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Well I was born from my mother…. in a hospital… around the year 1966 (yea im old) I joined the army after High School and aside from training with 1/75th Army Airborne Rangers and combat medic training, there is not much to add to that. Sometime ask me about the sh*t we did in Honduras After the Army I decided to pursue the medical field and what else.. become a nurse.. (yup) After three years of Nursing school and two years of working in an ER on night shift I decided I hated the medical field and switched to what else? Law Enforcement. I worked for a county sheriff's office for about a year and got extremely bored as a deputy (and gaining weight) sitting in a car all day driving around telling adults how to act like adults. A friend of mine knew I was a gamer and told me about Networking as a profession. Hmm.. Get paid to play with Networking gear (I mean get paid allot!). Yea sign me up! So I started working for my friends consulting company and learning about Novell networks. Back in the day remember? 3.X Novell.. Oh yea try to gen a server with hundred floppy disks.. *sigh* Anyway I did that for a few years and got lucky enough to get pointed into the direction of Cisco Networking. To date I am certified as a Cisco Network Associate, CCNA and a Cisco Network Professional, CCNP… Oh yea I got my Voice Professional and Security with them as well.. ( I wont mention the failing of the CCIE labs three times) and I did pass the CCIE written three times…. *sigh* A few years ago I got married for the *cough* third time (This one will work I'm sure of it), and we had a daughter who is almost two now. Every night I sit and wait for her to get old enough to game with Dad.