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Thanks every1. I've just played a while ago, it's awesome. The stupid first boss killed me lol. It's hard but I'll bear through it. Sadly, it won't be my 'best' game, as my best game is mgs4. Well mgs1 really, but demon's souls is up there.
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Hi everyone. Got demon souls today and can't wait to play it, what advice can anyone give me? And when will the servers for this game go, cos I heard the multiplayer is very good. I know this game is punishing. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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What is PSN+? I'm new to this thing. I understand that you pay money for it. I've had enough of monthly xbox live fees so I wouldn't really bother with PSN+ personally.
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I need to play Infamous 1 yet lol, just got a ps3 on Monday. Infamous looks better I think.
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Just to say im on mag as Valour and im looking for members for my clan, all ability levels welcome. MUST HAVE MIC AND BE ENGLISH SPEAKING! If interested then message me on PSN Nemisis-12nemisis-12
Can I join sir? I don't have the game yet but was looking to getting this game by this weekend. How often do you want people to be on? I don't stay on for long due to commitments at the moment.
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Does 3d just make it feel as if you're in the game? If so, I'd only really prefer that for horror games, as it'd up the fear factor. Not too much into 3d unless they can make a 19" 3d tv in years to come.
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I don't know the issue about the save file. If you have the installation glitch, you need to add or delete 500MB worth of content from the PS3.


Lol. Thanks for the reply. But it's a new ps3 with 320gb hdd. I bought it yesterday. Surely there's plenty of room lol.
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Hi all. I just got R&C tools of destruction yesterday. And for some reason, my save file keeps going. It did install some data as I understand there was a glitch on release of this game. What should I do? Thanks.

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How long do you think that hd tvs will last before 3d takes over? I currently have a 1080i 19" Samsung and pretty happy with it. But I'm beginning to get worried lol with more and more 3d games coming out. I don't hate 3d though.
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If there's one game i really think is underated this gen, it's Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Okay first things first, people complain that it's similar to God of War, why on earth would you complain it's similar to the best action game around? Personally i don't think it's that similar anyway, the only thing they have borrowed from God of War is the finishing moves, the whole layout of the game is different.

If you play this game on Hard difficulty, that's when the game really shines. I really enjoyed having to time all my blocks and counter attacks, and god of war is far too easy even on the hardest difficulty in the game, and yes i have completed them all on the hardest.

The game just has this certain feel to it, and i really love it. There are so many unique different types of enemies, and areas. That's why this game beats God of War if you ask me. I don't know how anyone can call it repetitive, it's one of the least repetitive action games in existance. It has platforming, lots of action and puzzles. What more can you ask for to keep things varied?

Overall it's one of the best action games i've played, and i'm just getting ready to platinum it on my Ps3 (after completing it on my xbox360) and that's how good it is. It's one of the most underated games around, and i'd rate it up there with God of War 3 anyday, especially noting that you get way more for your money considering it's about 3x as long as God of War 3 with much more varied gameplay.

If your a fan of action games you'll LOVE it! (sorry for the huge post)

True, Castlevania is very poorly rated. I was reluctant to buy it, I'm so glad I did buy it though. Worth every penny.