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Whenever I need inspiring I dont watch Rocky or listen to an inspirational song, NO I look at this.



2 years 2day !

Just swithched on my 360 for the first time in over a month and whilst looking though my old achievements noticed it is 2 years today that I completed Assassins Creed 1 lol.

Retro VS Modern my thoughts

I near enough own all the current gen consoles (360 Wii PSP and NDS) and looking around for a good deal on PS3. I have them all online and play them on a brill 22 inch full HD TV.

But I'm not here to gloat or brag because really I guess I dont get the satisfaction I get from modern games as I did when I was young playing the hell outta whichever newest game I owned on my beloved megadrive (of which I still own). What I'm trying to say is , is their any1 out there that's like me and wish that games were like they used to be games like:
1) Sonic saga
2)Streets of rage
3)Mario saga
4)The Terminator
5)Rocket Knight
6)Micro machines
7)Sunset riders
8)Road rash
Although these are all megadrive games, hence mario, their are other ****cs that I enjoyed much more from playing games nowadays such as Driver, Clockworkknight, Guardian Hero's, Gta 3 vice city san andreas, Bug, Pokemon red/blue yellow and many more.

I play emulators on my PSP nowadays almost more than anything else !

Post your thoughts as I really wanna know if I'm the only one who prefers the good old 90's early 00's.