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Why I choose the Gamecube.

Last week I stumbled uppon a dilemma while browsing some games on an online store, I saw a Wii for sale at a good price, then I thought that it might be cool to get one since the last Nintendo home console I owned was the N64 (and until then, the only one) more than 10 years ago.

I was extremely determined to buy a Wii, but I also saw a Wii U and a Gamecube there, so the logical thing to do would be to get a Wii U which is backwards compatible with Wii games and all would be fine. Or at least I could try to find an older model Wii that has retro compatibility with GC games right? But of all the 3 I choose the Gamecube, and why you might ask? It's an older hardware with barely 700 games released in total, you might say. And in that case you are right.


But games are and will always be the top priority when it comes to buying a console, it doesn't matter if it's an older or new console.  And so I was determined to make do some research and make a list of all the games I was interest in all the 3 platforms but as of now, in terms of released games the Wii U didn't even make the cut so it's was a battle between the GC and Wii. After searching Gamespot and other sites I listed all the games I was interest in both systems, and the result was surprising:


Wii: 6 games

GC: 38 games


Quite a difference. And then I stopped to reflect some things about the Wii itself:

-Found an older model with retro compatibility but the total cost to buy a GC controller and a GC memory card wouldn't fit with my current budget.

-Motion controls doesn't appeal to me, at all.

-As you could see, the games library wasn't strong enough to justify a purchase, that is just for ME though, I know there are many people that love their Wii and the games but particularly for me it's lackluster.

And those things debunked the whole idea  of buying a Wii and so thing shifted in favor of the cube, at that time I ordered the platinum Gamecube I saw on that online store.

It arrived 3 days ago and after playing Zelda: The Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Mario Sunshine I can say for sure that I do not regret the purchase at all, I'm having tons of fun with it. I will slowly buy all the games I'm interest in, it will take time but till there I will have time to finish the 10 games I ordered with it.


And that's why I choose the Gamecube.

Top 15 list of my favorite games on the PSP and DS Part 1 of 3

Phew, been some 2 years since I posted a blog entry *cough*blame*cough*Fuse*cough**coooough!* :P

Anyways, I felt like the time was right to make another entry, specially since it's been a while that the DS and the PSP are out and practically all the great games have been released. In short this is a list of my 15 favorite games on these beloved handhelds, for me they are the games that when I think about the systems I think of them, they are the ones I had most fun with first and foremost, note that this list is not based on any review score/critical reception or such things, it's just a list by a gamer like you that loves games. With that said I will list them along with the cover art, a image of the game and a brief opinion on each one.

The 3DS and the Vita might already be here, but they have much ground to cover if they want to match or surpass their awesome predecessors.

But enough of that, now join me and let's get this started!



Street Fighter Alpha 3 came to the PSP as MAX! It has extra modes and ad hoc multiplayer but the core fighting is sitll intact, which is a great thing of course and it's still addictive as ever.If you're looking to duke it out and throw hadoukens and shoryukens on the go don't look further, Alpha 3 MAX should be your choice!


The fact that Def Jam was ported so well over to the PSP is already impressive but what stands out is its fighting mechanics, it's fluid and responsive and allows for several different play styles, couple that with a great story mode where you can create your own fighter plus tons of unlockables and many known rappers like Snoopy Dog and Xzibit and you have a winner package in Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


A great remake of a great game, X's first outing gained the luxury treatment on the PSP with Maverick Hunter X. If you played the original everything should be instanstly familiar, and for newcomers that are interested this is the definitive version in my opinion, the addictive Mega Man gameplay remains along with all the power ups and special shots and now in this version there's a cool new extra mode once you beat the game where you play as X's nemesis Vile, the gameplay change so much when you play as Vile that it's totally worth finishing the game a second time.


Another game that gained a gorgeous remake, Star Ocean first came out on the SNES but never saw the light of the day outside Japan due to several reasons, but now the fans have the chance to experience it fully in english. The mechanics were altered from the original to accomodate the modern standards set by the franchise, battles are now fully real-time like Star Ocean The Second Story with you controling one character and up to 3 others being controled by the A.I. Battles are fast-paced and the character cast is quite diverse allowing you to experiment with them in battle the way you see fit. And you can't get them all in one playtrough either so you have to play a second time if you wanna achieve that. Well animated 2d sprites in a 3D world, tons of skills to unlock and several different endings make Star Ocean: First Departure a solid choice for any RPG fan.


