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Battlefield 3 Anti-air strategies that work!

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Thanks to the guys at Gamespot for this amazing video. With the Stinger/Igla effectively kulled by DICE, it´s good to know alternatives exist for those being base creamed by chopper crews.



Battlefield 3 Major Update - AT LAST!

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It´s already on the PS3, and coming to an XBOX near you soon - a whole host of tweaks, changes and updates for Battlefield 3!!


The guys at Gamespot have put together this excellent visit, and here´s a full list of all the changes you can look forward to... My highlights? NO MORE MAV LIFT / CAMPING SNIPERS!! Plus it looks like they´re FINALLY gonna fix spawning on Deathmatch... Can't wait!

-Players should no longer take fall damage from short falls.
-Players now get up from Prone slightly faster, allowing better odds of getting away from a grenade or threat when prone.
-Fixed some situations that would unintentionally make a player unrevivable.
-Increased the spawn protection time from 1sec to 2sec. The protection will still be immediately canceled as soon as the player moves or shoots.
-Spawn protection will no longer be canceled by the player looking around.
-Increased the inaccuracy and recoil added when a player is fully suppressed.
-Shotgun Buck and Flechette rounds now have a less suppressive effect at medium to long range.
-Tweaked the damage levels of Buck and Flechette rounds to balance them with other weapons.
-Switching from primary weapons to sidearms and back now takes less time.
-The bipod should now be more reliable when deploying on top of sloped objects like cars and rocks.
-Fixed several issues with vaulting objects, especially for thin railings.
-CRAM weapons on Carriers now count towards stationary weapon awards.

-Unguided tank rounds and RPGs will now instantly destroy Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.
-Increased the damage the MBT's primary weapon does to the front and side armor of other main battle tanks. Primarily this means 1 less shot to the front, and very good hits to the side can result in a 1 hit to disable.
-Slightly reduced the repair speed of the repair tool.
-Increased the damage done by TOW weapons to armored vehicles.
-Increased the power of the repair tool when killing soldiers or destroying vehicles slightly.
-Javelin missiles fired without Laser targeting now do more damage to the side and rear of MBTs.
-Slightly reduced the locking time of all weapons vs Laser Designated targets.
-Laser Guided missiles can now be distracted by Flares.
-Reduced the locking time for AA Missiles for Jets to make them more viable against air targets.
-Flares will no longer break the lock of a vehicle that is locked on, it will only distract the missiles.
-Flares for Jets and Choppers now reload at 11 seconds again, except for the gunner, which remains unchanged at 20sec.
-AA Missiles should no longer detonate before hitting their target or a Flare/ECM chaff cloud.
-Reduced the damage AA missiles do to jets to 45%.
-Fixed the SU-35 firing Air to Air missiles at a lower rate of fire than other vehicles.
-The IGLA and Stinger now lock on much more quickly and disable an attack aircraft in 1 hit, but have significantly reduced range.
-Increased RPG and SMAW damage against aircraft.
-Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.
-Improved the accuracy of the Attack Helicopter's Rocket Pods, both guided and unguided.
-Improved the accuracy of the Mi28 gun to match the AH1 gun.
-Decreased the locking time of the IFV Guided Missile to make it more viable as an unlock.
-Miniguns and Helicopter Gunners now more quickly destroy parked cars.
-Dying from the explosion of a car or other explosive static object should now correctly credit the player who caused the explosion.
-Updated the F35 weapon systems to be consistent with the other Jets.
-The F35 will now only attempt to enter Hover at low altitudes, though it will maintain the hover until forward flight is resumed, even if it reaches high altitude.
-Players will no longer receive suicides or team kills if they crash their vehicle (dying is punishment enough).
-The MAV will no longer destroy vehicles that run into it, instead it should be destroyed.
-You can now spot with the EOD bot.
-The carrier based CRAM stations are now properly tracked as stationary weapons.
-Disabled vehicles now have an increased reverse speed to help escape to cover after being disabled.
-Below Radar will now also prevent the lock on of Stinger and IGLA missiles.

