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Level 32!

Finally! I'm level 32 - Snake Eater

Snake Eater - its an operation made to stop Volgin's renegade faction, destroy the stolen Shagohod and eliminate the American defector, The Boss to stop a nuclear war.After Snake complete the mission he received the tittle of Big Boss

President -"You are above even The Boss. I hereby award you the title of Big Boss."

New Emblem!

This user was caught spray painting GameSpot's wall! Or, maybe he/she voted for in GameSpot's 13th-annual Readers' Choice Awards known as Best of 2008.

After wait 3 months this emblem finaly come!

2nd platinum!

I got an other platinum trophy

Concodrance Officer

this is the Dead Space platinum tophy,now I have 2

Resistance 2 and Dead Space

my Psn is OuterHeaven31 if you want add me I'll add back


Level 25

now I'm level 25 - Defias Brotherhood

Defias Brotherhood is from World of Warcraft and The Defias Brotherhood is an evil group of assassins, thieves, and pirates that are hostile to the Alliance.


I got my first platinum trophy on my psn(playstation network) account

the game is the Resistance 2,I took it after take the trophy killing machine(kill 10k on online competitive mode)

my account now:

Level 4






I got the gold emblem!

I got the gold virtually there:E3 2008 emblem!

You got it for watch all 3 days of E3 and I got the Nintendo and sony conference emblem too

Now I have 17 emblems :D

Is He immortal?yes or no?

Vamp is a character of metal gear solid 2 and 4,The hardest enemy to kill is he imortal?,Vamp survied of the deadly attack ever seen,lets see all then:

first he take a shot in the head for a soccon(gun)

stay in a airplane when it fall in the sea

take more shots is a other battler and desappeared in the water

take a sniper shot

he is one of the villain of metal gear solid 4,he die now he's immortal,what do you think?



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