'm a frequent flier...

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That lyric comes from Take That's song "Happy Now" off of their album Progress. Fantastic song. 

As follows:

"I haven't scratched the surface of my desire
 In the World of Dreams, I'm a frequent flier
 Super heavy elements embrace me,
 Super heavy elements...

 I feel myself falling,
 I'm feeling happy now..."


I'm determined to not make this such a negative entry, like the last few journal entries - and I won't. Plenty to talk about, not much negative to share.

First and foremost - gaming!

I picked up the D&D: Chronicles of Mystara on the PSN. I beat both games, and went online with both games for a little bit. I love the old beat-em ups, like TMNT, X-Men, and Simpsons, and Mystara was one I never got the chance to play. So, I had lots of fun with the game. 

However, the big game I picked up recently was...to the surprise of absolutely no one...Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix!

I'm loving it, although, disappointingly, I haven't had a lot of time with the game. When I had, I finished the KH 358/2 Days portion of the collection. I do enjoy the fact that these cutscenes are now completely voiced - however, and I know why they didn't - I am disappointed they didn't remake it fully for PS3. It would have been amazing (especially since after playing Dream Drop Distance, I think 358 moves so slow...), still, I'm glad we got what we got. 

With Final Mix, I'm currently in Wonderland. I feel like leveling up while figuring out Wonderland hell once again. Even in the original Kingdom Hearts games, I avoided the hell out of that world. 

So, I'm going to be playing some Kingdom Hearts for a while. Next game on the list is probably Pokemon X/Y. However, I am trying to track down a copy of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations for the DS. I don't want to re-hook up my Wii to get it. 

EDIT: I found a copy of Phoenix Wright: T&T for the DS. Looking forward to playing it.


Anime Syracuse is next week - I am super excited! 

For the first time, it is a two day con. However, I have a conundrum on my hands. 

I know what I'm cosplaying on Day 1: Godot from Phoenix Wright. He is one of my all time favorite video game characters, designs, and...well...he's a big coffee lover, like me. It gives me an excuse to carry around tons of coffee all day. 

Day 2...is up in the air, cosplay wise. I have no idea. If someone doesn't go and the weather cooperates, then I'll do King Mickey again. If not, then I don't know - maybe I'll do Deigo Armando from Phoenix Wright, maybe another Kingdom Hearts character...I don't know. 

Still, I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be awesome. 



Brief note: job wise - I got the promotion. I'm making more money, have more responsibility, and am getting way less sleep because I'm up at 5:30 AM every day. 

Weekends, where I can sleep in, are awesome. 


HB's Playlist

James Blunt - Bonfire Heart
GACKT - Hakuro
Noriyuki Iwadare - Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Project Destati - Destati
Project Destati - Treasured Memories
Luke Bryan - Crash My Party
Queen - Radio GaGa


Before I go - this journal entry is my is essentially a 9th Anniversary edition. 9/5 was my 9th anniverary of joining GameSpot. 

I've met some awesome people here, had some amazing times and - even through I'm posting less - and I plan to still enjoy my time on here. 

Thank you guys. 


Love and Peace.


Who knows what's right? The lines just keep getting thinner...

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The lyric comes from Imagine Dragons' song "Nothing Left To Say." It isn't the happiest of songs, but it is certainly fantastic. Lyrics go as follows:

"Who knows how long I've been awake now?
 The shadows on my wall don't sleep.
 They keep calling me, beckoning...
 Who knows what's right?
 The lines just keep getting thinner.
 My age has never made me wise.
 But I keep pushing on and on and on...
 There's nothing left to say now
 There's nothing left to say now
 I'm Giving up, Giving up, Giving up now
 I'm giving up, giving up, giving up now..."

This has been an exhausting month. Doesn't seem to be getting better. This is my outlet, so I use this journal for these things. I want to warn everyone - this will not be a positive entry.

Still, that's how life is sometimes.


Let's start with the worst news. 

My Grandmother (paternal) passed away last Thursday. 

She was rushed to the hosiptal, and there was essentially nothing they could do. They told the family to look into hospice care, and they said 2-3 days at the most. 

She lasted four. My Grandmum was always stubborn. 

