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Oh Wow flashback

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Its been a long time since i have stopped by this thing. A couple of years probably. I would like to extend a hey to all of those out there who still remember me. I was actually reading through most of these and i became a little flustered with myself. Probably more embarrassed than anything. I was such a little noob back then. Eh nothing i can do about it now. If theres anyone out there who remotely cares to get in touch with me. send me a message on here. I'll be coming back here for a few weeks to delete all the messages that apparently have stacked up while i was gone. I hope everyone is doing well.


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Hah! Gotta love the title of this...Well I am currently on Level 20.. and It's going slow as HELL! it's lame. So I bring to you an update on my life. Pat and I are over. I'm cool with it. We're still really close. No not friends with benefits but he's a close friend. Which is cool cuz most of my ex boyfriends and I don't talk too much anymore. Yeah Pat and I are cool. He's my Tech Theater buddy. He's also obsessed with my hair.. Lol I'll explain if you ask. He also calls me Cheeks.. If you've seen a picture of me then you'll understand why. Also the name explains itself. No not my butt cheeks... Ohhh. Dannngg. So homecoming week was like last week. The 2nd to the 7th. It was INSANE! My first homecoming week.. INSANNNIITYYY!!! lol. First few days were mellow. Then Wednesday I chilled at school... afterschool to help out with our float. I stayed there from 7 AM to 9 PM... I had a hella good time though. It was fun. Then Thursday. Hella cool again. Cuz we had pep rally then I went home. Went over to Lupe's and ate there. Then we went to the parade and we did all the paradey stuff that we had to do. Then we hung out with the band. Until around 8:00. Then we went and took all the stuff to the Bon fire. Then band played and I hung out with them. Then they were done so me and lupe helped clean up. Then we went back outside and it was hella cold. So we went to the top of the hill and then Pat came over and chilled with us. Then I left with Lupe. Then Friday...Tailgating whatever . So i was there again.. and i hung out with Pat. and then we went to his house cuz he had to bring back the mail.. which he forgot to leave. I stayed in his car cuz its nice a warm in there. then after wards we came back and I spent a lil bit looking for Lupe.. and then I figured they were in the band room so Pat and I went to the band room cuz it was hella cold and to find them.. and WE FOUND THEM!! Pat stared at the drums, wanting to play them and i think he did, While i mingled with my band buddies. Then we went back out after a lil while. Pat pissed me off and I left him. Lupe and her bro came with me. Then we helped the band again... cuz they needed to practice pre-game and i was just there to help. Then back into the band room and then we had to bring out the percussion stuff to put out onto the field so we would have no problem during Pre-game and Half time. Then we hung out by the fence and Pat hugged me from behind. I can't be mad at him.. It's not possible... but yeah.. So we were okay. And then the rest of night was.. Interesting.. If u wanna know ask... But lets put it like this. I almost beat the sh*tz outta this one girl.. and I was hella pissed. Then homecoming dance on Saturday. Was kinda cool kinda not. I was hella pissed still.. and on the verge of beating the sh*t outta that girl. and it was a very interesting night. And if u wanna know more on that ask.. I'll tell you. So as for now. I'm done... Until next time when I decide to come and tell you more about my strange life. So Holla back Bizzatch. Leave me a comment or something.. No one ever stops by anymore Peace out Much Love -Tifa

Well here's an update

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. So yah... Here's an update on my current situation.. I am Dating Pat... Patrick...same person.. most of you know... It'll be two weeks on Monday. We make a cute couple according to all my friends.. My camera is broken... it won't zoom anymore... SAD FACE. so I gotta open it up to see wtf is wrong with it. I might be getting a new phone. Bryan's ankle is broken... again.. Pat almost got into a fight today. Popp says there's trouble in Paradice... Lol... u'd only get it if I explained. Deanie AKA Pottsy is my new "over protective big brother" who I love to DEATH... Yeah Deanie rocks. Pat's bday/homecoming is two weeks from Saturday... Wtf am I gonna do? Hector's bday is on the 20th and I'm gonna have fun with Birthday punches. Pat's Ex wants him back and my life is just a little more complicated than usual. psh i really don't know.. really tired... so Ima go to sleep now.. I'll probably write again... when i actualy have something to say.. as for now I bid you all farewell... Oh snapz how cheesy did that sound?! but naw Good night!

Well yeah. New Blog? I think so.

