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Infamous second son was awesome, I hated the first one, one of the reasons it put me off the second. Delsin was so cool, Cole was so miserable felt like giving him a slap.

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Hey guys. I was just wondering how the battlefield series was, I know the 4th one looks slick. My specific question is how is the multiplayer compared to COD? I'm not great at online games generally. Is it like a one man show or more team based? Thanks

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What do you guys who got in think of the beta so far? I played a couple of mins and from the 'limited time' I spent, it looks very promising.

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@Flubbbs: now wouldn't that be a nice way to end the series lol.

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Not seen the trailer but whenever I think of these types of games, I think about Dust 514. That was one big flop in my opinion. Off topic, Bloodbourne looks nice :)

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Well as the title suggests and as Nate himself says to sully to do something 'One last time' in the trailer, this looks to be it for the Uncharted series, what do you guys think. I and am sure others will also agree that this is a good time for ND to end the series and focus on say a Last of Us 2 or bring a new IP.

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I like to get a console as soon as it comes out. Whatever games I've missed from last gen well I've missed, but since I have an interest in most genres except sports games, there's not much I miss out on.

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Just trade the game in already. You either like a game or you don't.

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Lol Uncharted 4: Curse of the sunken blade.

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Cool!!!! Thanks a lot guys!!!! I'll deffo get the PS4 version then, good thing I resisted the temptation.