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A Ghost From The Past.

Hello everyone, a quick post here for all those who once knew me. As some of you may have known, I've been gone for quite awhile, having joined the military I had to leave for training and have been gone the last 7 months. I greatly missed the site and the people I knew here, hopefully everyone is still active since rage quitting is so popular, especially around E3 time.

I will be creeping the boards. there's a certain group (you know who you are) that I'll be stalking, Hit me up, let me know where the popular haunts are.

- The once thought dead, now returned, H-A-V-O-K

Microsoft Press Conference.

Well, Glitchspot has broken down yet again, it appears to be a massive server crash as right now I cant open message boards, comment boards, no conference vids are streaming either. I've ended up watching it on SPIKE.

We open up with a Call of Duty: Black Ops live gameplay demo, Its basically last years showing of Modern Warfare 2 only instead of a snowmobile you're escaping in a helicopter

A few thoughts spring to my mind right this moment.

1: Don Mattrick needs showmanship lessons.

2: Hideo Kojima STILL needs a translator

3: New Metal Gear still lookin sexy.

It really seems to be selling this cut physic...All I can say is I'm sold.
The sword is definately playing a huge roll with this title, the demo showed cutting through walls and vehicles promising you can cut through anything you want, towards the end there was an impressive show of percision cutting of a watermelon.

Phil Spencer still = Tool

Cliff Bleszinski takes the stage: still looks like a frat boy, its obvious thus far that some things never change.
Gears 3! Locusts beats COG to death with his own leg...
Gears looks just like the first two before it with a few minor tweaks and graphical upgrades.

ESPN on LIVE?...I wanna die...
And once again Kudo Sanada takes the stage drunk as a skunk.

Now we lead into the lull of a bunch of Kinect crap....

*30minutes later*

We've come to the rythm game section of Kinect, my interest is caught by the cute girl demonstrating the game, now there's some uber-nerd out dancing to "keep on dancing"....Microsoft...That is called a bait and switch and I DO NOT appreciate it. We end off with the demonstration of a Star Wars game that is trying to trump itself up to be "what lightsaber combat always should have been" I'll reserve judegement.

Forza Motorsport: Not a fan of racing games but this game does look pretty, but in my humble opinion unless some serious innovation comes to the genre I dont see the point of showing them anymore as set pieces, they cant get much prettier.

Don Mattrick still proving his lack of showmanship:

I'am now near death laughing as the new 360 looks painfully similar to a PS3, and my laughter is cut short by the fact that everyone was just given a free Xbox.

Forward to the Future

Just a little bullet and heads-up here.

E3 begins in thirty minutes, I've been looking forward to this all week.

Today we have the Microsoft press conference tomorrow we have Sony and Nintendo, hopefully this year is less of a dissapointment than last, but to be honest my hopes arent too high. Then again that may just be the cynic in me.

Regardless I plan to watch it all and have opinions about everything I see, and as this is the one major expo I look forward to all year every year, I'll be posting a blog after each conference.

Games Most Interested in:

Assassins Creed Brotherhood (top of the list of course)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

InFamous 2

Gears of War 3

Fable 3

and for the heck of it, Mortal Kombat has me curious.

I've also got my fingers crossed that we'll get a few nice suprises.

The Power of Red

Never realized what a potentially dangerous color that was until this week...

I've missed a couple weeks of activity both on GS and online in general thanks to some faulty internet. Most of you remember me complaining about only having dial-up for the longest time, then a few months ago we were introduced to high-speed through a company called Ultra-net. Not really a satellite internet, it uses Verizon equipment to bounce off of cell towers. Long story short they put in the contract that should foliage cause the connection to fail they would void our agreement and break our contract free of penalty, sounds good right? Well once the internet started failing they automatically assumed it was because of the trees filling in and pretty much refused to listen to anything I had to say, even the techs that they sent out were too damn stubborn to hear me out for more than 3 minutes, I had my own reasons to think that it was their reciever on the roof that was faulty. Anyway I had finally convinced them after about 4 phone calls and using all my restraint, to come out and atleast attempt to replace the dish. Tech came out, went on the roof, removed the antenna and low and behold there were red ants in the modular that had eaten almost completely through it. In short, I was right, they were wrong, we got a new antenna and now everything is fine.

