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Leaving Gamespot

so yeah, i'm going to leave this site, for good

getting sick of the forums, crappy community and douchebag mods

i will be on GiantBomb if u guys have a Whiskey Media account, same user



What I'm Playing: 3/13

I felt the need to do this, so i think i will either every month, or every other month

360: Dragon Age 2, Fallout: New Vegas, NBA 2k11

PS3: Killzone 3, MLB 11: The Show

GBA: Pokemon Emerald

also, i want to get a DS sometime, but idk if i should get a DSi or DS Lite...i dont really need all the spiffy features of the DSi, but its only 20 bones more than the Lite, and the screens are slightly larger...decisions decisions...

till next time,


Lookin' For A New Gig

So my last day at my current job is this Sunday

Time to look for a new job...

also, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has some insane MP, but its inconsistent unfortunately...

Competion Crusher?

so i saw i had this emblem, never seen it before...so i looked to see what it was

apparently i am better at guessing which villains advance in some march madness-style gaming tourney...CUZ I BEAT ALLL

i also enjoyed 4 chan's imput into the tourney, seeing General Raam advance so far and seeing all the fanboys get salty was hilarious...i do have to question why General Raam was even in the tourney to begin with...

on another note, i ordered Uncharted 1 and Heavenly Sword...YAY

tho i havnt been playing my PS3 all that much...i keep getting games for my 360

and i just got 100% completion(achievements...) on Oblivion. i dont actually think u can 100% that game..too much to do!

See Ya Next Time!(bet ya cant guess what that is from!)


Update on my PS3

I just made a PSN account, the ID is AdamTheDamaja

also, got a few games:

  • Lair
  • Killzone 2
  • Resistance 1
  • Motorstorm
  • Warhawk

I also failed to find out beforehand if new PS3's come with HDTV component cables(the 360 does...) and i found out they do not, so i ordered an HDMI cable for $3.60 on Amazon, shipping was free too, which was awesome

Hit me up on the network


Getting a Playstation 3

I ordered it the other day. a new 160gb slim model, it arrives on Tuesday

i also ordered a headset with it, so that the few others on the network can speak to me as well lol

no games for now, i have coworkers who wouldnt mind letting me borrow their games, but i do plan on getting:

  • Killzone 2
  • Demon's Souls
  • Gran Turismo 5(when it comes out)
  • MLB 11 The Show(again when it comes out)

thats all i can think of at the moment, i plan on using my PS3 for exclusives, and leave the multiplats to my 360

for a while there i was torn between getting a new computer combo kit/thingy from Newegg, but i decided on the PS3 because i couldnt find a setup that i liked for under $500, but in the coming weeks, i will def have to get a new rig, as the PC i am using atm is one of the worst computers i have ever used in my life lol

till next time,


Delays due to competition?

first off, its been a really long time since i blogged, i know, but recent events have me angry

games i was anticipating this fall/winter are getting delayed till early next year,for some reason and i have my theory as to why: CoD 7 or "Black Ops"

really though? another CoD game is behind the delays? that is my theory, since MW2 sold 11 million on its first day, publishers must be scared to compete during the fall months, it baffles me, cuz i cannot stand CoD, its just another generic war shooter with a scripted campaign and crappy MP

Brink, Crysis 2, Driver: San Francisco, Test Drive Unlimited 2, and probably more games i am looking forward to are going to be delayed, the real reasons are unclear, but as this vid by Mega64 shows, it is probably due to CoD

i hope that is not the case

till next time,


Level Thirty


it has been a very long time since i posted a blog, ya hurr?

im level 3o now, which tells me that ive been on this site far too long lol

till next time,


More Bad News...

its actually not too bad lol

i was suspended for four days here for my comments onthe 360 boards

apparently telling ppl that i had a modded box and the fact i would do it again is apparently a god-awful thing to say

it does violate GS's terms of use, due to those things bein illegal

they cut my level and a TON of points, but idk it dont mean jack anyways

till next time,


Some Bad News...

yea, so i was playing my 360 today, and all of a sudden, got booted from xbox live...which i thought was strange...

turns out that i got the banhammer today from Micro$oft

i did have a modded xbox, so i guess i got what i deserved

the thing is, i have a job, but i cannot afford to get new games every week when they cost 60 bones a pop...if they werent so much money i would have never modded my 360

it may be some time before i get another console, and by that time my subscription is going to run out anyways

at least i can play single player lol...lame as hell

till next time,