Most of my family, including me, my sister, and my mother were there through the night and into the dawn as she finally left us here on Earth. We had the memorial service and burial earlier this week.

The grieving process still going on for us. Everyone goes through it differently, and that's what we're doing.

Then the other bad news hits...which I received right before we buried my Grandmum, actually. Yay timing!


I feel like I need to watch my words here.

At work (I work with kids), a parent had a complaint about how I was watching and interacting with her kid. She was essentially threatening my bosses with police action, and State Investigations if they didn't discipline me in some way. I admit, I'm not perfect and I have made mistakes, which sounds like an admission of guilt, but it truthfully is not. However, there are things I should have done better. Still, I feel like a pawn in a giant game here, and I'm not a fan of that. 

I cannot say why this is happening, but what I can say is that, this came out of left field for me. 

So, I was written up twice, and had about three meetings with several bosses. 

It doesn't look like I'll be fired, but everyday since this started, there's been a new complaint - yesterday, it was "My son high-fived him! How dare he be in the same room as him!" 

To that, I told my bosses - "What was I supposed to do? High five everyone else except for him? Then we would have received a different complaint." - Which they completely agreed with.

Maybe the fact I won't be at work for a while will ease this woman's mind. Berevement, and all. 

The worst part wasn't even the write-ups - it was the fact that I was up for a promotion! I think, because of this, it could be in serious jeopardy. 

I was really counting on this one too. I don't think I'll last at this job without it. 

When it rains, it pours. I'm hoping for the rainbow at the end though. 


Moving on. 

Anime Syracuse is coming up fast, at the end of September. 

With my financial situation being what it is, I don't know if I can get a new cosplay up in time. I would ideally like to do King Mickey again, but it sounds doubtful. 

I was really hoping on going as No Face from Spirited Away, and maybe another cosplay I can fix up, but I don't know. 

I'm looking forward to this con. Moving to two days for the first time, and with that, the price increased. I'll preorder, hopefully, by the end of the month. 


I think I noted this somewhere (Fuse, maybe?) but I fully paid off my Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix pre-order. I'm super excited for the game. 

Other than that, I have been working on KH3D a lot. I got Riku fully leveled out, and Sora is at level 92. I'm just trying to finish the special portals and finding all the treasures. Sora is missing, like, four boxes. 

I came close to buying Epic Mickey for the 3DS, which is a game I really want. However, I held back because life comes first. However, I did pick up a copy of Dante's Inferno for the PSP. It was $1.99 at a K-Mart, of all places. So I bought it. 

I can't play it, because I loaned my PSP out to my cousin so he can play Birth By Sleep. 

So, going to finish a few things in KH3D. 


HB's Playlist:

Nothing Left to Say/Rocks - Imagine Dragons
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
Not Gonna Die - Skillet
Salvation - Skillet
Let it Out - Miho Fukuhara
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole


HB is done for the moment. I'm tired, and I'm hoping for better days. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you Love and Peace. 

With a little love and luck, we will get by...

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This song is called "Love and Luck" and is by Jimmy Buffett. 

...yes, he has songs other than Margaritaville. 

Anyway, the lyrics go as such: 

"With a little love and luck, we will get by
 With a little love and luck, we will take the sky
 In this mangled modern world, you've got to try
 Try a little love and luck, and you'll get by."

I really love this song.



Yeah, I was really worried. I had every right to be. 

Still, I made it though, and, what do you know? I had a great time. It was a really positive experience. 

Justin's friends up in Canada were really good people. Sure, I got along with some people more than others, but it was a good time. The con itself was a sight to behold. I saw characters cosplayed that I never thought I would, like the Ultimate Muscle and Shaman King characters. 

I saw a lot of L, but I still hold firm that L isn't a cosplay. 

I went hungry though a lot of it because I just didn't have time to get food...and got really sick of Tim Horton's by the end. Still, it was fun. 

By the end, I made quite a few new friends and acquentences, and, believe it or not, I really would go up again. 

In terms of cosplay, my King Mickey was one of the hits of con...so I've been told. I do the voice really well, and pretty much everyone got a kick out of it. Just had an amazing time. 

