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Thanks for the comeback TD, I did leave some bodies in air vents, seemed like a good place to hide them, very well could be the problem. Didn't kill any guards in the prologue, didn't drop Chan off the roof, just knocked him out and let the cops get him, a few bodies were kind of stacked, like the crazies in mobs in Panchea, didn't unstack them after popping some of them with the PEP gun. Guess my only option is to do it again and watch these things closely, but you gave me some things to watch out for. Thanks again.


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My first playthrough trying to get this achievement, I know where I missed it, I shot the gang leader with the Tranqaulizer Rifle and he showed the death's head, but I didn't redo it and lost the achievement. On my second try, I checked every person I put down and reloaded and redid if they had been killed, the gang leader again and a Bellflower solider forced a reload and redo after using the Tranqaulizer Rifle, everyone else was stacking Z's. Got to the last part, shutting down the Hyphon and killing Zhoa, did that and did not get the achievement. I'm about to say to hell with it, but it won't let me be. Is there any indication in the game where you can check and see, say after each area, if you've violated it. I do all the side quests and even save Malik and check everybody after the action is done and I'm missing something, somewhere; I'm thinking it's in the last boss fight sequence but don't know what to try differently. I haven't been using the Lazer Rifle to kill Zhoa and maybe it's taking too long and one of the soliders is being killed by the electricity or something, but that shouldn't count against me. Anyone got any suggestions? My have to just do the main story and sneak by everyone just to get this achievement, but that's kind of doing it the easy way in my book.