The other red I had dealt with this week was my Xbox finally falling to the dreaded red-ring-o-death, I thought for sure I was screwed completely since I had bought second hand from a friend of mine and it was well near 4 years old. Thankfully it was bought after June of 2006 when they extended it to a 4 year warranty so I had just slid in barely getting the completely free repair job, they even took care of shipping. So I'll be out on my ear when it comes to Xbox gaming for the next few weeks, still got the ole reliable PS3 to keep me busy.

I pre-ordered Alpha Protocol which they claim should be out by June 1st (almost a whole year past the original release) and I bought Persona3 to keep me busy till then.

I also started fooling around with this downloadable MMO "Grand Fantasia" very WoW esque...

My Tournament Results

6am, Just now getting in, hit knoxville with some friends after the grappling tournament mentioned in the last blog.

The tournament, the purpose for this blog, figured since I had mentioned it why not give you guys the results.
As I said before I was fighting in the white-belt lightweigh division, 130-170lbs I didnt do as bad as I thought I went 1-2, my first fight was against an orange-belt (they decided to mix it up for lack of participants) who happens to be a student at the same school and has actually been tutoring me for my first few stripes. Anyway, the round went the whole 6 minutes going to decision with him beating me by 2 points, not too bad I thought, I was just hoping not be submitted in the first 30 seconds. Second fight was against an older guy (looked to be atleast in his early 40s...) who proceeded to school me like a newborn, he had a small bit of size one me but I thought I had young man's strength on him, but then he decided to show me what skill was and I lost to a kimura armlock in the first two minutes. Third fight, one of our newer students, a smaller guy who I have maybe 20lbs on who I also underestimated thinking I could overpower and outcl@ss him, he suprised me, proving to be alot stronger than he looked he resisted two of my takedown attempts finally I think he panicked when he tried to apply a guillotine choke from a standing postion, which was a mistake, he left my arms free so that I could lift and drop him to the mat scoring two points for a succesful takedown. From there though he managed to keep me at arms length where I couldnt work a single submission forcing the round to go the full 6 minutes, beating him by 4 points with two guardpasses and four postion advantages. He made me work for it though, so much so that I got sick in the bushes in front of the gym shortly after the match :P

After it was all said and done the top ranked fighters in all three divisions came from our school, so thats something we were proud of.

After that, like I said, hit the town with some friends, got back in around 2am and fired up the Xbox for some Halo and Modern Warfare 2, and now I get home to sit down fill out some more paperwork try to catch maybe an hour and a half of sleep before getting up and heading out again. Ah weekends :lol:

The Usual

With just over a week left in the month, I realize I've only blogged once within the past 31 days gifted to us from old sir calender, and this after I swore to be more active on the site after acquiring a 1 meg connection.
Now I could claim to have been too busy but that would be a lie for the most part, while I have had a few things to occupy myself its not taken so much time away that I could not find the time to jot down a few things in a blog or on a board, the main issue being none of it very interesting to be blog worthy, and I've been a bit lazy lately.

What could be keeping Havok so mildly busy you ask?
I know a few people around these parts have heard some, I've decided to get back into school, as so many other of my friends both in person and on GS around my age have done, we've realized the job market, not really caring how qualified you are, is still circling the old porceline bowl. Not being one who truly has any responsibilites to speak of, or anyone to support, save for myself, it seems the only logical next step is to pursue a form of higher education. I've up and gone the route of online schooling pursuing an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, in an 18 month program I can choose to continue afterward for another 13 months moving right into a Bachelor's program, which is most likely going to be where I'll aim. Already being enrolled cl@sses starting next month I've had to spend the last few weeks dancing with the government thanks to my status of being completely and utterly broke and unemployed still being dependent more or less in the government's eyes on my parents, tediously dredging up their tax information aswell as my own to complete dozens of forms, some of which needing all but my hair/blood/saliva samples, including a FAFSA which wasnt so bad once I found the almost 2 year old information they needed. But as far as I know now, once all is said and done and I'm merely waiting on the powers that be to grant me whatever they deem I qualify for in the way of not making me pay for my own schooling, Thanks to Mr Obama it looks like I'll more or less get a free ride. So I guess sometimes work does pay off :lol:

