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Here is one of his followers. Watch it, I actually laughed out loud when I watched it. It is good entertainment. You can skip to 4:46, he starts going off into lala land. He mentions star destroyers.
#2 Posted by HT89488 (1229 posts) - ^I came across this looking at the results of the Flooding that is going on....Just curious, cause there are a lot of people buying into this stuff and literally quiting their jobs, moving, stopped going to college etc. Wouldn't this be illegal to spread this type of fear that is based of no credible sources?
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Ok, Issue resolved. Apparently it was my web browser. Thank you gmax for your time. It was my end.
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* I am outdated on FF...just checked. I guess I am falling behind. I am currently updating to FF4.
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[QUOTE="gmax"]Of all the things I see the web site do, I haven't seen this one any time recently. This sounds very much like a network configuration or ISP problem. Do you remember installing anything or making any other changes around the time the issue started? Do you have any wireless hops in your network? Do you have similar problems with other web sites? Are you using a proxy of any kind at all (Opera Turbo, AOL, etc.)? It might help to know more about your OS, browser, and network configuration, but in all honesty this isn't something I have been hearing about lately. I suppose if other users are having this problem they can report their details here and maybe a common denominator will emerge.

It only happens on this site, it has been happening ever since the update. I know there was a thread about this, but one of the mods un-stickied it because "one" guy said it wasn't happening for him anymore..I don't know where it went. Here is my configuration OS:Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Browsers used: IE(newest version) Firefox 3.6.17 I use FF most often. Network configuration: Basic Wireless configuration, but like I only happens on this website and no where else. It mainly happens in the forums sections and "my profile" section when you click your username in the top right. I don't use a proxy. FF3, I don't know if those are classified as a proxy? I haven't changed anything. I feel it is related to the site. Thank you.
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Its been like this for quite awhile, anywhere on the site I click to a different location..IE..PC tab then takes me to a halfway loaded page. It does this anywhere I go. Forums, user profile, it did it when I clicked "New Topic". I often and very often have to reload the page for it to work, but then again that doesn't always work, I have to exit the site and come back multiple times before it loads a complete page. If you need anymore information, let me has become worse and very annoying. Thank you.
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i like them both, but I agree AVGN has been lacking.

I also actually like the Irate gamer as well.

The who? I was introduced to AVGN when I found him on youtube earlier this year, and crazy mike or whatever. The guy that says the F word alot.
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@TH1Sx1SxSPARTA Its Jim Carey, I don't remember the name....but he has 3 black kids and his wife cheated on him with that stumpy black guy. I don't remember his name either.
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[QUOTE="Ace6301"]Obama not focusing on what other countries are doing? Sounds like a good thing to me.DivergeUnify
Libya what?

I was just going to say this when I read their ignorance.
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I have walked in on my ex cheating on my. That animal instint to kill something comes out at a time like that. I Never ofcourse killed anyone, but when I confronted her the next day she denied she was with any guy. Prohaps some guys at a time like that would have threw a slap cause I almost did I had the hand raised and everything.

Thank you Thank I said...he deserved to be shot. . lol. I was joking around about that...but it is true. My point was, if you pissed a girl off that bad for her to come after you with a gun over anything else, you have REALLY pissed her off. I don't understand why people have such hard times comprehending what I say because I don't have the typical response. I think in detail. My mind is to complex.