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Still Alive

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Still Living Life, Playing Games Spending time with son. Hey all hope your all having a great time laters i am outta here for now :)

EA Sports NHL 2009 A Year Late But still Great!

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Well i finally Picked up a Newer NHL Hockey Game newest one i had was from 2007 lol played it out well to much so sat down played a couple games working on pro level usual get to superstar pretty fast so probably tommorow or this weekend i will give it a try. If 2009 looks this good 2010 must be all the hype its been given well thats about it for today other then my son finally picked up a new game for his Gamecube Star Fox he loves those games well take care have a great weekend all.

Batman Arkham Asylum

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Hey Just picked up the new BatmanArkham Asylum Game The other day spent like 8hr playing it anything that gets me away from WOW a couple hours has to be more fun lol well i miss my console friends so much well catch you all later think i am going to go play some more.

Hey Everyone Still Alive

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Hey Everyone i'm still around not sure if i am even remembered mostly just been living hanging out with a few friends playing video games still still on the job hunt maybe they should make a video game about job hunting cause its no fun in real life i'm sure i will post more info later take care right back something if you want otherwise later.

Spring Updates

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Hey, Not alot going i still working the same fun job playing alot of new games spending some time with Gamecube, Wii, Xbox 360 and even Gameboy SP been picking up alot been finding some great deal Playing games such as Gears of war, Lost Planet, Everything or nothing for the Cube and Sonic for Wii been tough on some but hey its not gaming if it not fun well i have spent alot of time with my gf who i do alot of gaming with she has been mad i have been beating her alot lately i guess either way she gets upset if i let her win but we do have alot of fun hope to get some time playing God of war 2 soon we were pretty much almost done but thats about it for now wish i had more to say but there isn't much really out there.

Entering Final Upgrade Stages

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Hey, I Know its not a beast of a machine i like it one of the final upgrades i would like to do is add a faster video card maybe a 6800 Series GT OC Or something of the sorts or still if money gets good one of those 7800 series AGP Ones i put a new Cpu Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4 3.2E Prescott Core 800mhz HT 1MB Cache and A full gig of 3200-DDR Memory Kingston Brand. Not Really worried about the Hard Drive for now i usual play a game or two at a time and wipe the games out after completed so it works great its a great computer if anyone has suggestions or upgrade choices or ideas always welcome to new ideas money was tight so i had to stay with the old socket for now 478 but when jobs improve and money flows in i would love to invest more money and time in thanks everyone for there time i check and read alot of yours sometimes to always interesting topics and such well later off to work now unloading truck tonight fun fun fun.

Current CPU Configuration Intel Pentium 4 3.2E Ghz 1MB Cache 800mhz HT 1.0 GB DDR-3200 Memory -Dual Channel 128 MB Geforce FX 5950 Ultra 8X AGP 40 GB Western Digital HD 7200 RPM Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 Asus P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard

More Simple Computer Upgrades

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Hey Been A few Weeks since i have said anything on here last upgrade was a Asus Motherboard.

Okay so lets get this started i came across 3x Geforce 6200 PNY Video Cards an Asus 52x32x52 CD Burner Drive 16X Asus Dvd Drive (I Don't Want a Dvd-Burner in this comp i use one in my Second Rig.

Okay so i know these are the best video cards in the fleet but i hear they play doom 3 really good at higher levels then alot of the lower end video cards out there that promise such well one card will go to my brother replace that crap FX 5200 wow that card really suffers then my parents computer will replace there aging TNT 2 M64 Video Card and i might give it a shot on my older Geforce 4 4200 Ti 64MB Unless someone infos me finally on which card is truley better trust me i hate letting good things go just cards getting a few years old now and just need a temporary upgrade till my new job starts and i can start racking the extra bucks in for 6600 GT Or 6800 something has to be agp not ready for the pci-e change yet well this are my few small upgrades planned for the future so looking forward to advice or info friends have well game hard everyone and have fun.

P.S. (Check my User Profile for system specs)

Or Message me for other details.

Job Hunting

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Hey, Why is job hunting so much work why is it so hard to find a good one other then ur normal fast food ones i have gone over this problem many times in my life and its becoming a pain i work the same job for awhile so i am not one who works 100 jobs or anything in just a few years i mean u can fill apps places are hiring but nobody bites u have alot of good qualities but its impossible to better urself in this world job hunting is crazy anyone hiring out there any owners looking for help i'm desperate going crazy i need a job my gf is pregnant were expecting a kid soon i have lots of bills to pay everytime i start saving money up my job goes to heck or start laying people off any good job ideas anyone please help i can't stay home everyday i have filled out over 130 apps and sent or given at least 65 Resumes i have a good work history and a great resume i always get complimented on that thanks for ur time guys catch all ya later in some game perhaps.

Motherboard Upgrade Phase

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2 or 3 Days ago i final got the courage to spend some money and get a new motherboard for future upgrades for my computer an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe its loaded firewire, Usb 2.0, Serial ATA wow more then i even needed well this pretty much gets me set for a later Cpu upgrade and video card upgrade in the near future tower was upgrade last summer to a antec performance II tower with 8 fans awesome i like it anyways .

Other then that fixed the few problems and bugs reinstalled windows computer runs like a champ still very happy with it so i can get a least perhaps with upgrades and such another year or 2 at the most i think computer gaming is the best really.

Well thats about all she wrote thats pretty much the most exciting thing this month other then i bought a PSP last month with 2 games Death JR. and Twisted Metal awesome and 4 movies great quality i tell ya well thanks to anyone who reads my journal let me know if ya have any comments would be awesome to hear some advice thanks again.

Bye everyone.

Sega Dreamcast Or Older Systems

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Hey, Not Going to be a real big topic just wondering how often others in my friends list play there older systems like lately i have taken my dreamcast back out of retirement and put it to good use buying some new games for even thinking about going on a quest to get all 248 games that came out for the system i do play some of my others like my saturn came out to bought maybe 10 new games for that too but thats alot more work buying all of them for that but i've mostly gotten into bring out alot of my games and older system out of retirement for PC too playing some good old games from early 90's commander keen, Duke Nukem, Wolf 3d and many more just seems to be fun to go back i even fixed up my old Nes and played some games with it not sure if work has changed me (i talked about this in previous journal entry) Or i just feel 24 is old which we all no is not but since i turned 24 i want to go back in the past i guess thats all about growing up then well let me know how ya all feel about this or if ya even have similer Experiences and how long do ya think it last lol well have fun and remember its just a game so have fun......

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