Also, it was interesting because I found out why Justin brought me up. 

He proposed to his girlfriend, and she said yes. It was a pretty damn awesome moment. 


Unfortunately, I won't be heading to Margaritaville this month. Money is really tight, and we just can't affort that extra expense. 

So it goes. 

Still preordered Kingdom Hearts 1.5. HELL YEAH ART BOOK. Still looking at Remember Me, amongst other games this summer. Nothing has really changed on the gaming front. 

Although, I did beat the Nintendo 3DS Mii Plaza games. You know, the Find Mii game and the puzzle game. Walking around a huge anime convention will do that. 


HB's Playlist: 

Love and Luck - Jimmy Buffett
Rise - Skillet
Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons
If I Walk Away - Josh Groban
Hikari - Utada
The Show Must Go On - Queen
Real Life (Drawn to Life: Next Chapter ending) Melissa Clarke 
Light of My Life - Hayley Chipman
I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Donny Osmond



HB is done for now. Planning future cosplays, looking at job sites, not sweating my ass off because it is so hot.

Love and Peace.



I can't escape this now...unless you show me how!

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The song, once more, comes from Imagine Dragons. In my opinion, one of their more powerful songs, called Demons. These lyrics go as follows:

"Your eyes, they shine so bright
 I want to save that light
 I can't escape this now
 Unless you show me how!

 When you feel my heat
 Look into my eyes
 It's where my demons hide
 It's where my demons hide
 Don't get too close
 It's dark inside
 It's where my demons hide
 It's where my demons hide"

Again, go listen to it on YouTube, iTunes, or wherever you listen to/preview music.




I could mention a schedule slippage, and there was, to be quite honest, but I have something to get off of my chest. Since this journal is my outlet for such things, I'll put it here. 

...Don't worry, dear friends (who read this journal), I'll talk about games too.



As of this writing, it is 11:53 PM EST Monday, May 20th, 2013. In two days, I'll be heading up to the Great White North for Anime North in Toronto with my friend. It will be approximately four days of convention (Thursday through Sunday) of geeking out, anime, games, and cosplay (four of 'em, new record for me. For the record, Thursday - wrestler Kevin Steen, Friday - Sherlock or Brook (One Piece), Saturday - King Mickey (Kingdom Hearts) and Sunday - Giovanni (Pokemon)) It should be fun. Going Wednesday, will be back Monday. 

To preface the next part, I want to say that I've traveled with friends before. I've been on my own before. Everything was fine, and I had a lot of fun those times. This feels different, though. 

But there is just so much uncertainty. Too many unknown factors. 

Honestly, I'm nervous. 

Really nervous. Sick to my stomach nervous. Losing sleep nervous. Trying to assure myself everything will be alright nervous. 

Yeah. I've only admitted that to a few people. So, know I suppose I will expose it to my friends here. 

I'm really nervous. 

My friend has made this trip dozens of times. He has gone to several of these Canadian cons. Made friends up there. Still, the more I hear, the less trusting I become. 

Maybe it's the fact that he keeps changing up the trip. (We're going Wednesday! We're staying at my friend's house for a night! We're making a stop before that. Don't worry, I know how you get around that stuff. Hey, this time there will be more than five(!) people in the room, but just for this night. You know I won't be around that much to help, right?)

Maybe it's the fact that I didn't completely commit to this trip, and he just went ahead and did everything without me agreeing. Bought my ticket before I said yes. Told his buddies I was coming without me being 100% committed. 

Maybe I'm overthinking it. Maybe everything will be okay. I should get along with his friends just fine. They'll like my cosplay stuff, and I'll like theirs. It should be fine. I should try to relax at this thing. Enjoy some Tim Horton's coffee, and so on. 

But this uncertainty is compounded with everything going on at home. I'm really stressed. Bills piling up. Working on projects, and being tired and frustrated it hasn't got off the ground yet. Plus, my family - they're fine, and should be fine, but all those 'what-ifs' take a toll. 

It's too late to pull out. It's happening. Everytime I think about it though, I get that knot in my stomach. Uncertainty strikes. 

It is not okay. I have to make the most of it. I need to make the most of it. But I'm still nervous. 


