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The Comeback of Grodus5

Having signed up for my school newspaper to write reviews, I have come back to look at my old reviews I posted here in my early days, like when I was 13. I about died from excessive amounts of stupidity, immaturity, and plain out badness. To think I was like that only a relatively short time ago (a few years, but it sure doesn't feel like its been a few years). I just spent a good 15 minutes purging those reviews, as they were quite litterally the worst thing I've ever read in my life.

Some might say "But Grodus5, you don't even have a following here, why bother?" This is why I'm bothering, while I should've kept those reviews (they were about a paragraph long, if that says anything, full of mispellings and grammatical errors, which I'm sure this blog post is full of, but don't hate, I'm horrible with that stuff) to show what I once was, that is not important. I am a guy that focuses too much on the past, but now I know that I should just learn from the past and not repeat it.

Now that those highly radioactive reviews are out of my history, I plan on writing new ones. These will be far more professional, and will be good practice for my scholastic journalism career. I'll be reviewing games, movies, albums, books, whatever strikes me as something I should review, I'll probably review it. So hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, because Grodus5 is back in town.

P.S. If you have read any of my past reviews, I am sorry, but I cannot refund you the lost IQ points. Please excuse them, my writing skills have improved a great deal. I've already impressed my Editor in Chief for my school's newspaper with just a rough draft of my Halo Reach review (the first thing I was assigned to do), which I will be adding soon (trademarked). My Editor in Chief, while a very nice person, is rather strict with the writing quality that goes into the newspaper, so I'm pretty proud. That being that, I apoligize for the past (although I'm sure none of you actually read my so called "reviews") but you can all look forward to a bright future.

Gaming Wishlist for the rest of the year: Thanks E3:)

With E3, there are a lot of games around that I want. Lets take a look at them, shall we?

Must Buys (Games I will buy no matter what)- SPORE (PC), Animal Crossing(Wii), Fable 2(360)

Highly Wanted (Games I'll probably get, but want less than others)- Too Human (360), Harvest Moon (Wii), Rock Band 2 (360), CHrono Trigger (DS)

Probably get (The games that I will end up getting, but not close to launch date and are low on my list)- Gears of War 2 (360), Fallout 3 (PC/360), Castlevannia (DS)

My Wallet isn't going to like this year:(

First Blog post in about a year: yesterday was my birthday!

Yeah, and it was a crappy birthday too. Had to go to swim team practice and a swim meet. Ugh... did cut 2 seconds off of 50 meter free though. Then the girl I like ask me if I liked her. I gave her the weird eye because it shoocked me so much... But I told her today that I did... right before she left swim team practice, so I didn't get to get her opinion on it... Oh well, life will continue, hopefully she will get on AIM later:). Busy for the weekend, gotta work... ugh. Thats all for now.

All right! Ike has been confrimed for Brawl!

I had no doubt that Ike would make it in. As one of my favorite video game characters of all time, I will be playing him the most unless they add Hector or someone else I really like. Anyway, Ike deserves the honor of being the first newcomer to be released since last year!

I got my 360 today!

It seems as I have gotten some money I was not planning on getting this year ($500) so I decided "Wow, I'm gonna get a 360 with this!" And so I did. I got a sweet deal, the 360 came with Viva Pinata and Spider Man 3 (I'm never gonna touch it, might try to sell it on Ebay) I also picked up Halo 2 and Command and Conquer. I'll get Gears later. I am very impressed with it so far, however I'm only playing on a standard def TV. I love it so far!

Easiest Ten Bucks I'll ever earn

My friends are stupid.  They think Halo 4 will come out for the Wii.  I'm thinking "yay right" and bet two of them 5 bucks each it won't.  So who agrees with me, will this be the easiest ten bucks I'll earn or can they see into a distant and improbable future?  Either way I will.  If I lose the bet, I can play Halo on the Wii.  Yay!

New Computer is here!

Yay, my new computer is here!  Now I have a good gaming computer, I'm enjoying Oblivion.  The computer is awesome!  thats all for now.

Fixed computer with a new one on the way!

My dead computer went to the shop a week ago and by some miricle they revivied it (yay) and then I have my new one thats gonna arrive anywhere from tomarrow to Friday (I hope its tomarrow, I'm going out of town Friday:()

New Computer Ordered, Oblivion, my video game budget for the year

First in for most, I order a fairly good computer today, it should arrive in a week or so.  I got Oblvion and the guide recently, but I haven't been able to play it since my computer is busted.  As for my video game budget goes, its something like this:

  • Pokemon Diamond Version (DS) $35
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) $25 (my bro will pay for half)
  • Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) $25 (again, my bro will pay for half)
  • Super Paper Mario $25 (half again)

 Total of $110 (if nothing goes wrong, which it always does)

I will be asking for these games for my birthday and Christmas and stuff like that

  • WoW (PC)
  • Wow: Burning Crusades(PC)
  • Pokemon Battle Rev(Wii)
  • Corruption(Wii)

Hopefull Oblivion and Diamond will last me for along time, I don't want to spend that much money this year, because all my friends are quiting Runescape to play Wow, and I want to play Wow too, so I need as much money as possible (and because I might want a 360 sometime next year:))

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