Harvest moon games are known for their relaxing yet addicitng gameplay, Hero of Leaf Valley brings the best of the franchise to the palm of you hands in a fully 3D environment. You will be living in the titular Leaf Valley, a small village in the middle of nowhere, there you can grow crops to eat or to sell, go fishing, tend the livestock, participate in monthly events, train your dog, buy new tools, work on part time jobs, get married and many many more activities in this fun little sandbox game. You decide how you want to play it and that's precisely what makes Hero of Leaf Valley a superb simulation game for your PSP.


Another impressive game for the PSP, many thought the PSP to be incapable of running a full-featured GTA game, the Liberty City Stories came and slaped those people in the face. Later it was time for Vice City Stories to steal the show, bigger and better than it's predecessor, VCS does everything you would expect from a console-quality GTA, the main missions, side missions, lots of unique vehicles to drive and a big and interesting open-world. It has everything us fans have come to know and love about the franchise. The lack of a second analog stick does hurt the experience a bit but it's just a matter of time till you get used to it and have a blast around Vice City on the go.


Again you're back into the little town of Silent Hill in this re-imagining of the franchise. Konami tweaked many aspects and put more focus on exploration in Shattered Memories. I consider to be a breath of fresh air in a franchise that was really needing it and the game does just that brilliantly. Everything looks crisp and with great lighting effects that pushes the limit of the PSP, the gameplay is fun and the elements keep you on your toes at all moments. Survivor horror fans looking for a new challenge should definitely give Shattered Memories a try!


The sequel to the PS3 exclusive now on the PSP. From a gameplay standpoint, Valkyria Chronicles II impresses on all fronts, mixing real-time strategy with turn-based battles to create a very unique and addicting experience not found anywhere on the portable. From there you have many classes to choose from and each with their own specializations against certain types of enemies. That said the game is still an RPG a its heart so there's plenty of options and customizations to be made typical to the genre. With many types of weapons, characters to recruit, sidequests and secret unlockables you got plenty of hours to sink your teeth in. VC II is easy to recommend to just about anyone with some patience and/or love for RPGs.


A genuinely funny game, that's what Z.H.P. is. But above all it's a extremely addicting rogue-like game. The joy comes from simply crawling randomly-generated dungeons to defeat monsters and find better equipment, but don't mistake it for a shallow experience, Z.H.P. manages to be deep hence being so simple and that's what mostly draws your attention to it. There's a story underneath it all but in short the whole purpose of your adventuring trough the said dungeons are to strenghten yourself to face DarkDeath Evilman in a turn-based battle at the end of each chapter just to be kicked in the butt even harder than the previous chapter. If there's a thing that the game teaches us is; never surrender, persevere always!


What was good became better! UG 2 Remix is a straight port from the PS2 but with 4 new levels exclusively to it. With a great story mode, create-a-skater option, the Classic 2 minute run with objectives mode and Create-a-Park mode plus a great soundtrack makes this the most complete THPS experience on any handheld to date, and considering that such games are rare on these platforms, no skateboard and/or THPS fan should be without this gem on their PSP! [/spoiler]



Top 15 list of my favorite games on the PSP and DS Part 2 of 3


Mana Khemia is yet another great RPG for the PSP. With vibrant 2D visuals the game has a lot of charm. However it's obvious that some sacrifices needed to be made in order for the game to run on the smaller sized UMD, some environment textures look blurry and ugly but like I said in the beggining, the fun factor is what matters to me the most and Mana Khemia: Student Alliance has lots to spare. If looking for a more traditional JRPG this game is a excelent choice with fast paced turn-based battles and hours upon hours of fun.


Peace Walker is amazing, the game is every bit as ambicious as the games that came before it. With no shortage of surprises and things to do you can get glued to the screen for a very long time, the learning curve may be steep for newcomers and PW rarely allows room for error, so every step, every enemy taken down and every decision has to be carefully planned as mission can be very long and the game doesn't save your progress in middle of them. The PSP has many games but few have pushed the limit of the system as PW does and in the end it comes around as one of the most rewarding and impressive experiences on the system.