On, a more positive note, in June, I'll be heading back up to Canada - Niagara Falls, to be more exact - with my Mom and Sister. No convention, no cosplay, just going for a weekend. They want to go to Margaritaville again. 

So, that's what we'll do. 

It'll be fun. And with a little Love and Luck, we'll get by. 

...yes, that's a Jimmy Buffett song. Sorry. Seemed a propos.



Yes, the promised gaming section of this fine journal. Surprisingly, I do have some gaming related news to share. 

To the suprise of no one, I FINALLY pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix! I was going to do so anyway, but the LIMITED EDITION ART BOOK sealed the deal for me. So, when the game is released in September, I will have both the game and the art book. I'm super excited for this one. 

Just another step towards Kingdom Hearts III. 

I've been playing a lot of Pokemon White 2 recently. I finally did most of the post game stuff that I've completely neglected to do. I fought N, the Shadow Triad, and Coreless. Got a 2nd Masterball. Caught Reshiram and Kyurem. Conquered the White Treehollow. Got a shiny Dratini. 

Only thing left to do, that I care to do, is to complete the Unova Pokedex to get access to the Shiny Haxorus and the Nature Preserve. 


Other than that, I'm really looking forward to Remember Me, which I'll pick up a month or two after release. Money is really tight at the moment. I'm actually waiting to see if they'll announce a pre-order bonus for Pokemon X and Y. If so, I'll think about putting some money down.

For the record, I'll probably get Pokemon X. I like the version mascot a bit better, plus I'm a huge KH fan, so the X thing is big for me. 



HB's Playlist:

Demons - Imagine Dragons
Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons
Time - Hans Zimmer
American Noise - Skillet
Rise - Skillet
Fanfare (Archibald Peck theme) - Kenny Pickett
Davy Jones - Hans Zimmer
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
Permanant Stain - Backstreet Boys
Starlight - Muse
Love and Luck - Jimmy Buffett
No Hurry - Zac Brown Band
Last But Not Least - Zac Brown Band

...Lots of songs this time around. That's what happens when you don't update for a few months.


It's 12:29 AM on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013. I've run out of things to say for this entry. I'll do my best to update when I get back - to share my experiences, and to prepare for June.

Until then, thank you for reading.

HB is out. 

I wish you Love and Peace. 

Good night, everyone.  

It's time to begin, isn't it? (Happy Easter 2013!)

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First thing's first - to everyone who celebrates, I want to wish you a Happy Easter!

Next, these lyrics come from the Imagine Dragons song "It's Time." Here's the rest of the lyric:

"It's Time to begin, isn't it?
 I get a little bit bigger but then, I'll admit,
 I'm just the same as I was, 
 Now don't you understand?
 I'm never changing who I am."

I really have come to love Imagine Dragons' music. Really great stuff. 




Wow, it has certainly been a while since I posted a journal entry. I meant to post something in January...and February...and now it's March 31st. Sometimes, the schedule slips. 

Anyway, gaming! I...have only played one game since Kingdom Hearts 3D. I did get that Pokemon Gamestop gave away, but I have literally only played one game from start to finish since KH3D. That game was....

DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die!

80 Microsoft Points well spent. 

Most importantly, it was better than the first DLC Quest in every way. It had better humor, better story, improved mechanics, and actually had a boss battle! 

I won't spoil it, but I loved the Batman reference at the end. Just a really great experience. 

Other than that....I've been following a few games. I'm super excited for Remember Me. The game just really interests me. Pokemon X/Y and KH 1.5 I've been watching closely. Big announcement next week for Pokemon. 

I saw a video on Cinemassacre about the Capcom Dungeons and Dragons arcade beat 'em up, and I was really interested in it. Sadly, never could find it. Now, Capcom is solving the problem by releasing them on everything. Looking forward to playing it on PS3 with everyone. 

I'm wondering where the hell South Park: Stick of Truth is. Has there really been no news since Ubisoft picked up the game?


It was early this year, but Tora-con 2013 was last weekend!

This year, I went as Wolfwood again, with the portable confessional! Only did one day, but that was enough. Had a lot of fun this year.

