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Hey guys. When would be the best time to start tackling the legendary ships. I've just done the mission where Blackbeard gets killed. The Jackdaw just needs the elite plans to do the final upgrades for most attack parts of the ship. Would any ship be ok to take down at this point or would I get ripped apart by all 4 ships? Thanks

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Assassin's Creed 4 is an awesome game. Graphics are top notch. If you like sailing in the open seas, plundering ships, exploring islands then this is the right game. Obviously it follows the assassins creed theme. You would deffo get your money's worth especially if you like collectibles and stuff, lots of side missions as well. Watchdogs is probably coming out in April so you can easily complete black flag by then (well depends on your play style lol), I'm currently enjoying it, working my way through the story and sailing around.

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Definitely go for Assassin's Creed first a brilliant game. Then killzone.

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Only black flag and killzone shadowfall for me lol

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Not played outlast but seen some gameplay, looks great. Off topic but I personally can't wait for evil within, play with the lights off can't wait!!

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I'm happy with the 'lack of games' gives me time to rinse assassins creed and killzone before watchdogs comes out and the witcher which will keep me busy for a while.

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A big fat NO. I may not even pick it up if it becomes £5 lol. Just read the story on Wikipedia and move on

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It's about 60% land and 40% sea. That is who Edward Kenway is lol he's a pirate. There's no 'frontier' like in Assassins creed 3 where you can just roam around in the jungles and woods. To be honest I like this game quite a lot, was a bit skeptical at first, but plundering ships is awesome.

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Knack is good but not like the best platformer lol. I would've loved a crash bandicoot for the PS4.

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Pretty obvious to be honest it wouldn't come out this year.