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Well! Okay well I guess I'm back in XWE. Couldn't stay away, but i didn't post this week. Sorry....Darn gamespot!!! oh well. So here's the update on my life. Insanity with highschool. I lost my book.. yeah its been missing for like 2 weeks... So I got to find it soon. yeah before i get in trouble by my biology teacher. We have an anime club over at school. I missed the first meeting but yeah I'm going this friday with Lupe and my brother. They said they might have a field trip to this anime thinggy sounds really cool. So iono. Tech theater... still love it.. LOVE... yeah. Well today has been Horrible... ish. Couldn't breathe at all cuz im so damn sick.. it was lame and such. but yeah... I ......... AHHHHHHH! patrick... well i've been telling my friends about him and they all think hes going to ask me out... and i dont think so but yeah. What ever happens happens... and yeah.. I'm bored as hell so ima finish this up and do something else...IM me or PM me for anything Much love! TIfa!!!!!!!! RAWRRR!!!

Woo! High school!!!

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Okiezzzzz! Well hello again. So far I am loving highschool cept for the books the stairs and the people filled hallways. I have already ALMOST gotten into a fight with a senor guy, but it was all in good fun. HE CALLED ME KYLE'S WIFE//GIRLFRIEND! lol i take offense to that. I love tech theater. IN LOVE WITH IT.. Most of the guys are seniors and they're like rebellious(sp?) but funny. AND I SAW MY BROTHER'S BOYFRIEND TODAY! Inside joke you wouldn't get it. Then I have my lil posse for lunch. Also... There's this boy... Patrick. one word. Hot. but he's really nice, but he thinks I'm pure evil. I don't blame him though with the stories that Kyle tells about me I mean come on I'd be scared of myself. Honestly though.. I'm not this evil person who gets happiness on peoples sadness and pain. Yeah Patrick's a senior.... =( Oh well I'll enjoy it while he's around. One of the only things I look forward to. 8th period tech theater. crazy guys, insanity and Patrick!!!! lol yeah.. I'm boy crazy. Lol you should see the notes I write to my best guy friend, Israel. He's like "Shut up! I know you like Patrick, but I'm a guy and I don't really care. Good for you though." I'd write notes to my best girl friends, but the only girl who actually understands me is my Best Friend Mita but she goes to a different school so how does that work? I could tell her on the phone but my dad and brother are like everywhere and we end up talking about things like "THE DANCING BOY!" once again inside joke. We start football in gym tomorrow. I AM SOOOO EXCITED and then later in the winter I'm hoping that the guys(Justin, Tucker, Dan, my bro) and me can play football in the snow. Yes I do mean tackle football. I play tackle football in the snow with guys. 2 of them are well not huge but they're bigger than me.. and getting tackle by them hurts... couldn't breathe one time after a tackle but thats okay. well Ima stop my rambling and yeah. See ya later Lates -Tifa I'll leave you with this question Is it wierd when you are relaxed by heavy metal music? Lets hope I get an answer

So I guess you have heard, but if not I will tell...

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Ok Well as some of you may know. I am leaving XWE for a month. I am leaving because I am a lil over stressed right now.. and school is starting so i wanna be free to just think and not have to worry over making a promo. Do not worry tho!!! Tifa will be coming back!! Good and sober. even tho the drunk gimmick was kinda fun. This break will give me an oppertunity(sp?) to think of what's gonna happen after Tifa comes back from rehab. Like her personality. She isn't going to be "Little Miss Scotch" or "The Living Vodka" anymore. You tell me.. How do you think someone would be after going to rehab. I am so gonna miss posting promos but i need this break... But on to something other than that I start school This wednesday!!! wooo!!! lol and I have orientation tomorrow. All the friends will be there, cept Johnetta and Miss mittaaaaaa. Oh btw Justin. See if you and lauren are coming with us so then we(me and Lupo) can tell our parents... mmkay?! and speaking of Justin! He can't wait for the week to start for XWE cuz he's new and he's ready!!! Hehe Van... Hey I'm always here if u need helpy with ur promos... Remember man! RACIAL RANGERS FOR LIFE! Handshakee! lol. yeah. Hit me up anytime..anyone. PM me if u need me. I won't be gone from gs...and btw Fuse//BPC thanks for the new nickname.. -Tifa The Living Vodka

Well summer is coming to an end... well at least for me.

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I AM FRIGGIN GLAD. Not the best summer for me. One of my best friends goes to Poland. I haven't hung out with my best friend, who I ALWAYS hang out with in the summer, cuz he got a stupid girlfriend. My best friend went to The Philippines for 3 weeks and i was a wreck with out her... I'm a wreck with her but i mean its better with her. My other best friend went to Mexico for 3 weeks but i saw her afterwards. One of my good friends is in Texas right now and he hasnt called me which he always does. I have some news to tell him which he'll hate. The inside of my lip is swollen right now and its pissing me off. My mom wants me to lose weight so i wont become diabetic... dont ask long story... I think i broke something in my wrist cuz i mean i can't press it down on somethin with out it hurting like hell. There was a damn heat wave. The fat is now talking to me... which i dont want her to. I am having problems sleeping... i think i might have like a sleeping disorder.. like insomnia.. but yeah ima stop complaining.. I go back to school in one week and 3 days. August 23rd. I am so excited. You don't understand how excited i am. I'm gonna be a freshman.. I have orientation the monday before that. the 21st hm.. I like saying that. Ima be a freshman..