What can I say? It's Tekken, and it's portable but, of all the Tekken games I played (Tekken 1,2,3,tag tournament and 6) so far this is the best and most compelling outing. Sporting more than 40 fighters and several game modes, character rebalance and great customization options, plus unlockable minigames (like a Tekken bowling one), Dark Resurrection hits hard and straight!


The all-star Final Fantasy cast duke it out on Dissidia. The first game was already amazing and addiciting, Duodecim takes all that and adds new modes, 8 new characters and a ridiculous amount of unlockables! I say that because I've played it for over 90 hours and haven't unlocked even half of it yet. Putting the famous cast aside you would still have a unique and strategic fighting system. In short, if you're looking for a reason to own a PSP, this may very well be it, you will get much more than your money's worth here, well that and our first place!


A big adventure with characters and moments you will never forget! Zack Fair is the main hero here, but he's not the cliche type of hero you see in so many games, he has so much charisma that you will share his burden, you will care about his fate and of those around him. Midgard of FF VII never looked this good either, it's clearly that the developers didn't pull any punches in pushing the boundaries of the portable, structures have a high level of detail and characters are rendered to perfection, this only contributes to the real-time battle system which is deep, fast-paced and addicting!

The story is needless to say, brilliant. Now I will say it in all honesty, having played FF VII I already knew the outcome of Crisis Core and yet the final moments of the game are so well done and so powerful that it has to be one of the best end-sequences I saw in any game, EVER!

With dozens uppon dozens of side-quests to do, endless Materia (things that grant you special abilities like Fire, Ice and so on) to, gorgeous graphics, a lenghty and unforgetable story mode and a New Game + Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the best experience I had on the PSP, in fact it puts a lot of console big AAA titles that I know to shame.

Anyone, fan or not alike should definitely experience Crisis Core!

The DS


What happens when you give a monkey a shotgun? Or what happens when you put a jetpack on an elephant? Imagination is the limit in Scribblenauts! You play as Maxwell, a boy who has a notebook that can create pretty much anything you imagine by writing the words, for you that notebooks is your DS, just think of something and put it there that the game will give life to it (but no swearing or bad words eh!!). For me to explain better would be silly you just have to try for yourself at what is the most creative and 4th wall breaker game available on the DS, period!


Mario, ah yes the mustachoed plumber's first DS outing is also a port of the incredible Super Mario 64.

A port of a great game is still a great game, while the lack of an analog stick does make the controls a little cumbersome at times the simple joy of playing what I consider the best Mario adventure yet overshadows any awkwardness the controls may cause. With 120 stars to find and big and fun to explore Worlds, Super Mario 64 DS deserves a place on your DS!


Tony Hawk's back on the DS with American Skateland, it's a faithful recreation of the classic gameplay with some modern touches which makes it an absolute blast to play. It can kinda be considered a mini-open World game of sorts where when you unlock the next area you can come and go as you please in a seamless trasition. Fans will know what to expect with the great and addicitng gameplay while I think newcomers can enjoy it too as it's very acessible. From Proving Ground DS and American Sk8land, the latter takes the cake as being the better one for your portable.


Link's second DS adventure is a very entertaining one, this time switching from the ship of phantom hourglass to a locomotive train. In terms of gameplay it's very similar to PH, the controls are exactly the same, just the aforementioned train controls are what have changes over the ship's. Neverthless ST adresses many things that plagued it's predecessor like too much backtracking, that isn't to say that there isn't any backtrack but this time they are most of the time optional and since the train tracks are more streamlined it makes easier to bear with them.


OBJECTION! If you ever heard that meme but haven't the slightest idea of where it came from, Phoenix Wright is to blame.

Playing as the titular Phoenix Wright you see that an attorney life is never easy, you must first research, listen to witnesses and find evidences of the crimes and them you're taken to court to bring justice for all. Blending all theses mechanics in a creative and fun way, this game is a joy to play and when you finally get the case right you feel a immense sense of accomplishment. A true gem like no other on the DS.


Pokemon Platinum expands upon Diamond/Pearl introducing significant changes with new locations, re-location of where some pokemon appears adding more of them to catch in the game than the previous two. At its core it remains addicting as ever, catch,train, defeat random opponents, visit towns and other delightful locales and challenge the gym leaders to win badges. Platinum nails all that brilliantly.