Several weapons have had recoil or accuracy adjusted in orer to balance these weapons in effectiveness and also increase the feeling of individuality in each gun

-Added Extended Mags to the ASVAL.
-Reduced the recoil of the SKS rifle and increased its maximum damage at close range.
-Fixed aimed firing max accuracy on the Pecheneg to be consistent with other LMGs.
-Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.
-Increased the damage of the 9x39mm rounds at long range.
-Fixed the AKS74u damage at max range, it was incorrectly higher than other carbines.
-All semiautomatic and bolt weapons, including all shotgun slugs, now have their maximum damage out to 15m.
-Bolt action sniper rounds now have a chance to kill at close range if the player is hit in the upper chest.
-The spread for Flechette rounds has been reduced slightly on all shotguns.
-The spread for Buckshot has been reduced on the M1014, DAO-12, and S12k. These weapons have an accuracy advantage over the USAS12 but are not as accurate as the 870.
-Fixed the Rate of Fire when the USAS and MK3A1 are equipped with FRAG rounds.
-Players can now earn the shotgun Ribbon using the M26 MASS.
-M27 IAR: No change.
-RPK-74M: Reduced the initial recoil and vertical recoil.
-M249: Added an initial recoil. The M249 is the fastest firing belt fed LMG, giving it superior suppressive and damage abilities. The initial recoil makes it a bit harder to run and gun, while making little overall impact on performance.
-Type-88: Slightly increased the initial recoil, reduced muzzle drift.
-PKP: Reduced recoil but added a slight initial recoil, increased damage at max range.
-M60: Reduced the initial recoil, increased damage at all ranges.
-M240B: Added an initial recoil, increased damage at all ranges.
-QBB-95: Reduced the total recoil but increased muzzle drift and initial recoil.
-MG36: Added an initial recoil.
-870: No change.
-DAO-12: Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9.
M1014: Increased the rate of fire from 200 max to 210 max. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9.
-S12k: Increased extended mag from 8 rounds to 10 rounds. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9.
-MK3A1: Increased magazine capacity to 8 and 12 for normal and extended mag respectively. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9.

USAS-12: Increased the initial recoil. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9.

-M4A1: No Change.
-M4: Increased vertical recoil, reduced horizontal recoil.
-AKS-74U: Reduced initial recoil and vertical recoil.
-SG553: Reduced initial recoil and vertical recoil.
-A91: No Change.
-G36C: Reduced initial recoil.
-SCAR-H: Increased damage at maximum range and increased max range.
-G53: Reduced recoil and drift, recoil settle times now similar to other carbines.
-QBZ-95B: Reduced muzzle sway, recoil settle times now similar to other carbines.
-AK-74M: Reduced initial recoil and vertical recoil.
-M16A3: No Change.
-M16A4: Increased vertical recoil, reduced horizontal recoil.
-M416: No change.
-AEK-971: Increased initial recoil, reduced aimed accuracy slightly.
-F2000: Reduced vertical recoil, increased zoomed accuracy slightly.
-AN94: Reduced vertical recoil.
-G3A3: Increased damage at all ranges, reduced vertical recoil.
-KH2002: No Change.
-L85A2: Increased accuracy, reduced muzzle drift.
-FAMAS: The FAMAS combines an extreme rate of fire with extreme recoil making it very difficult to use at anything other than close quarters combat.
-PP2000: Reduced the initial recoil.
-UMP45: Reduced accuracy loss during full auto.
-MP7: No Change.
-AS VAL: Increased vertical recoil, reduced first shot recoil, reduced accuracy on the move. The AS VAL fires a long range, highly accurate, high damage projectile that favors short bursts or single fire when stationary.
-PDW-R: Reduced the initial recoil.
-P90: Reduced the initial recoil.
-PP-19: Slightly reduced the initial recoil when firing, increased base damage.