Anywho...Gaming...I said awhile back I was in a bit of a slump, I've gotten over it I suppose, Started playing Dragon Age Awakening, not bad I guess, considering I rather liked the first game despite the empty promises it held, I've only made it through about 5 hours give or take in the main story arc and I'm still enjoying myself. The characters in the expansion are my biggest complaint, they just dont strike me as interesting as their predecessors. (I've already discussed at length with someone how the male mage who joins toward the beginning makes me a tad uncomfortable for some reason) I've also played all the way through Bad Company 2, and I might step on a few toes here, but after all the rave reviews I've heard I cant say that I completely agree. It was lauded to be "Better than Modern Warfare 2" "Contender for online shooter of the year" etc etc. Now the game is good I'll grant you that, But to me MW2 had the upper hand in certain areas, personally I think MW was the better game where graphics are concerned, not that BC2 was bad in that department, although I did appreciate the fact that when you got shot your screen wasnt smattered with strawberry jam, kudos DICE. The single player experience is where I weigh my biggest comparison, I thought the shooting flat out was better in MW, weapon to weapon, firefight to firefight, something about them felt alittle more satisfying. BC2 hands down had the better story, characters, and writing, which shined when it was backhanding MW2. There's one scene towards the end of the game where your riding ATVs and one of your squadmates makes a comment concerning snowmobiles, and another scene bashing the use of heartbeat monitors, both of which brought a laugh for me atleast. Now it is a good a game, and I did dabble around in the multiplayer, but do I think its better than Modern Warfare? No. I know in some circles I'd be beaten to a pulp and spread on toast for saying that, but its my opinion, both have their ups and downs, both are excellent shooters with some weak spots.

And one last thought about it that really pissed me off, all the damn dust...I would've liked to see what I was shooting at once in awhile.

Well...Other than that I suppose I really dont have much to say...ah other than this: after being in jiu-jitsu for close to 3 months now I've decided to compete in an open inter-school grappling tournament tommorrow night. Competing still at white-belt level of course, I've gained considerable weight over the last few weeks bringing myself up to 170lbs (I was 158lbs at the end of February) making myself the heaviest one can be and still stay in the lightweight division, I like my chances. This is however my first real competition, wish me luck. :P

Insominacs Guide to Sleeping

Here it is 2am and I cant seem to fall asleep to save my life, so then here's a blog to occupy myself for a few minutes.

I suppose with this being Gamespot I could talk about videogames for a bit.

Recently I've hit that wall that alot of people have run into with not wanting to actually sit down and play a game period, what is it that's made our favorite hobby into a chore all the sudden? Personally I think we got a little bit spoiled over the last few months, what with all the major releases we jumped on and played through so quickly maybe we all just burnt ourselves out. I for one still haven't finished Heavy Rain, not out of any dislike for the game, I simply get so far then get bored or sidetracked or whatever. I've mostly taken to playing Modern Warfare 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 online, or I've still been toying with my renegade playthrough on Mass Effect 2 which again was something I never really finished, but then for the last two days I started playing Dragon Age Origins again with Dragon Age Awakening sitting next to my Xbox still in its shrink rap since I have this almost compulsive habit of beating the first game through immediately before I start a sequel or expansion. (I did the same thing with Mass Effect and Assassins Creed) Hopefully I can see this through and get out of this horrible gaming rut I'm stuck in.

Insomina really sucks...Happens to me very rarely but when it hits it does so in force.

