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First blog on the almost launching new GS, Im so late on the beta edition.

And it's sweet! ( Except I don't know where to find the font size to make only the A letter larger or the coloring for letters )

Everything looks and works better, even publishing this blog and the coding is great!

Thats all for now, this is just a test to see if everything will appear in the old site so it's gonna be a short blog post lol.

Now onto the important stuff.

Grand Theft Auto 5.

Im playing GTA5 and its freaking great, love the amount of side stuff it offers. love Michael's character, he's the best out of the 3, Trevor is freaky and crazy but it gets a bit old but Michael's is the most interesting.

Didn't try the online yet so that is a must in the coming days, hopefully it's smooth and also fun.

Beyond Two Souls.

What a beautifully crafted game with a messed pace of events/story, there are amazing chapters like "My imaginary friend" and "The condenser", there is another chapter I forgot it's name but it's the train escape, those 3 stands out from the rest so far, overall I think it is great but it's around the 8-9 great because of the messed and out of pace chapters.

But what makes this game is the actors and the OST, Ellen Page brought Jodie to life and it really shows how far have videogames gone in terms of bringing emotions and acting to the next level.

Some cool looking games!

Theme of the blog.

Im pretty sure everybody knows about Mighty No.9 by now and Im pretty damn sure everyone and his mom knows about Kickstarter. Kickstarter is full of promises and full of rip-offs but I know a safe bet when I see one.

So I'd like to show support by bringing some of them good games that needs more support to bring their full potential.

Ofcourse I'll start with, in case you don't know about it yet. here it is.

Shameless marketing time!

The mighty No.9. 


Looks familiar right? well its from the guy who created the MegaMan series, Keiji Inafune! Enough said.


Another promising game is.

Project Phoenix.


The game developers are a collective of the best game creators in the world who worked in games from Crysis 3, Halo 4, FF from 1 to 10 like Nobou Umatsu, plus guys who worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and big name mystery designers who are going to be revealed later are all working on bringing this fantastic looking Jrpg!


Anyways, go to the links and see both if you like what you see and fund or tell your friends about it, lets do this!

Both projects are a success so far but there are crucial stretch goals like an overworld map for Project Phoenix which I'd like to see happen in a Jrpg for ages and as much of importance a new game plus and HD port for MN9 but I think Project Phoenix needs more support since the deadline is near and Mighty No.9 got huge attention from the media outlets.

see ya later guys.

Pre-orderd PS4!

I was already tempted to pre-order the console and what made me finally do it is freaking everybody I know is telling me they already did and I mean EVERYBODY I know who likes to play videogames.

So I said yea screw this Im in mothalova.

And plz don't be stupid guys, you should all know what to get with the PS4, plz be excited for BF4.

Oh and Ramadan Kareem! happy fasting!

My predictions results.

So with all E3 conferences over, I'll see if my predictions stack up!

My predictions

1- Best E3 press conference - Sony. 

2- Worst press conference - EA.

3- Number of Kinect games @MSConference - 5.

4- Best looking game, technical - something from Sony studios.( although a close second in my mind is either Square-enix with Final Fantasy or Konami with Metal gear ).

5- Best looking game, artistic - New Super Mario 3D for Wii U.

6- Best Megaton reveal on a press conference - Sony. ( Nintendo comes at a close second ).

6- Best Game @E3 - Metal Gear Solid 5.

7- No Show - Half-Life 3/episode 3 and The Last Guardian.

8- FF Versus is FF15.

9- New IPs revealed @E3 this year - at least 15 new fresh ideas are gonna be revealed.


1- Hell yeah Im right on da money.

2- Totally wrong, Ubisoft was the worst, only good thing came from that conference was The Division

3- wrong, not even one Kinect game was revealed in the MS conference which qas quite the big surprise!

4- so damn close, I regret not choosing MGS or FF but still half right.

5- Close again, its another Nintendo game, Wind Waker Wii U.

6- Hell yeah Im right on the da money, Kingdom Hearts 3 and those shots @Microsoft!

7- Hell yeah Im right on da money.

8- need I say more?

9- The division, Destiny, The Crew, The Order 1886, Ryse, TitanFall, NFS Rivals, Mad Max, Thief, Warframe, Sunset Overdrive , Daylight, Outlast, The Evil Within, Dying Light.

There are even tons of other small and big games and games that are revived like Killer instinct, plus games that are new IP but already revealed like Knack and Driveclub but the above games are the games that were great. 

I have The Last of Us, E3 and other stuff you don't care about..


As usual, I can't resist torturing you guys everytime I see an opportunity.

photo a8185550-526e-4fb6-a86d-fc934967c0e4_zps2e87d58f.jpg

Incredible! loving da game so far, great atmosphere, great voice acting and storytelling, so much detail put in the environments, sound design is top-notch, music is fantastic and gameplay ofcourse is tight, I've noticed some shit where NPCs suddenly appear and disappear which is major BULLSHIT in this day and age but so far so good!

My prediction list for E3!