-Fixed the 7x scope not zooming to the full 7x on all weapons.
-Corrected the M39′s laser sight so it points at the point of impact and aligns with scopes when zoomed.
-Fixed a misaligned scope crosshair on the G3A3 using the Rifle Scope 6x.
-Fixed the PKA and PKA-S scopes on the M416 having swapped zoom levels.
-The L96 Straight Pull bolt now functions properly.
-The L96 ironsights have been adjusted for a clearer aiming picture and correct use of the integral front sight.
-The L96 now properly shows scope glint when using the 8x, and 12x scopes.
-Tweaked IRNV to be more consistent across all levels.
-Fixed a rendering issue with IRNV view when taking damage.
-Fixed the QBU-88 sniper and the L96 IRNV scopes to use the proper sniper reticule

-The Accuracy increase and Recoil reduction of the Bipod has been significantly improved for Assault Rifles and Carbines.
-The Bipod now provides similar Accuracy and Recoil benefits no matter if the weapon is fired while aiming or without aiming for all weapons.
-Increased the Speed at which a bipod is deployed. The speed has been increased 40-50%, depending on the weapon

-The Vertical Recoil penalty of the Heavy Barrel has been reduced.
-A small Hip Accuracy penalty has been added to the Heavy Barrel.This is in effect for the A91, G3A3, AKS-74u, G36C, M4A1, SCAR-H, SG553, G53, and QBZ-95B.
-The Heavy Barrel is now also paired with Match Rounds which increase the maximum range of the weapon. The minimum and maximum damage are unchanged, weapons with the Heavy Barrel will be more effective in mid range.
-The Aimed Accuracy bonus provided by the Heavy Barrel has been increased.

-The Horizontal Sway reduction has been changed from a global percent reduction to a weapon specific value reduction. For most guns this means very little change, for guns which have a large horizontal recoil the change is more substation. The FAMAS, F2000, and AEK971 are most effected, the AK-74, M16, and M416 are nearly unchanged.
-A small long range Aimed Accuracy penalty has been added to the foregrip. Combining the Foregrip with a Silencer or a Heavy Barrel will offset this penalty.

-The Suppressor no longer reduces the maximum damage of a weapon when equipped. Instead the Suppressor reduces the minimum and maximum range of the weapon, making it ideal for CQB and Stealth.
-The Suppressor's recoil bonus remains unchanged at a global 10% decrease. This is less than the Flash Suppressor's bonus for all weapons.
-Reduced the Aimed Accuracy bonus of the Suppressor from 50% to 25%. A Suppressor and Foregrip combo will have similar accuracy to a weapon without any Accessories, at the penalty of worse Hip Fire Accuracy and Range and with the benefit of much improved Stealth and reduced Recoil.

-The Flash Suppressor no longer reduces accuracy for Automatic Fire.
-The Flash Suppressor now also works as a recoil compensator, reducing the Vertical Recoil by a weapon specific value. This bonus is larger than the bonus provided by the Suppressor.
-A small Hip Accuracy penalty has been added to the Flash Suppressor to represent the added weight of the accessory. The exact penalty amount is a weapon specific value.

-The Radio Beacon, Mortar, MAV, EOD bot, T-UGS, and SOFLAM should now be much easier to deploy.
-The MAV will now be destroyed when running into a soldier or vehicle at high speed.
-The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator..
-Players will no longer auto enter SOFLAM, MAV, and EOD bots after they are deployed.
-Players may now use their knife to destroy enemy equipment.
-Claymores now live up to 5 seconds after a player dies, the player can have a max 2 claymores planted at the same time.
-Ammobags now stay until the user redeploys them like Medkits.
-Reduced the total number of RPG and SMAW missiles carried from 5 to 4.
-The M224 Mortar can no longer be deployed in an area that is out of combat for another team like a home base or other protected spawn.
-Tweaked M224 exit points so the player faces in the direction of the mortar when he exits.