I'm looking forward to E3 this year, something that's just around the corner. Not exactly why I'm hyped about it, I mostly expect to hear about motion control and Natal which will most likely haunt the deepest corners of my nightmares for months afterward. But I remain optimistic that perhaps a few gems might be revealed, although I'm not expecting much from heavy hitters like Bioware who'll most likely just let us know that Alpha Protocol (which they so rudely and covertly delayed last year on the very damn day of its release) is still in production and perhaps our grandchildren may be able to play it, Of course the big teasers will come from the new Tom Clancey games, Medal of Honor, and all the other ones we'll likely ignore. However, as creeped out as I was by Peter Molyneux's new touchy feely obsession, I'm curious to see what Fable III has to offer, I'am a fan of the first two as flat as they sometimes were, they were nothing if not ambitous. Ashamed as I'am to admit it, I also wouldn't mind seeing some news on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, the first game was a blast convoluted story and all.
And maybe a Gears of War 3 trailer would be fun :P

Still not tired...

So..What are you guys hoping to see at E3 this year?

10 Things You Might Already Know About Me (I was tagged)

Just when I thought we were above such things I go and get tagged in one of these type blogs, not mentioning any names...Sheena321.....Anyway, my 10 facts, and then my victims.

10: I will turn 20 in 2 weeks.

9: I'm an MMA fan and currently a student of Brazillian Jiu-jitsu (that was a two-for-one, you dont have to thank me)

8: I can..at times...be a very sarcastic person.

7: My favorite actor is Michael Cain.

6: I enjoy (and its been said that I'm quite good at) cooking.

5: I broke my wrist in two places when I was 12.

4: I'm rather short, standing about 5 foot 7 inches.

3: I hate spiders with a passion.

2: I'm the eldest of 5 siblings.

1: I once fell asleep on a bench in Wal-Mart.

I now tag; raven_squad , Roman_Irishman , grunt1096 , and Sparda_13


Super short one here guys, I've figured out the problem I was having with xboxlive, basically my router wasnt compatable so I've returned it and bought a new one. I'm up and running and need some people who arent manic rageaholics on everything they play.

I'm especially lookin for anyone who wants to play some L4D2, my tag is "Marseed" if you add me drop me a pm too so I know.


Update Time

I do these from time to time out of lack of anything better to post about... I've actually managed to stay rather busy lately and still find time for GS, although for some reason the site feels alittle more dead than usual, not many people seem to be posting and the unions all seem to be more or less dead, save for the few tried and true off topic lounges. Might just be me.

In the way of gaming, I still havent beaten Heavy Rain I'm ashamed to admit, I started getting back into Mass Effect 2 restarting my renegade playthrough that I never finished, on the other hand since it doesnt look like I'll be all that busy this week I may finally sit down, restart Heavy Rain and see it through to the end.

One other thing I'll throw out there, I posted a few blogs back about my dilemma of speaking my feelings for a close friend of mine, I finally manned up and talked to her about it, I pretty much just spilled my guts completely, told her how I felt, all that fun stuff. Basically I just got shot down, she told me how she appreciated my friendship and how I was like a brother to both her and her sister, not exactly what I was hoping to hear. That was about two weeks ago and yesterday was the first time I had seen her since then, I'll admit I was alittle worried things would be akward between us now, but thankfully she didnt treat me any differently, so I'am still happy about that. Granted it still sucks to be rejected.

Jiu-Jitsu: I've been keeping up with the cl@sses regularly for four weeks now, even in that short time I've noticed myself getting in much better shape, I've gotten pretty lazy over the last couple years and lost most of the muscle tone I had when I first got out of highschool. I've been advancing pretty steadly too I think, after four weeks now my instructor suggested I test for my first stripe on my white belt, basically not so much an advancment as much just a recgonition of having learned the basics of the (art?) (damn thing wont let me say st.....yle) But after I earn that first stripe I'll be able to attend the advanced cl@ss learning more technique and be able to start studying toward a blue belt. On top of all that in two weeks we'll be having a guest instructor for one cl@ss the guest being six time world jiu-jitsu champion Samuel Braga, who I've also seen in quite a few Pride featherweight bouts, I'am pretty stoked about that.

Thats about it I suppose, I'll be going to see Shutter Island tonight, I'll be sure to hit the message boards with my opinion.