Highlight was definately an ADR panel with the Funimation voice actors. It started off with an inpromptu concert by a Luffy cosplayer because the VAs were running a bit late. Then it transitioned to one of the Funi VAs, John Swasey (who was Crocodile in One Piece, Lord Death in Soul Eater, Gasback in Trigun: Badlands Rumble among other roles) sang a song he wrote for his weddine, which was absolutely hilarious. 

Then the panel started, which was very entertaining. Learned a bit about ADR too. 

Great time. 

Next on the docket: Anime North! Going with HX and meeting his Canada friends. Should be cool. Planning to do Mickey Mouse, Giovanni from Pokemon (Doing a Pokemon group, easy enough to do), and I was thinking either Magneto (Excalibur version) or Sherlock. Sherlock is looking more likely at this point (because it's easier to do!). 


HB's Playlist:

Queen - The Show Must Go On
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Zedd featuring Foxes - Clarity
Imagine Dragons - It's Time
My Chemical Romance - The Light Behind Your Eyes
Skillet - Sick of It
OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself
Pink featuring Nate Ruess - Just Give Me A Reason
Fun. - Carry On
Epliouge (Do You Hear The People Sing?) - Les Miserables (2012) Cast

Finally going to be working on a major project within the next few months. I'll talk more about it soon. 

Once again, I'm wishing everyone who is celebrating a Happy and Holy Easter. Love and Peace to you all. HB has left the building. 

Top Games List of 2012

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It's that time of year where gaming websites and users and such list their top games of the year. So, I figured I'd add my two cents again, and give you my top games of the year list.

Normally, with everyone else, it's a Top 10 or something like that, but like the last few years, I struggled to find 10 games I've played this year that came out this year. I found some, so I'm going to rank them from which one's I liked the best/had the most fun with/etc.

Like always, 1 is the most favorite, 6 being a favorite, and there is honorable mention because I only played the demo, and it was pretty good. Again, I am only restricting this to games I've played even though there were games that did come out in 2012 that I wanted to dive into (like One Piece: Pirate Warriors, Soul Calibur V, Assassin's Creed 3, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Epic Mickey 2, etc.) that I just didn't for one reason or othe other.

Anyway, without futher ado, let's begin.

Honorable Mention: Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (Nintendo 3DS)


I'm only including ths here because I've only played the demo. However, from what I've played, it was a fun platformer that took some of the better cues from Epic Mickey, and also from the Genesis classics Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion (the latter I played quite a bit). Now that I've finished a certain 3DS game, this is a title I'll be looking to purchase in the coming year, however, since I did play it a bit, I'm including it here.

6. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge (X-Box 360 Arcade)


This was a platformer/puzzle/beat-em-up that was pretty hard. You could play as one of the four boys (I typically played as Kenny) in order to stop Scott Tenorman, Cartman's arch-rival, from ruining their 360 Hard Drive. It wasn't a bad game. I didn't pay for it (there was a code inside the latest season of South Park for the game, limited to a certain number of downloads total), and that kind of gave me a more rose-colored tint on the game. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. Had a lot of the great South Park humor. Story was just okay. Not bad. It is worth noting that you can play this with friends over Live, but I didn't find it as fun as something like X-Men Arcade or Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.

5. Kawata Shoujo (PC)


Hey, a PC game makes the list! This a was visual novel (with some adult elements, so it is certainly for those 18 and up) created by Four Leaf Studios, and was a free download. It's a typical visual novel, where the choices you make end up determining the story path you choose, which girl's story you want to see, and so on. I honestly fell in love with the story and was easily one of the most unique gaming experiences I've ever had. I highly recommend this game. (P.S. - Lily's story is my favorite. Amazing storytelling.)

4. WWE '13 (X-Box 360)


Once again, I'm choosing to include game art of my favorite wrestler, Sheamus, over the cover boy, CM Punk (who I also really like).

This game was a mixed bag. They improved the gameplay a lot. Added more for the creative aspects (however, I love creating the Chocolate Drop Storyline. It's just Mark Henry jumping off the Tron onto John Cena in a Custom Arena. Instant Achievement.), and they load much quicker this time around. There was an improved selection of wrestlers this time around, especially with some newer guys like Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, and Damien Sandow (even though they're DLC).