Playing as Shanoa your mission is to eradicate Dracula yet again but this time you're not confined to a castle, as you play trough it you will be visiting many different locations and the're all gorgeous. What makes it so special perhaps is the awesome level design that was crafted extremely well. In this installment you no longer buy weapons but instead you absorb them as ''gliphs'' that when absorbed you can switch to a particular weapon on the fly. Nothing should stop you from playing what I consider to be one of the best Castlevania game in years! [/spoiler]


Top 15 list of my favorite games on the PSP and DS Part 3 of 3


When I think ''quality RPG on the DS'' I immediatly think of Radiant Historia. With many twists and turns it's a game that manage to grab your attention for very long, in the story of the game you play as a soldier named Stocke and later on you discover you have the power to travel in time, and so with that you will have to make some difficult decisions troughout the game and thankfully the battle system is fun and the 2D sprites are colorful and have a lot of charm to them. Look no further if you want a solid RPG for your DS, Radiant Historia is a must-have.


When SMT DS came it was kind of a sleeper hit, I wasn't expecting much from it but then I gave it a try and couldn't stop playing! Mixing turn-based strategy with turn-based battles, Devil Survivor is a pure winner. You make teams of 3 with 1 being a human character and the other 2 being demons that you recruit for your cause mainly via the in-game Devil auction where you bid on a demon you like with 1 to 3 other a.i controlled bidders doing the same and at the end the one who bids the highest takes the creature. Then you can fuse them to make a powerful one. But it doesn't stop there, I could go on and on why this game is superb, for instance the story has multiple endings based solely on your decisions. Every piece comes together to make it an RPG that should definitely not be missed.


Green shells don't seek their opponents when you throw them, red shells do so watch out! Well you don't need to be a Mario Kart expert to enjoy this DS release. In a way it's the same tried-and-true gameplay, and you have the cups, time trials, battle mode but what makes the DS version stand out are the inclusion of online play, overall rebalance, a mission mode and many karts to unlock. Blasting friends and a.i. alike with a red shell is as fun as ever(on second thoughts, blasting friends is muuch more satisfying!) and the competition just got personal and portable, so grab your DS and duke it out!


Another gorgeous remake that does more than justice to it's source material. Cecil's quest for redemptiom is one well worth taking and with all new tweaks and additions this may very well be considered the definitive version of FF IV, and one of the finest remakes available out there. Again RPG fans or anyone interested in playing a superb game on the go should definitely pick it up.


Having the biggest numbers of pokemon yet and dare I say the biggest World, Black version is the best version yet in my opinion, and I say that because I played every pokemon game all the way from Red/Blue. Pokemon sprites are now animated for the first time in the 2D history of the franchise, some things don't need to change they just need to be improved and Black is the ultimate proof of that. Some new features are the triple battles and it's variant the rotation battle, that said you have the dream World and a full-featured online structure to battle, trade and chat to keep you playing for hours on end, as if all the single player content wasn't enough.


Open-World games on the DS were practically non-existent, that is due to several hardware limitations but fortunately one developer wasn't afraid to try and the result came as the awesome and adicting GTA: Chinatown Wars. I just realized that no screenshot can ever do this game justice, you have to see it in motion, you have to play and feel it for yourself. The game is so ambitious that you easily forget it was build on a limited hardware, with a plethora of things to do aside from the main missions and side-missions you can rob rival warehouses, rob the weapons van, play lottery, participate in illegal races and for the first time ever in a GTA game you can be a drug dealer plus many many more activities. The game gives you a World of opportunities and few games on the system are as bold as it but none can compare to Chinatown Wars.


Tired of starring in 3D games Mario goes back to his roots in NSMB where the new meets the old. The stages are masterfully crafted as it was to be expected with the very best that a Mario game can offer. New powerups include a mushroom that makes you huge occupying the entire screen and one where you become tiny and then can pass on otherwise unpassable areas. This could also be very well the game that defined the DS for me it's simple, fun, addictive, challenging that you can play and replay again and again.


