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Dude, WTF!?!?!?!

I cant send pms anymore.........is this happenin to anyone else? I got some things to say to my friends......

Systemmax.....if you read this, pm me, i need to talk...or type......to you

or, if anyone who is friends with systemmax, tell him to pm me.........


I do not like the floors at Walmart, they have too much grip to my shoes!!! Yesterday, I went to Walmart with my friend and his parents, they were getting the 360. Well, we went there for no reason because it was only getting 10 or 15 360's and there were like 25 people in line that were waiting since like 7 o'clock (it was 8 when we got there) so we just left. So my friend and I went to go ask his parents for some money to buy something. After that we went to get my friends brother and his parents told us to hurry so we were jogging to the games section. he wasn't there so we turned around and my ankle gave out for some reason and I twisted it. Man it hurts like hell. I couldn't walk for like a minute or 2. Now I'm just limping everywhere. Luckily I've got the week off from school for Thanksgiving:D so it can heal. I can hardly walk. So thats why I don't like the floors at Walmart, I hope you enjoyed:D

New Journal Entry Idea!!!

Well I came up with this right after I woke up, I'm going to make a to do list for each week starting now. Every once in a while I'll make a to do list for that day. When I put an X, that meabs I completed that task.

my to do list for the week is...

[  ] finish my friends sig

[  ] make at least 3 topics

[X] make another journal entry

[  ] and try to get at least 100 posts

my long term goal is to catch up to paul 06 in level and post count, that might take a while...

Bein Suspended S*cks Balls

i just got off of a 5 day suspension and it was borrrrrrring. at least i had time to do my homework which i should be doin now. im sorry to anyone who pmed or any of the unions im in that needed me but ill be real active now, see yall

Help, I need Help

now that i got ur attention

Please join the school discussion union

Okay, the union that im starting is called the "School Discussion Union". It is mainly an off-topic discussion about school, and about sports games. Feel free to talk about teachers, homework, and the like. Heck, you might even learn something. But the talk doesn't stop there. Girls, complaints, games, and even homework help will be avalible on this board.

So anyways, I encourage you to join once it is up and running, because it will definatley be a successful union, so invite all of your friends.....

Oh, and there are a few tags I want to give out for the union, so here they are.....

Nascarnetboggy made all of this and its his union, please join

Nascar 05 review

"Great multiplayer"

Posted September 1 2005, 6:00pm


Gameplay 8

Graphics 9

Sound 8

Value 9

Tilt 9

Difficulty:Just Right

Learning Curve:30 to 60 Minutes

Time Spent:100 or More Hours

Cool game but it could be better, the career isnt that good and the star system stinks, but multiplayer is cool...

Cool game but it could be better. The career isn't that good . The teams are too cheap and when u have one star, u have absolutely no chance of even getting a top 15 on legendary. The star system stinks cuz once u have 5 stars, its like impossible to lose. The chase for the cup isnt in career mode and the sponsors could use some work. U only get 3 choices of sponsors every season and if u perform bad u cant get ditched by ur sponsor like in 04. The drivers that u can hire all stink except the last guy. The production car series was a waste of disc space. They should ditch the productions and use that space to improve the graphis, physics, ect.

Multiplayer is a step up from last year though. This year u can bump draft if they knowhow ond all the cstom cars are pretty cool. They should bring the custom car options from nascar 04 back and there should be more options.

Over all, its a really cool game and its fun to play.

GameSpot Community ReviewHALO2champ20

Ya Know Ya Like A Girl When...

u have a dream and u walk around naked with her.

just had one like that

not sure but i think she likes me to

the problem is shes like 10 and im 12 and i want a girlfriend thats like the same age as me

well thats it for now see ya