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Two Games Coming Up

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Within the next two weeks, I have two new games coming my way: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. I'm anticipating Left 4 Dead 2 much more, but I preordered Modern Warfare today cause I traded in GH 5 and Smash Hits. I was gonna get Dragon Age or Borderlands, but the guy said that the $20 deal didn't work for Borderlands, and I didn't really want Dragon Age until I beat Mass Effect and Tales of Vesperia. Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 will last me until Christmas with online play.

I just hope my 360 gets back rings :(

I'm back!

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Well I've been inactive for about...8 months now lol. Updates: turned 18 exactly a month ago today, I'm part-time in college, a senior in high school, and I work at McDonalds. I haven't been playing video games that much lately, and I don't really mind to be quite honest. I've had a lot to do so my game playing is limited. I recently bought Guitar Hero 5 and Halo 3: ODST, but I've only played ODST twice, and Guitar Hero 5 a lot. I also rented Rock Band: The Beatles, (mostly for my girlfriend), and I gotta say it's not bad really. I bought Tales of Vesperia and got back in World of Warcraft, but I'm kinda inactive on WoW at the moment, (Realm: Zuluhed, Name: Dunnie). Tales on the otherhand has been unplayed, but I may get into it soon. Right now, I'm getting back into my favorite game ever. An underrated and hardly unheard of RPG called Legend of Legaia, I suggest you check it out.

I have a Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace and you should check out all three:


Dead Space: The Resident Evil Replacement?

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Okay, so I hung out with my friends on Thursday night and watched them play Dead Space a majority of the night. My friend Zack was playing it on 360 and my friend Brandon was playing it on PS3, with two TVs side by side going through the whole game together. As I was watching, all of us noticed how similar it was to Resident Evil 4. You could shoot monster-like enemies, pick up ammo, buy weapons, health packs, and ammo. Plus, you can upgrade your weapons. Plus the camera is kinda like Resident Evil 4's.

So after my friend beat it, he sold it to me and I started playing it tonight. And it really does remind me of Resident Evil 4, only in space with different kind of enemies and a different story.

It's kinda making me wonder if this game could be the "horror style" game to pass the time with until Resident Evil 5 comes out.

What do you guys think?

What I got for Christmas!

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Christmas was pretty sweet this year. I didn't get a "big gift" cause I got a guitar in October with my money and my mom and dad paid for part of it too. But I don't care I still got sweet stuff and I love my guitar. The things I opened were:

Gears of War 2
Saint's Row (360)
The Orange Box (360)
The Simpson's Game (360)
The Dark Knight DVD
Tropic Thunder DVD
South Park Season 11
South Park Season 3
Simpsons Season 11
A new headset
iPod alarm clock
3 months Xbox Live
Guitar Hero controller
iTunes gift card
Lamb of God: Sacrament CD
Lamb of God: Walk with Me in Hell DVD
Avenged Sevenfol: All Excess DVD
Avenged Sevenfold hoodie
New earphones

My sister and I both got Fallout 3 for Xbox 360, and my sister got Call of Duty: World at War

Pretty freaken sweet :D

First Thoughts: Left 4 Dead and Guitar Hero: World Tour

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Left 4 Dead:

I tried out the demo for it today. And I know "you shouldn't judge a game by the demo" (quoted by my friend Tyler), but I liked it lol. It's kinda "over fast-paced" but I still think it's pretty freaky and pretty fun. This seems like one of those games I WOULDN"T BUY, but one that I would rent and have myself and three other friends play all night and beat.

Guitar Hero: World Tour:

Wow, what can I say about this game. Being the big Guitar Hero fan I am, this is even a shocker for me to say...I thought it was terrible!

Let's start with the setlist. It's pretty decent, like the Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, The Eagles, Bullet For My Valentine, Motorhead, Joe Satriani, and Michael Jackson tracks. But every other song isn't anything special. 

Second, the instruments SUCK. The drums are excellent for drum rolls, but I feel like I play way better with my BROKEN drum kit on Rock Band 2 then the drum kit on Guitar Hero 4. Also, my friend told me that his new guitar controller already had a button stick the second day he had it...and I and my other friend noticed.

The music studio is stupid too. My friend and I tried to make "impossible" guitar and drum songs, by hitting TONS of notes, but when you actually play it, the game decides to "wussify" or "sissify" the track making less notes than you made.


Where are my 20 additional Rock Band 2 songs?

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We were told that we would get our 20 additional songs for Rock Band 2 on November 4th.

It's November 5th...where are they?

I never received my email. I registered the night that you could.

Seriously, Harmonix. Not only do you not deliver the songs on the designated day, but you wait nearly two months after the game's release to give us the songs.

Getting back into BioShock

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Okay so I took a long break from BioShock when I was playing it. I got it for Christmas, played it every so often and didn't even get that far...then stopped playing in March cause I was playing various games like Mass Effect, Rock Band, and eventually Grand Theft Auto IV.

But NOW, my friend who doesn't even have the game, let alone a 360, is further than me cause he always plays it everytime he comes over or when I bring my 360 over...which is bullcrap lol.

He made it look fun, but after not playing it for about 7 months, I tried playing it again and thought it was boring. So I came to the conclusion of starting over.

Imma go get on that...bye!

I'm going to start my Christmas wishlist early!

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Alright let's just name off some stuff that sounds good to get for Christmas

1. Fallout 3 (360)
2. Fable 2 (360)
3. Guitar Hero IV (360)
4. Call of Duty 5 (360)
5. Lamb of God- Sacrament
6. Lamb of God- Ashes of the Wake
7. South Park Season 11
8. Simpsons Season 11
9. Xbox Live 12 month card
10. New laptop?
11. World of Warcraft time card
12. EMG Zakk Wylde guitar pickups
13. Ticketmaster gift card
14. 1600 Microsoft Point Card

That's all I can think about for now....more/less later.

Random Rants!: Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto IV

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Mass Effect: While an incredible and immersive RPG, you can't help but be frustrated at how awful the AI of your teammates are. I was stuck on the same boss battle for one hour because my teammates would always stand out in the open EVEN if I told them to move. And I found myself constantly yelling in my head "GET THE **** OVER HERE TALI!!!!"


Grand Theft Auto IV: The game is pretty flawless. Except the racing for Brucie. I realized that you do the same races in the same area over and over again. Because when I was playing YESTERDAY, I was like "I thought I beat this race?" And today, I raced the same race, for the third time. It's repetitive!

NOTE: I know I gave Grand Theft Auto IV a 10/10 rating. So don't go against my review on the comments for one minor rant.