And our first place goes to the masterpiece created by Square-Enix and co. As for why I choose it to my favorite game on the DS is simple, everything. Everything about the game is superb, instead of the majority of the games that use the DS's stylus for only menu presses or other such menial things, TWEWY uses it as a core featured, designed from the ground up to take advantage of the touch feature by having to mimic Neku's(the main character) power-ups you can create a flame line by touching and then swiping the flames across the screen to hit the foes or swipe it upwards to do a uppercut, touching a place on the screen to teleport yourself there, there's endless powers to collect and experiment, you even use the DS's mic to shout sound waves among other things on your foes. Oh and that while you command another character with button presses on teh top screen, sounds tough? It is at first but it becomes second nature quickly. The story and characters are also memorable, set in modern Shibuya you participate in a strange game called ''The Reapers game'' that you have no idea how you ended up entering this game anyways. There's many plot twists that keep you on your toes troughout the entire game.

That said The World Ends With You is the most unique game on the system and one that stays with you even long after you finished. [/spoiler]

So that's it, hope you all liked my list. Thanks for your patience! :)

Xbox 360 and Playstation 3: Exclusive games on each platform. PART 2 - PS3


God of War III -Action Adventure- 9.0

Heavy Rain -Adventure- 8.5

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots -Modern Action Adventure- 10.0

Metal Gear Solid Online -Modern Action Adventure- N/A

Killzone 2 -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 9.0

Killzone 3 -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- TBA

Resistance: Fall of Man -Modern 1st Person Shooter- 8.6

Resistance 2 -Modern 1st Person Shooter- 9.0

Uncharted: Drake`s Fortune -Modern Action Adventure- 8.0

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -Modern Action Adventure- 9.5

Infamous -Modern Action Adventure- 9.0

Infamous 2 -Modern Action Adventure- TBA

Modnation Racers -Kart Racing- 8.0

Yakuza 3 -Modern Action Adventure- 8.0

Yakuza 4 -Modern Action Adventure- TBA

MAG -Modern 1st Person Shooter- 8.0

3D Dot Game Heroes -Action Role-Playing- 7.5

Valkyria Chronicles -Action Role-Playing- 8.5

Last Rebellion -Action Role-Playing- 3.5

Atelier Rorona: The Achemist of Arland -Role-Palying- TBA

Trinity Universe -Role-Playing- 7.0

Ar Tonelico Qoga -Role-Playing- TBA

Haze -Modern 1st Person Shooter- 6.0

Lair -Action- 4.5

Demon`s Souls -Action Role-Playing- 9.0

White Knight Chronicles -Action Role-Playing- 6.0

Heavenly Sword -Beat em Up- 8.0

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom -Action Role-Playing- 6.0

Genji: Days of the Blade -Action Adventure- 6.4

Super Car Challenge -GT/Street Racing- 5.5

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue -GT/Street Racing- 7.5

Gran Turismo 5 -GT/Street Racing- TBA

Ridge Racer 7 -Racing- 8.0

Ninja Gaiden Sigma -Action Adventure- 9.0

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 -Action Adventure- 8.5

Katamari Forever -Action- 7.0

Singstar Queen -Music- 7.0

Singstar: Vol.3 -Music- 7.0

Singstar Abba -Music- 7.0

Motorstorm -Offroad Racing- 7.9

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift -Offroad Racing- 8.0

Motorstorm: Apocalypse -Racing- TBA

Little Big Planet -3D Platformer- 9.0

Little Big Planet 2 -3D Platformer- TBA

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice -Turn-Based Strategy- 7.5

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds -Golf- 7.5

Time Crisis 4 -Light Gun Shooter- 5.5

Time Crisis Razing Storm -Light Gun Shooter- TBA

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction -3D Platformer- 7.5

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty -3D Platformer- 7.5

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time -3D Platformer- 8.5

The Eye of Judgment -Card Battle- 7.5

Folklore -Fantasy Action Adventure- 7.0

Warhawk -Sci-Fi Shooter- 8.5

Formula One Championship Edition -F1 Racing- 7.2

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire -Mech Sim- 3.9

Full Auto 2: Battlelines -Car Combat- 5.7

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs -Modern Shooter- TBA

DC Universe Online -Fantasy Online- TBA

Final Fantasy XIV Online -MMO RPG- TBA

Final Fantasy Versus XIII -Action Role-Playing- TBA

Death Track: Ressurection -Car Combat- 4.5

Twisted Metal -Car Combat- TBA

The Lord of The Rings: Aragorn`s Quest -Action Adventure- TBA

Agent -Action Adventure- TBA

Afrika -Adventure- N/A

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli -Racing- 6.5

Well that`s it, it`s a lot of games I must say.

