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Who cares what some reviewer gives I say just buy the game and play it for yourself.


Agreed :). We're all gamers, and we are all entitled to our own opinion. SOme games may be amazing to others like Call of Duty, and some enjoy the pixelated fun of pokemon. We're all different. 

True it's like on IGN where the reviewer criticised the story of Killzone 3 but I'm enjoying it. One review out of a dozen perfect reviews isn't going to mess up sales of TLOU.
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Why now? Why didn't they change Snake's voice in MGS4? It does not make sense!


For the love of sweet Jesus, it's Big Boss who's getting the new voice actor. His voice was already changed in MGS4 to avoid confusion with SOLID Snake....

I know that. I think it's bs to be honest. We'll only know when the game is released, unfortunately.

I'm happy with the change, besides, some peops are acting like this is a gamebreaking event which will screw it up big time.
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Hey guys. I can't seem to find a proper answer regarding this topic on the web. If I'm after trophies like the brutal meleeing 50 helgast soldiers or killing 1,500 soldiers, do the stats reset if you purposely kill a dozen, then die and repeat?
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[QUOTE="Nengo_Flow"]over reacting much? PS4 is coming out holiday this year, quit your whining. The price point is the more important question.SoNin360
Overreacting much? Dude's just asking a question. And really, not much has been confirmed other than the holiday 2013 release date. The release date of Watch Dogs isn't any indication of when the PS4 will launch. I imagine if it doesn't launch in every region the same day, the wait won't be that long for the UK, at least not as long as it was last time.

Exactly. The price (don't mean to sound like an arrogant person) is the least of my concerns. I want a release date for EU. Really annoying when companies play politics when asked specific questions I.e Yoshida when asked about Eu release 'Im not making any promises' dude what sort of reply is that? Simple yes or no answer.
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Not sure if this has been discussed already, but the release date is all but confirmed no? I mean Watchdogs November 19th US and then Nov 22nd in EU. Assassins Creed early November. Reason I ask is that I'm from Uk and I don't want to be waiting around like the PS3 fiasco. I mean if Nintendo managed to release the WiiU same time globally and Microsoft plan to release this year, surely Sony must follow suite unless they like to lose profit. I do hope a global release is being planned for PS4.
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Is this just me? It's a really abrupt digital fart sound that you hear again and again as you're navigating around. Please god let them change this so something a little more subtle. I've taken to turning the sound off while I'm attempting to navigate around and see what's new.Breaddrink
What? You came here just to write that?
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My all time best on PS3 is MGS4, second is the Uncharted series. MGS ground zeroes looks brilliant.
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Actually, Im pretty sure its more so because of the effects that the tsunami left on Japan. The other Japanese game company(i havent posted in a while and i know people used to get weird on here about mentioning other game systems on PS3's forum dont know if its still that bad here) had to release their system in Europe later as well. The reason for this is since they're lacking in amount of hardware they released it in the place with the highest potential demand and most profit. Thats it in a nutshell. Sony's doing the same thing, despite PS3 actually selling better in Europe than over the pond.

Yes but we don't even know if it'll be released in 2014 in Europe. If the WiiU managed a same year global release I'm sure Sony will too. It would be stupid if they didn't take advantage of the Christmas period.
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So with the PS4 now announced, what has been your best PS3 game till now? I know there's still the Last of Us and GTA V to come, but it'd be interesting to know your favourite game since the PS3s introduction. Mine is MGS4.