-Fixed a bug where players would spawn close to the enemy team at the start of the round.
-Tehran Highway playable area has been doubled and is now the same as the Squad Deathmatch set up.
-Kharg Island has a new spawn zone layout, along with a bigger playable area and new cover objects. Spawn points have also been tweaked.
-Strike at Karkand spawns zones have been tweaked to improve player flow. Spawn points have been tweaked to improve safety upon spawning.
-Sharqi Peninsula spawn zones have been adjusted to optimize player movement. Spawn points have been tweaked so players spawn more safely.
-Seine Crossing spawn zone set up has been improved. There is a new spawn zone by the alleyway to the northwest with additional spawn points.
-Caspain Border spawn zones have been tweaked slightly.

-Fixed a bug where players would spawn close to the enemy team at the start of the round.
-Damavand Peak layout and spawn zones have been tightened to reduce the spread of players across the map
-Tehran Highway now features an extra spawn zone north of the footbridge, along with tweaked spawn points.
-Noshahr Canals spawn zones have been tweaked. Removed unsafe spawn points in the Northeast corner, and in the middle of the container area to the Southwest.

(Source - BATTLEFIELD BLOG. Visit the blog for full details, these are just highlights! )

Mass Effect 3 - Multiplayer class tips

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Hi one and all!

Saw this excellent class tutorial for Mass Effect 3 on the Gamespot website today and thought you should check it out, if you haven't done already. It gives a pretty good overview of each class, just hope my copy arrives sometime soon so I can actually try it for myself!



Battlefield 3: Squad Deathmatch maps too darn big?

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Recently got back into Battlefield 3 having taken a break to plough through Mass Effect 1 and, to get back into the swing, I decided to play squad deathmatch. The result was, well, less than enthusiastic.

I mean, I suck and I´m the first to admit it, I die more than I kill but I found myself playing waaaay too many matches simply running around endlessly, scanning the radar for a tell-tale red blip signalling something to shoot at! So, I checked out Team Deathmatch and was shocked at the backwards logic DICE had put into this game mode.

In TEAM Deathmatch the maps are tiny, so it´s easy to run into the enemy, whilst on SQUAD deathmatch (eg 4 teams of 4) the maps are too damn big. OK they throw in an APC (which with a few well placed mines serves more as a distraction than a real threat) but I expected Squad DM to be more confined and TEAM DM on a sprawling map.

Maybe it´s just me, but I find this approach really illogical. Less players = bigger maps, more players=smaller maps??

What do you guys think? Do you find it weird too? Or did Dice get it right and it´s me that's crazy?

Pop a comment below!

Bad Company 2 dying a death??

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A sad feeling is slowly creeping over me that Bad Company 2 is being starved to death. I've recently escaped the lure of Oblivion to get my FPS skills back up to speed because, between you and me, they suck more than ever before! So I put BFBC2 into the old Xer only to find that NO-ONE IS PLAYING!!!

If I'm lucky enough to find a full game, it soon whittles down to a sheer boring 2 or 3 per side rush or conquest match in minutes, leaving you running around aimlessly to try and find someone to fire at.

Has everyone really just "jumped ship" in favour of Battlefield 3? If that's so, it´s a shame as I actually find Bad Company 2 more fun due to the more compact maps. Rush is fast and hectic as you don't have to jog for kilometres just to get into the action.

Hope people remember this classic soon, if not EA are likely to pull the plug like they did with MOH:Airborne and Battlefield 2:Modern Combat.

So, does anyone still play Bad Company 2?? Let me know below

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion... A true classic

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Well, I went and did it again... Got hooked on another neverending RPG!

Hot off the heels from my stints through Mass Effect and Fable 2, games which have been sat in my collection goading me to play them for months, I took the plunge and stuck Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion into the Xer to put in a spot of training in the hope someone will be giving it to me at Christmas.

First impressions? This game is dangerously addictive and huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Using Raptr to remind me, I´m around 24 hours in, reached Level 7 and done nothing! Managed to climb out of the imperial sewers and just though speaking to people managed to have over 20 active missions!!

This game really draws you in, coupled with the desire to "fill-in the blanks" on the map which Fallout 3 used so well. Do I go North or West? South or East? My initial gripes were with the combat, which feels wooden and clunky, but now I´ve leveled at least I actually have a chance of killing things for once!