However, we come to the Attitude Era mode. This was a massively poor excuse for a story mode. Last year, we had three incredibly unique Road to Wrestlemania stories that were very well done. This year, we get to relieve moments from the Attitude Era?

If I wanted that, I would just watch clips on Youtube, or buy the DVDs. I don't want to play it.

I could have given it a pass if I could have taken some of the newer wrestlers, such as Sheamus, or Daniel Bryan, or CM Punk through the Attitude storylines to see how it could have changed, but it was not to be.

It's a shame. It could have been much better than what we got. Hope they go back to the regular Road to Wrestlemania storylines for WWE '14.

3. Dragon's Dogma (PS3)


Here was a game I really enjoyed. I was all set to get into Skyrim when I found out about this game. I prefer 3rd person perspective over the 1st person perspective (which seems to be the dominant PoV in Skyrim), and I wanted a game that actually worked on PS3, and Dragon's Dogma fit the bill.

I got to create my character, my Pawn (MIKE HAGGAR!), and run through the game. It was a very fun experience (admittedly, one I haven't finished yet), and I was definately becoming engrossed in the story. I really do enjoy some aspects of the combat system (being a Ranger/Strider/etc is really fun), and a lot of the characters in the game (Mercedes!) are really awesome.

I'm looking forward to diving back into Dragon's Dogma sooner than later, especially with the Dark Arisen DLC being released in 2013.

Totally worth picking up.

2. Pokemon White 2 (Nintendo DS)


Gotta Catch 'Em All. I really have come to enjoy the Pokemon series, right on time for the journey to Unova. I thought Pokemon Black/White was some of the best storytelling in the history of the series, and had my favorite lead character in the history of the series in Hilbert (and yes, I did finally play Pokemon Blue this year, so I did play as Red.), and my favorite champion in Alder. With this game, I thought it was a bit disappointing in terms of story follow-up, but in terms of content, far outspands the previous edition.

I also tried something new, which a lot of people usually do in let's plays and such, which is to play with one team the entire game. That was really cool, and it allowed me to gain some attachment to all the members of my team, instead of just one or two.

Cool stuff. Some great re-designs in the gyms and areas, and so on. Great game. Looking forward to the next installment. Gotta catch 'em all.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (Nintendo 3DS)


Was there ever any doubt?

However, I will say this: KH3D featured one of the most awesome and most unique levels I have ever played in my life, withe the world based off of Fantasia, Symphony of Sorcery. Using the classical pieces as is, along with the level design, along with the decision just to use musical sounds instead of typical battle sounds was very smart. Plus, the final boss (at least, for Riku), was Chernabog, which totally fits.

This game answered a lot of story questions while opening up other questions to be asked in the next installment. I wish they could have included more of Vanitas, or maybe a little more on Aqua, but I suppose their time will come again in KH3. Plus, I wish we could have focused more on some of the other Disney characters a bit more heavily. Still, more Axel/Lea is a great thing.

Some of the level redesigns were brilliant, like in Traverse Town or the World That Never Was. The boss battles, as a general note, were incredible. Plus, the flowmotion combat, while somewhat complicated at first, became second hand by the end of the game.

A lot of complaints about the Drop mechanic, but I didn't find it too much of an issue. It made sense. Plus, if you don't want to drop, use Drop-Me-Nots. That's why it's there.

Fantastic gaming experience. Favorite game of the year, by far.


What games am I looking forward to in 2013?

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix (PS3)
Sly 4: Thieves in Time (PS3)
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)
South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3/360)
WWE '14 (PS3/360)
Remember Me (360)
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen DLC (PS3)
Deadpool (PS3/360)
Pokemon X and Y (3DS)

And so on.


HB is Out. Love and Peace and Happy New Year. I hope your 2013 is fantastic.

200. (Also, Birthday!)

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No lyrics for this entry. Think it's special enough on it's own.

My 200th journal entry. A nice milestone.

...I actually ment to post this in September, but life got in the way. But today, I found a few minutes to work on this. I know I said that I wanted to give a personal retrospective, but only really have a few minutes to work on this. (I'll clue you all in on this later).

