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I don't see where the concerns of the 3DS version are coming from, remember the first SSB was on the N64. Just remember that before you start having second thoughts.

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Breath of Fire? What Breath of Fire? This is no Breath of Fire. Breath of Fire died with Dragon Quarter. R.I.P Breath of Fire....

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haven't played it yet, but it's possible, sometimes games feel old as hell and surpassed in every way... and yet you're still having fun with them. could be theme, the art style, the combat, who knows?rilpas
Aye, I think I've reached a conclusion that it's more or less because it's fun to slay monsters and level up, and some other factors like the ability to enhance your equipment.

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Dragon Age: Origins < Couldn't get into it somehow.


Final Fantasy XII < Found the battle system to be the worst in series and Vaan is a forgetable protagonist.

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Out of nowhere I decided to give PSO Ep. I & II a go on the GCN. So I was playing yesterday and first thing I noticed is how the gameplay feels dated, quickly everything else in the game felt dated too. As I was playing a friend came over and we started playing splitscreen, inexplicably we were having a blast with it. Later on the day when he left I decided to continue playing the single player and became addicted to it despite the game not standing the test of time too smoothly.


PSO feels dated in just about every possible area and yet it's so addicting. Someone explain this bull*** to me please!! How can that happen! Haha!


Needless to say, I can't wait to get home from work and play it some more.

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Xbox was the graphical powerhouse of last gen, like someone posted already in terms of graphics it was Xbox> Gamecube> Playstation 2> Dreamcast.

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Ho. I never heard of that game, until now that is.

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Exactly. People will rage quit a lot on Mario Party online, they could of course limit the online play to just your friends that you have registered on the 3DS, that would diminish the frustration.

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As of now the Wii U doesn't interest me which is unfortunate. I might get later on because of backwards compatibility with the Wii and if enough good games that picke my interest comes out. The PS4 is really not making that decision favorable though.

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Capcom vs. SNK

Tekken: Dark Resurrection 

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Super Smash Bros Melee (Even though I consider it more of a 4-players Battle Royale with randomness thrown in it than a hardcore fighting game)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Street Fighter 2: Turbo

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown