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Well, I recently got suspended over nothing...and I am not too pleased..

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I was given a warning for running my mouth about it on my blog...but hell..It's kinda lame guys, I didn't do anything, I never have done anything, and probably will not do anything which would violate rules set by the site administration...

One day I logged on and had a PM saying my account was suspended for a week for violation of terms...I sat there with one of those "wtf" looks on my face and tried to go to tech support and ask just what the hell happened, and it figures..."you do not currently have access to perform this task"...well, Isn't that nice? It reminded me of a dictatorship, sentencing without trial, I couldn't even ask what the hell it was that I had done.

So I did what any other honest person would do, make another account, which I named "500thComplaint", and went into the noobie forum asking for help, a moderator came up to me and said I was "Ban Dodging", which is funny because I wasn't banned, and said that now both accounts are now gone...



I'm still here...O.K, I guess it was a bluff to get me to shut up, I hadn't known what Ban Dodging was...I guess he assumed I didn't as well...so he may have let me off the hook...

So that's my story,

I figured I was being hazed for not being a paying member, truth is, I don't think it's worth the money, I'm only 17, I do have a job but if I want my reputation to remain untarnished, I must stay away from PAYING for something that would incriminate my image. I don't know about you guys but where I live, paying a game website is pure geek activity.