But I wanted to say thank you to all of the friends I've met here on Gamespot over a 8(!) year span. You guys have made all of this time worth it. I've met a lot of you on unions and boards (KH Random Topics, anyone?)...and unsurprisingly, in a lot of Kingdom Hearts forums and topics.

I'll continue to try to be as active as I can be...hopefully, in 2013, more active. (Of course, if the world doesn't end. Which it won't.)

Anyway, on to the next topic.


Anime Syracuse feels like a long time ago...and it has only been a few months since.

I went as Brook from One Piece, my co-hort HX went as the 9th Doctor, and as per usual, I dragged my sister with me. It was pretty awesome. I think I did less at this convention than I ever have, but I enjoyed myself.

I'm looking forward to the next one, which will be Tora-Con 2013!

My cosplay goals for this one are Adult Reborn (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) and The Beast (from Beauty and the Beast/Kingdom Hearts).

Don't know how I'm going to do Beast, but I'll damn well try.


I've been playing a ton of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance lately. More on this in my next journal entry, where I'll do my favorite games of the year.


HB's Playlist:

Mary, Did You Know? - Cee-Lo Green
Song of Lonely Mountain - Neil Finn
Dearest - Ayumi Hamasaki
Unsettling Differences - Blue Smock Nancy
Dearly Beloved - Yoko Shimomura
Day that I Die - Zac Brown Band feat. Amos Lee
The Light Behind Your Eyes - My Chemical Romance


Today, December 19th, is my Birthday once again! I'm off to spend it with my family. Presents and such.

Anyway, Love and Peace, HB is out.

Settle Down, It'll All Be Cleared...

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The lyrics are from the song by the most recent American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. I have a theory, which I like to call the Catch-22 theory. I think his parents missed an oppertunity by not naming him Phillip Phillip Phillips, much like Major Major Major from Catch-22.

I digress, the lyrics are:

"Settle down, it'll all be cleared
Don't pay no mind to your demons, they fill you with fear
Trouble, it might drag you down
You get lost, you can always be found
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home."

I'm not really a fan of him, but this song had a real Mumford and Sons vibe. Good song.


A little change in tone from the last entry.

Some things have been better, some things have stayed the same. It's been tough. Still, there's a plan to make it all though. Something to work on for future, if you will.

Anyway, I went to my first big convention!

Otakuthon. Oh, Otakuthon.

We had to cut the trip short because...well...nothing really went as planned (as it rarely does). I didn't realize (until too late) that many businesses in Montreal were in strike, especially the hotel maids. So, there was no room service. I didn't realize the hotel was on top of a mall (even with the research I did), and that you had to pay for parking (which definately was not readily available information). There was a strike outside of our hotel/mall. I had a hard time finding the convention within walking distance, so I saw a bit of the city inadvertenly (including the...erm...red light district). So, we checked out early, but I still got two very good convention days in.

Otakuthon was very fun. I really enjoyed my time there, even if I didn't buy anything (although, I REALLY wanted to). Money was tight. Saw a bunch of great cosplayers. Personally, I went as Midorima from Kuroko and Brook from One Piece. The second day, I met up with a bunch of One Piece cosplayers for an awesome photoshoot.

The Con was amazing. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Next up? Anime Syracuse 2012! My home con! I have no idea what I'll cosplay. I'm thinking Brook from One Piece or Turkey from Hetalia, but I'm just not sure.


On the gaming front, I did pick up Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Mark of Mastery Edition. I can't play it yet, because I don't have a 3DS. Still, I have it.

I'll play it. Eventually. Sooner than later?


HB's Playlist:

Phillip Phillips - Home
Train - 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up
Skillet - Awake and Alive
Daughtry - Drown in You
Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break


I think I might do something special for entry 200. I think I might do a little personal retrospective on my time here at GS (almost 10 years and 200 journal entries!), like with my favorite games, a retrospective on some unions and forums I've been on and had amazing experiences with, and so on. I think it would be fun.


HB's out once again. I'll be back for Journal Entry 200 (!) eventually. Until then, Love and Peace.