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Hey guys, I have $47 store credit at Gamestop and dont mind dropping the extra $13 to buy a brand-new PS3 game. What i'm looking for is an RPG that will last me a LONG time. I have my sports mix (MLB THE SHOW) and action/adventure mix (GOD OF WAR) going for me right now, but would really like to get deep into a game. I feel that going the RPG route would be the way to go since I am in need of one and would like to be able to sit down and play a good story-driven game knowing that i'll have a lot to do and won't beat it in just a few days. Thanks for your suggestions!


I suggest you get Demon Souls, it's a very challenging and long rpg, that's what I'll get with my ps3 in 6 weeks hopefully.

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Hi everyone. I currently own an Xbox 360, but I've become bored of it, as I see the future of gaming in PS3, hopefully, in 6 weeks time I'll grab a ps3. What good action/adventure, shooters would you reccomend. I previously owned a Ps3, but traded it for a 360. So I've completed Resistance 1 and 2, Devil may Cry etc. I was planning on getting Demon souls and MGS4. Any other good titles? Thanks a lot.