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Dialogues to be said in multiplayer

Dialogues that should be said in multiplayer: After winning: You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you'll be the second-best... See? After getting the upper hand of the match: You gotta ask yourself a question, ''D i feel lucky?'' WELL DO YA? PUNKS... After a explosion: That was a Spicy Meatball. After being defeated: Hold me closer. Ed. Its getting dark... (cough) ...Tell Aunt Em to let Old Yelled out... (cough) ...Tell Tiny Tim i won't be home for Christmas... (cough) ....Tell Scarlet that I don't give a damn! (fart) Pardon me... (disconnect) before shooting an enemy: Sssomebody stop me. If the opponent don't give up: This guy is incorrigible.

What the hell do you mean by my save fife is corrupted!?

Suppose you are in an intense battle in CoD and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the enemies start flying like birds. How do you feel? Happy that you can play Duck Hunt in CoD? Of course not. There is one thing, or two rather, that a gamer cannot stand in an intense gameplay. Bugs and Glitches. As most of us know that bugs and glitches are different. For those who dont, its this: Glitches are program errors made by the game. Result, game freeze or crash, incorrect display, sound problems, etc. Bugs on the other hand, are a flaw, mistake or error in the computer, resulting in an unexpected behavior. At worst case, hardware damage. These bugs and glitches are pesky little program errors. When you see them you have to stand in awe, in awe of all times. Its like they are hideous creatures who likes to torture us, gamers. Thankfully, the game developers make patches with which we can torture them. With which we can wipe out their existence. Well, not completely though. But at least put them in the list of endangered species. But sometimes, some games have too many of this creatures. Too many that it makes me feel that the developer was trying to troll us. Bugs, let me strip them off first. These bugs are like the troll with a club. Why? Because they not only ruin other games and erase save files but also, believe it or not, damages hardware. Yup, it true. They can damage your hardware. If such thing happens with you (may it never happen) dont play the game ever again. Play Frisbee with the disk. Believe me you will not like any of your hardware turning into a hot cake. I had to change my storage device about 5 times and reinstall the OS about 7 times. If you take my system crash and system freeze ratio it will be 9:16. Another effect created by the bugs is ending the game before it even starts. Take for example Monster Truck Madness -2. I have won 5 races by not even pressing the accelerator before the race began. Wow, I just won a race without doing anything. I wish this was in real life too. Then comes the glitches. What do I say about them? Have you ever walked through walls in a FPS or RPG or any other game which has walls? Are you sure you are playing an X-Men character? Cause I sometimes feel like that. Is the wall having arms? Oh **** The wall is throwing grenades. TAKE COVER!! You see, there are times when the game messes up the codes. Like in Fallout 3. Floating heads anybody? Not just floating heads, you get floating body parts hands, legs, meat (yuck)! First time I saw it, it scared the living daylights out of me. Disgusting. It gets more when the starts talking with you. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uvHWimaRmOM Watch it, if you have the guts to see the horrors of CoD Black Ops ) Sometimes the game messes up the character codes. The next thing you know, Tada! A snake with balls. Red Dead Redemption is a brilliant example. You get human-animal hybrid, human-bird hybrid. There is human head-snake body, donkey head-woman body and many more. At times you will find a dog carrying a rifle and speaking in a Mexican accent. Now thats hilarious. How about in GTA San Andreas? There ghost car in the wood. These vehicles dont have any drivers in them and yet keep on running here and there (well, at least some of them). I dont know whether its a glitch or not so dont look at me like that. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtB5IH_rM0M Something you may like ) Overall, bugs will be bugs and glitches will be retarded program codes. If there was a Best glitches of all time award which game should get it and for what glitch? Please let me know in the comment section below.

My introduction with games.

I had a 'NES family' back in 2000 i.e. when I was 4 years of age. I was totally crazy about it since then. I was engaged in it for hours, even forgetting about school sometimes. Those were some good days. It had a cassette free with it in which it was written "99999999 Games in 1". When i first saw it I was like - 'REALLY!?' but, I found out that it had only about 20 games. Pretty annoying huh? Not much until you find out that the same game has been copied a THOUSAND TIMES! My sister and I were into it for hours... 'Super Mario', 'Jewels', Duck Hunt', Soccer', 'Road Race' and some more games (as everyone knows) were there. My sister used to get engaged into 'Jewels' for hours and I was waiting there for my turn. I felt like a dead frog when she was playing it. The game was like 'Bricks' in Retro Games (<- My first portable console). The only difference is that you have to match colour/color in one row. 'Super Mario' everyone's favorite game in my family, but only I was perfect in it. The only thing was that i could not go more than level 28. 'Duck Hunt' most probably the first FPS game in 'NES' (ha ha ha). Those were some really good days. I wish I had those games again. Not that I don't like the new ones, its just that I have a soft corner for those games.