A new playlist and a drunk girl is all you need

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I am in love with the song Sleep on It By Danity Kane such a good song. YEAHHH. I felt the need for a new entry w/e w/e. .You know the one time I'm actually on MSN everyone is gone... :| I have had nothing to do at all today cept delete spam from my computer and sit around and do nothing. One of my friends has come to the conclusion that we were in a fight... Now I'm pretty much wondering where the hell that came from cuz i dont even remember when this took place. Now my other friend, mary is mad at me cuz "we lied to her" but whatev i'll let her be mad but it's not entirely my fault... but yeah we can put the blame on me. I emailed chris cuz he's the one that actually lied to her.. He comes back from poland in a week and 2 dayyszzz ohh yeah I missed him a lot. My internet has been lame. Going out for a while and then not coming back until like an hour later. stupid internet. But Away from my problemas How has everyone been? The summer? You in general? OMG school starts on the 23rd for me. I am so excited! well yeah ima shut up before i can't shut up. lates ~Tifa HocAngel

Oh yeah... that's gotta hurt

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Yesterday pretty fun.. but while i was trying to find something to do i followed my dad outside and there's a step from when u come from the inside to the outside. Well i followed my dad and i stepped in the wrong place on the step and i fell... and popped my knee out of place....[If you can't tell i have knee problems.] My dad was right there and he was like... wtf are you ok? And i was okay but i mean i was just ready to rip my knee cap off cuz it hurt so much. So i walked it off but it still hurts. Then we went to the place where the fireworks were going to be.. and then me and my dad were playing catch with my tennis ball.. and then my beloved (younger)cuzins came.. and they were all like OOO I WANNA PLAY! CAN I HAVE THE BALL?! I WANNA THROW IT! I mean me and my dad were still throwing the ball to each other but then the youngest cuzin gets the ball.. and he's like crazy hyper. So he throws the ball.. and he doesnt aim... and then bam decks my dad right in the balls... i mean i dont think it hurt him that much cuz he threw it from far away.. but i mean come on.. so then my dad goes to sit down. and i go where he was.. and the youngest one..aka joey i kno can play so i throw him the ball rather than my other cuzin.. AJ. so he gets it and then throws it. it goes.. no where near me... so then after a while my knee starts acting up so i sit down.(sometime before that joey throws the ball and hit my brother right in the face) now it's AJ and joey playing.. now joey is throwing it... no where near AJ and she's getting pissed cuz she has to go and get the ball from all the way over there. So he throws it again... and it goes far and im like sh*t.. cuz there a family right there sittin in the grass... Bam it hits the lil girl... So AJ has a look on her face like... uhhh what do i do? so she walks over there to get the ball... and i run//limp my way over to where the lil girl got hit. and we got the ball back and i apologized to the lil girl for my cuzin. and then when me and AJ get back to where we were sitting joey is sitting there as if he did nothing... but he's getting a lecture from his mom on how to throw the ball. So i take the ball.. and then later when it starts getting dark AJ says give me the ball.. in this b*tchy ass voice... more like demanding and im like no...now i have like anger issues and i can go off real easily. so i just wanted to choke slam her to the ground but iono so yeah that was my day yesterday... So here i am now... my knee is hurting like a mother. i mean i cant run right now...when i walk i limp... and straightening my leg is impossible.

I need water proof mascara and A Fun Summer.

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Yeah This pretty much will have nothing to do with the mascara. I just felt the need for a weird title. My summer = just a tad suckie.. and when I say tad i mean ... it sucks Rear end. It's really hot... and thats weird cuz I'm in IL. I miss the winter. I didn't mind the freezing cold. Yeah... Well I would like to say that I have offically been owned in XWE. Like not Own. I was PWNED and if i knew how to make that bigger i would but I'm not going to. But yes I am getting PWNED by wcfs25 aka Gravedigger. I would like to know how in the hell can someone top that.. Seriously :| you would have to have a movie in full detail where theres like blood and death and murders and my brother singing the snickers song and Crazy goth people. I'm only 14 I dont think i would be able to do that. But hey what can you do. On another note. Today is 4th of July! Yay! I'm gonna watch my crazy neighbors shoot off fireworks. fun fun for me.. well Ima go find something to do with the rest of my day...
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