    I am very excited for E3 since it's been 8 years since we last experienced new consoles and @2005 there wasn't streaming ( I don't even know if there was streaming for E3 at all at that time ?) like we do now so it's gonna be awesome knowing that I'll witness the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft's conferences.

So I've decided to make a prediction cuz you know I am 1:1 when it comes to predictions.....NEVER.

Lets get it on!

Best E3 press conference - Sony.

Worst press conference - EA.

Number of Kinect games @MSConference - 5.

Best looking game, technical - something from Sony studios. ( although a close second in my mind is either Square-enix with Final Fantasy or Konami with Metal gear ).

Best looking game, artistic - New Super Mario 3D for Wii U.

Best Megaton reveal on a press conference - Sony. ( Nintendo comes at a close second ).

Best Game @E3 - Metal Gear Solid 5.

No Show - Half-Life 3/episode 3 and The Last Guardian.

FF Versus is FF15.

New IPs revealed @E3 this year - at least 15 new fresh ideas are gonna be revealed.


Lastly....you thought I end this blog with something other than this?






 And another beauty!








Later peeps!

I am proud...very very proud.

Theme of the blog.

Of my youngest brother. He just won his first pro championship built in K1.

The tension before the match was killer specially if you're watching your own brother fighting against who is going to be fighting in the next Asian championships ( my bro supposed to go instead of that guy but you'll get the why he isn't going in a minute ), especially when a whole corner of the crowd ( around 200 people ) rooting against my bro.

Especially when there is drama behind his fight since the team training his foe is his former gym who he has trained with them for the past 4 years but they threw him under the bus when he was in his lowest. Especially when the former coach/organizers signs this rookie for the Asian champions instead of my bro just to spite him.

So yea the fight starts and that guy got dominated like there is no tomorrow! what my bro was worrying about was his kicks since the opponent was a kyokushin fighter for the last 12 years or so of his life and recently changed to kick-boxing but that didn't save him from getting his ass kicked.

It was fun to watch the crowd silenced by the first round, their voice wasn't heard at all after the first round lol.

It was also most fun to watch his former coach and half the organizers of this tournament who wanted to ruin his career in total disappointment.

Last night was one of the best nights eva! loved every moment especially after seeing my bro happiest after so much drama for the last 5 months.

Anyways back to celebrating!


Excitement is building up!

It's been over 8 years ( 7 if you have a PS3 only, can you believe that? ) since we last experienced excitment over next-gen consoles like the past few weeks.

Sony is going to reveal the PS4 ahead of E3 with some really good rumors and momentum surrounding the upcoming announcement on the 20th of this month!

They have released a teaser trailer and that's what began all of the craziness happening for the last couple weeks, Something was shown at the end of trailer got me excited. The PS logo in dark blue, colored just like the PS2 which is one of the reasons Im excited about all of this.

If they are really trying to bring that PS2 vibe and mentality to their next-gen console, Im all up for that, PS2 was/is one of the best consoles ever for me and for lots of gaming fans.

So here is my wish list.

1- bring back those Japanese games, jRPGs, action, hack & slash....etc..etc. Give us those console gaming experiences please!....do not bombard us with so many PC centric experiences, while I know you guys love some Naughty Dog and Santa Monica, I do too!!

However, I want them to make a mix of both and give us variety, fund some small Japanese developers and let them take some new approaches and risks, you just sold your HQ for freaking $1B! yes with a capital B! Billion!

How about snatch some small indie devs from the App Store and shower them with a $5M-$10M to $20M game budgets?

Give Level 5, Atlus, Capcom or Square-enix each a $20M budget for RPGS, let Capcom bring back Megaman in 20 millions new ways, I want dat Megaman in 3D action!

2- Im sure this next factor is a given but still Im gonna talk about it.

Sony, make a better, fast and seamless User Interface this time around.

  • no more installs after updates, make the install happen while updating.
  • make those updates in the background while Im playing games, I don't want to wait to play my newly purchased games for about 20 minutes.
  • Background installs for games that I want to install to my harddrive.
  • I want multi-tasking, Im getting used to do multiple tasks at the same time with my smartphones, if smartphones have it, a console with better technology should have it, I want to switch from multiple games and apps on the fly without even quitting a game to do another task.
  • Make an inviting and exciting interface, no more the simple looking XMB interface, while I love it for it's simple and easy navigation, I want something that doesn't look outdated.

I want to be surprised, I want to see something completely new in terms of gaming and new visions, Why don't Sony bring some Disney Pixar style of open world games? I want to see something colorful, why should we always see some post apocalyptic worlds?

Those Pixar ( animation movies in general ) movies looks so freaking gorgeous and I'd love to able to play and live in some action adventure/action RPG game set in this kind of world combined with the same scope and production as seen in a skyrim or a fallout 3/vegas or if it's in 3rd person view, make it as big as an Assassins Creed or a GTA.

Anyways, can't wait to see what they are going to show, Im hyped!

How about you? 

what are you hoping to see? 

whats your expectations for next-gen? whats your expectations for the PS4 reveal?