I know that I have forgotten some games, like I said above I tried to include the most relevant ones first, if you know of a platform exclusive game that is not on this list leave a comment here, I will aprecciate it.

PS: I Did not include any X360 Kinect or PS3 Move only game on this list, nor did I include any Live Arcade or PSN game.

The great majority of the information to create this list was taken directly from Gamespot, all Reviews Scores included are from Gamespot.

I hope this helps:D

Xbox 360 and Playstation 3: Exclusive games on each platform. PART 1 - X360

Hi there everyone! :)

Just wanted to make a list of games that are exclusive to each of the 2 platforms mentioned above with the genre and the score that Gamespot gave to each of them ( I know some people will hate me for not including the Wii but it`s because it just have a HUGE amount of different games than the other two ).

It is a relatively big list, so it would not fit in a single post, keep in mind then that this is Part 1 of 2 and it will cover the exclusive X360 on Part 1 and PS3 on Part 2.

Well let`s start then, I`m sorry if I forget some games (And probably will happen), but I will do my best to cover at least the most relevant ones so far and some upcoming releases:

XBOX 360

Game name /Genre / GS Score

Ninety-Nine Nights -Beat em Up- 5.9

Ninety-Nine Nights II -Beat em Up- 3.5

Kameo: Elements of Power -Fantasy Action Adventure- 8.7

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis -Tennis- 8.5

Crackdown -Sci-Fi Shooter- 7.8

Crackdown 2 -Sci-Fi Shooter- 7.0

Gears of War -Sci-Fi Shooter- 9.6

Gears of War 2 -Sci-Fi Shooter- 9.0

Gears of War 3 -Sci-Fi Shooter- TBA

Forza Motorsport 2 -GT/Street racing- 9.2

Forza Motorsport 3 -GT/Street racing- 9.5

Forza Motorsport 4 -GT/Street racing- TBA

Halo 3 -Sci-Fi 1st person Shooter- 9.5

Halo 3 ODST -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 9.0

Halo: Reach -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- TBA

Left 4 Dead -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 8.5

Left 4 Dead 2 -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 9.0

Tom Clancy`s Splinter Cell: Conviction -Modern Action Adventure- 8.0

Alan Wake -Modern Action Adventure- 8.5

Mass Effect -Action Role-Playing- 8.5

Mass Effect 2 -Action Role-Playing- 9.0

Mass Effect 3 -Action Role-Playing- TBA

Fable II -Action Role-Playing- 8.5

Fable III -Action Role-Playing- TBA

Ninja Gaiden 2 -Fantasy Action Adventure- 8.0

Perfect Dark Zero -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 9.0

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts -3D Platformer- 8.5

Infernal: Hell`s Vengeance -Fantasy Shooter- 3.5

Quake 4 -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 6.6

Dark Star One: Broken Alliance -Space Combat Sim- 7.0

Dead or Alive 4 -3D Fighting- 8.8

Dead Rising -Horror Action Adventure- 8.4

Metro 2033 -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 7.5

Sniper Ghost Warrior -Modern Tactical Shooter- 6.0

Saints Row -Modern Action Adventure- 8.3

Lost Odyssey -Role-Playing- 7.5

Magna Carta 2 -Role-Playing- 6.0

Infinite Undiscovery -Role-Playing- 6.5

Spectral Force 3 -Fantasy Turn-based Strategy- 5.5

The Last Remnant -Role-Playing- 6.5

Risen -Role-Playing- 6.0

Blue Dragon -Role-Playing- 6.0

Divinity II: Ego Draconis -Action Role-Playing- N/A

Warhammer: Battle March -Real-Time Strategy- 5.5

Universe at War: Earth Assault -Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy- 6.5

Project Gotham Racing 3 -GT/Street Racing- 8.8

Project Gotham Racing 4 -GT/Street Racing- 8.5

Import Tuner Challenge -GT/Street Racing- 6.4

Too Human -Sci-Fi Action Adventure- 5.5

Two Worlds -Role-Playing- 7.0

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom -Action Role-Playing- 6.0

