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Member since: Dec 8, 2002 A long time.
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Glad to see Gamespot is finally condensing feature sets and returning to a more simple site layout. The current sites been built on nearly 15 year old software with layers of polish on top of it. The CMS is woefully antiquated according to editors and it really needs everything thrown out and a simple reboot.
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I used to lurk the forums heavily back so many years ago when I was in my early teens (in my mid twenties now), and the forums were so much funner back then, there's just too many hot-button topics and religious debates to find any fun here... And I think the forums were smaller back then too, so the community was more knit. I find it hard to remember user though, I seem to remember most people by their sigs.

Not related to OT exclusive but I still have some scnreehots on my comp from when the old lithium forums were hacked. one, two. :P

I think the late Lithium months and early big blue days were the most fun times of the old forum. The old OT and SW boards were a blast back in the day. :)
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I think one of the rules should be the ideas be implemented first of all...

Oh wait. ;)
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At 10:41 AM CST, when trying to browse the System Wars II UCB I was reading a thread and clicked the link back to Show_Topic for SW2. It instead allowed me to download the show_topics.php file that Gamespot uses instead of linking me back. I've had this happen a few times. Instead of just working like a link it works like a download link.

Also at 10:44 AM CST, when trying to open this topic I instead received a page that showed the grey Breadcrumb/Navbar for forums/threads, and the submit etc buttons. Everything else was as though it didn't exist.
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I'm amazed, administrative response. Fantastic.

I understand perfectly the need that it willl take some time to get it working. And as someone else mentioned besides the core bugs we all know about the forum essentially kind of 1/5 quit working a couple weeks ago. It seems whatever happened on that date seems to have caused it.

Alex mentions serverload yet I'm seeing this issue crop up regardless of users onboard. Granted I'm sure you guys have site statistics that may not correlate to what I've experienced, but it seems like it may be a deeper issue than just the serverload.

I know I had the issue yesterday morning at 7:00 am with under 2,000 people online and I still have the same problem between 5:00 and 6:00 pm with 5-6,000 users online.

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Oh never fear guys, I've been visiting this site for about 5 years reguarly now. What'll happen is you will see later this year a new Gamespot design released that will replace this design and not fix any bugs, yet create all new ones.

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I just thought you would like to know. The page doesn't load half the time, and it lost my first thread about this subject that I typed up and now I don't feel like posting as much.

Not sure if you guys noticed it or not, I never see any admins post anymore so I doubt you guys know its broke. Just an FYI. Hard to own the sheep when the site can't handle it.