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I think we'll see a surge in sales of XB1s too. We all got burned on Destiny, not just Sony fans.

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Just did my first online race on the high speed circuit. It wasnt even fair lol. My fastest lap was a good 5 seconds quicker than the guy who came in second.

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@reggy72: yes. That is exactly what I'm suggesting :)

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@reggy72: some people are just delusional in their fanaticism. I have found the approach that works best for me is to simply observe their behavior without really getting involved. Like at a zoo. Pointing and laughing is acceptable from time to time, but getting inside the enclosure makes me part of the exhibit.

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Seems like 2 cows that haven't played the game are having a meltdown.....didn't know a demo could cause so much damage lol

They needed butt pads after this demo I was shocked at how much fun I had with the demo and the content. Plus the demo world was pretty big I cant wait to see how huge this world is after driving around the demo play area.

Yeah I have never enjoyed as demo this much....so the game will be amazing.

i'll find out for myself in a while, but does it feature the vibration triggers liek Forza 5?

It's there but it seemed light compared to Forza 5

The force feedback on the wheel was toned downed too compared to FM5. I had to go into the advanced settings and increase it (default is 50%). Is there an advanced setting menu for the rumble effects on the controller maybe?

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I don't know how people play inside the car. I can't see shit

I do it for the immersion (and it works fine for me in the Motorsport titles), but I will probably be using the hood view for the off road sections.

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Here's the intro. Some love it, some hate it. Others don't give a fuck about it. What do you guys think?

I personally thought it was great. Not as good as the Top Gear intros, but the chick's voice was very sexy.

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FH2 on X1 an exclusive me thinks eh?.....

Forza Horizon 2 a "Different Game" on Xbox 360, Xbox One


I've been thinking this since the announcement that they were using two different engines from two different developers, but until both games are released and we get some comparisons from some major web sites system wars will probably not allow us to call it an exclusive. Especially since it will be an AAA at least (with a real possibility to go AAAA). I'm guessing it will land somewhere around 93 on metacritic, with plenty of 10s.

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I see the overwhelming positive feedback from the demo is causing some rectal hemorrhaging.

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Turned off all the assists right away. I'm using my racing wheel and driving in cockpit view. Everything was awesome in the lambo, but visibility was a huge problem for me in the cross country race in the audi. It's going to take some getting used to for the off road stuff. The next race was great though. The rain was awesome. I'm liking it so far. I just wish my shifter was here.