It really feels that you are master of your own destiny and open to explore or tackle the missions in any order you want - you can be a thief for a while, and when you get bored simply slash n hack in the arena, turn your hand to magic or simply go awandering in the lush landscapes.

It doesn´t even look that bad for it´s age and to be honest within 5-10 mins you´re not really paying attention to the detail anyway, you're pinned to the compass looking for new spots to explore!

I think now that the combat I think I have down I´m gonna really start to enjoy this, although must admit to be a little worried about losing 100s of hours like some of my friends with this game.

A definate must for any gamers collection or anyone looking for an engaging old-school RPG!

Finished my first Mass Effect Playthrough... Bit sad really!

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42 hours, 421 saves and a level 50 later (yes it is possible!) I finally finished my first playthrough of the classic and mind-blowing space opera, Mass Effect.

As the end cut-scenes played, I couldn´t really believe a game had sunk it´s claws soooo deep. This game had me actually caring about the characters, and wanting to know what lay behind the Citadel, the keepers and Saren... I´d been everywhere and done pretty much everything, and all with a smile on my face!

I think I didn´t do badly, either. I maxed my credits and paragon levels, and even managed to unblock the improvements for assault rifles, pistols and sniper rifles, playing as infiltrator which, for me, in the best character class of the bunch. Plus, I did it all on veteran!

Now I´m on my second playthrough, on hardcore and with a mission - to annoy everyone, increase my renegade rating and use biotic powers. Then, one playthrough more and I should have a bad ass character to enjoy in Mass Effect 2!

Oh, and why so many saves? I found early on that saving before attempting the mini-games when you salvage a probe; hack a computer or open a locked crate means that if you don´t like the contents (or bungle it), you can simply re-load and attempt again!

The storyline is both compelling and convincing and I am really grateful to my mates for recommending this game to me, it's quickly becoming one of my favs!

Skyrim led me to discover Mass Effect!!

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With all my online mates abandoning me to explore the worlds of Skyrim, I had a bit of a dilema - Play Battlefield 3 with none speaking, none co-operating MW3 players "daytripping" in BF3 MP, or try something new.

I decided to trawl my pile of "untouched" games and, as everyone else was eagerly encroached with RPGs, I looked through what I had - the dangerously addictive Fable 2 & 3 on the one hand, and the little known (but much loved and talked about on GS) Mass Effect.

As a beautiful shot of a planet dawned on my screen you can imagine which one I chose... MASSively addictive, MASSively intriguing and MASSively Space Opera, erm, MASS EFFECT.

I have to say my mates had done me a great favour in disguise, I am really loving this game as I run around, chipping away at the plot. As always, I rushed in as a soldier and quickly found that, by level 10 and the Normandy under my command, planet exploration was deeply hampered by the fact I was a grunt and, stereotypically, to "fick for electronics", leaving downed satellites without exploring.

So, I jumped out, and after much toying with the manual (in Spanish!!) I opted for the Infiltrator class and haven´t looked back. I think this will probably be my main game for a while as I try to discover everything, and what´s worse, thanks to my friend Bear I ordered the sequel, Mass Effect 2, which will arrive Thursday.

Who knows, maybe with this game I might even move onto more traditional RPGs in the near future like Skyrim as, to be fair, I´m getting a bit weary of FPS games lately. Need something more engaging and less "reflex heavy" after a shattering day in the office I guess.

If I can, I'll keep you posted on my quest to "kick Turian butt" across the galaxy, and thanks once again to my XBL mates for making me discover the delights of this old, yet stunning space rpg!

FINALLY! The Battle landed on my doorstep!

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After 7 endless days of waiting and trips to my post box, I finally have Battlefield 3 in my shaking mits...

Shame I have a translation to do for the morning, but hopefully the wekend beckons and I can hook up with my buddies to bring hell to the campers, noobs and spawn killers. Just hope I get to die before my internet connection for a change!

This is gonna be greeeeeat!!