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10 YEARS! (and a few days)

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It's almost hard to believe I have been here for 10 years... I've been using this site for much longer too, I've actively started using the site in the mid to late 90s, where I've seen the latest coverage of all the cool new PSX (yes i call it psx, us old timers called it just that in the 90s too :P ) and N64 games, with the occasional Saturn review and PC games. I havent been a great vocal member in gamespot, and when I have in the past I was the average annoying teenage annoyance. But it's been a great 10 years, experiencing the evolution of gaming online, seeing the games evolve as part of a community. Hopefully we will see another 10 years. Much of the old community has moved on, or... just became as silent as I have, but many new faces I see are keeping this site healthy, civil, and a great place to be. Cheers gamespot *raises glass* lets celebrate for another 10 :)