Kingdom Under Fire II -Real Time Strategy- TBA

Tropico 3 -Business Strategy- 6.5

Darkest of Days -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 4.5

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger -Action- 3.0

Velvet Assasin -Historic Tactical Shooter- 7.5

Blood Bowl -Alternative Sport- 5.5

Bully: Scholarship Edition -Modern Action Adventure- 7.0

Stoked -Snowboarding- 7.5

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad -Beat em Up- 2.5

You`re in the Movies -Videos- 4.5

Zoids Assault -Sci-Fi Turn Based Strategy- 4.5

Operation Darkness -Historic Turn-Based Strategy- 6.0

Frontlines: Fuel of War -Sci-Fi 1st Person Shooter- 7.5

Dark Messiah: Elements -Action Role-Playing- 3.5

Project Sylpheed -Space Combat Sim- 5.5

Bomberman: Act Zero -Action- 2.9

Overlord -Fantasy Action Adventure- 7.5

Bullet Witch -Sci-Fi Shooter- 5.5

Viva Pinata -Virtual Life- 8.3

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise -Virtual Life- 8.5

Viva Pinata: Party Animals -Virtual Life- 5.5

Kengo: Legend of The 9 -Beat em Up- 3.0

Far Cry Instincts Predator -Modern 1st Person Shooter- 7.9

LOTR: Battle for Middle-earth II -Real Time Strategy- 8.3

Condemned: Criminal Origins -Horror Action Adventure- 8.0

Secret Service -Modern Action Adventure- N/A

King Kong -Modern Action Adventure- 8.2

Chromehounds -Mech Sim- 7.9

Beautiful Katamari -Puzzle- 7.5

Full Auto -Car Combat- 6.5

Star Trek: Legacy -Space Combat Sim- 7.2

Shadowrun -Fantasy 1st Person Shooter- 6.9

Samurai Shodown Sen -2D Fighting- N/A

The Outfit -Historic Tactical Shooter- 6.7

Next is part 2: PS3 Exclusive games

Split-Screen/Local Multiplayer disappearing, giving place to online Multiplayer.

I`ve been playing games for a while now, since I was 5 or 6 (I`m 21 now) and although I don`t play as much as I used to, I must say that if there was something that I always enjoyed was to play multiplayer matches with my friends.

I remember playing Super Smash Bros. Conker`s Bad Fur Day, Goldeneye 007 and many others with four players on the Nintendo 64.

And that was much fun and I still like it! Just watching the reaction of my friends and I when we wasted each other on the games was something unique because everybody was there playing together in the same place.

I know that nowadays everyone is always busy and with that we can`t always be in the same place, but I still manage to be able to play with my friends even with the work and studies and all that.

I love online multiplayer as much as the next guy, but I`m feeling a lack of Local Multiplayer in many games that had potential to make it. For example Red Dead Redemptiom, I know the game is open-World and all thus making a local multiplayer pretty much impossible to exist, however they could have made it similar to Red Dead Revolver on the PS2 and Xbox which was great and I played a lot. In short they just needed to make some offline modes like Deathmatch, Capture the flag and such.

The only game that I saw which has split-screen online is Halo 3, which is awesome!

One great shooter is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which has one of the best and most rewarding online multiplayer that I have ever seen! With that said it`s weak point is that you cannot play it Split-screen online like Halo 3. Which is a shame because this game is great! My eyes shone when I thought the possibility to play this game with four people online, unfortunately you know the end...

Sadly something that I realized (specially in shooter games) is the lack of any A.I controled bots for offline multiplayer play. I mean c`mon is it that hard to make some A.I Bots? Or is it just that nobody cares anymore about local play that companies are only focusing on the online experience?

Like I said I love online play,you can call me old-fashioned if you want to but there`s something special about being able to play localy with your friends or family and I feel a little sad that it is slowly coming to an end...or I might be wrong, but this is just how I feel.

Well what do you think?

Do you think ''Online'' is the new name of the game?

Do you prefer local or online play?

Do you like me think local multiplayer is slowly being left out and giving space to even more online play?

Which game or games would you like that had local multiplayer?

Anything you want to share with us please go ahead and post it, I reaaaaaly aprecciate it!:D

I hope I haven`t been too boring since this is my first blog, but I felt I had to share this thought with everyone :)

Thank you.