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There's a First For Everything...

November 2, 20084:39 P.M.This is the day that I made my first pre-order. This is gamer history for me. For many of you video game lovers out there (I know who you are), this is a norm, but for me, it was a historic moment... Okay, so it wasn't really all that great. I gotta admit, too, I felt a little nerd-ish by it, but I think lately I've been embracing my nerdiness more (much to my parent's dismay). What game did I pre-order? It should be obvious considering what's coming out in the next couple days... It starts with a G and ends in War... actually it ends in 2, but either way you have it, yes, I pre-ordered Gears of War 2. The reviews so far are saying it's amazing and I don't doubt it. This will be the first time I've ever been able to get a game (on my own) on the release date. It's mostly because up until last summer, I was poor. I didn't have a job, so I couldn't buy anything. All summer long, I've been working two jobs and in the fall I've technically been working three jobs (although two of them have only been on one day of the week each). So lately I've been able to spend a little more money, which is the only reason I was able to get a 360 at all. And, oh my goodness, do I love it. After Gears, though I'm going to have to slow down with my spending. You see, one of my three jobs is refereeing football, but after this Saturday, I have no more games to ref. I'm both relieved (Yay! Sleep on Saturday!), and bummed, because that was a major source of my income... I've also been a little strapped lately because I just got Rock Band 2 (and, oh my goodness, do I love that, too!). One thing I have noticed with that game is that I hate the guitar controller... But I like it, too. It's so much different from Guitar Hero. I'm constantly fumbling to hit the right note and it ticks me off considering how good I was at Guitar Hero (I five-starred everything on GH3 career mode on expert except for Raining Blood. I swear Slayer just sucks...). I'm getting a little more used to it, though, and the little buttons on the bottom can be handy (I said can be. They aren't always...). So what's the point of all this rambling? I don't really know anymore. Hopefully, it's somewhat entertaining. If it is, leave a comment. If not, then... well, you suck... Just kidding (Unless you really do suck...)...Anywho, I'm pumped for Gears 2 and hopefully will be able to last online a little bit better this time around... See you online...

I'm Kinda Back

Ok, so I know I told you all before that I wasn't really interested a whole lot in video games anymore...But that kinda changed. I finally caved in and bought an Xbox 360 back in the beginning of August, so now I've been getting much more into games lately. I've kind of made a return to my nerd self, which is a bummer, because I was doing so good at being not-nerdy. Oh well...

But anyway, I did get an Xbox 360 and I've been pretty much addicted to it for the past month and a half now. I've found that it makes it very hard to concentrate on school and work, but it's fun to play nonetheless... I've discovered a few important things since I've gotten it.

1. Elder Scrolls IV is very, very addicting. Forty hours of my life have already been taken by this game, and I still have a ton to do in the main story line. It is an amazing game.

2. I suck at Gears of War online. I can barely survive more than a few seconds on it. There are definitely some hardcore players out there who know how to play and I am not one of them. Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to the main story where I can beat some of it on Insane...

3. I really, really want to get Mass Effect, Bioshock, The Orange Box, and a great host of other games out there. Rock Band 2 has really tempted me, especially with all the good DLC's that have been released, but I think I'm going to get Guitar Hero World Tour first, just because those drums look insanely awesome and I want to try the music studio. I may still be swayed, but it will be hard to keep two drum sets, so...

4. I'm far too poor to load up on big, awesome, new games. I really want to get Call of Duty 4, but chances are, I won't get it until Call of Duty World at War is out and then that will be the next big thing. I just got the first Rainbow Six Vegas. I haven't tried online multiplayer yet, but I can imagine most people have already moved on to the second one by now. Oh well. Such is life...

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you guys an update. I'll probably drop a blog occasionally to let you guys know what's going on. My gamertag is Rokker4Life. Add me as a friend if you want. Peace out...

What's up?

Hey, y'all. Long time, no see. I told all of you that I left, which is true. However, I have been keeping up with some of my friend's blogs and decided I wanted to update you all on how my year's been. Note: This does NOT mean I'm coming back and am going to blog regularly. I just wanted to give you an update since I've left, both with my gaming life and more personal life.

I pretty much paid no attention to video games until about June, when I finally had the funds to get a PS2 and Guitar Hero 2. I eventually got Guitar Hero and then, when it came out, Guitar Hero 3. I have become pretty good at that game as I can beat all of Guitar Hero 2 except for Jordan on expert. On Guitar Hero 3, I actually had high score #22 for a short while on Miss Murder by A.F.I. Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving, my younger cousins were arguing over the guitar controllers and pulled my PS2 off the shelf. My PS2 still plays, but GH3 no longer works. I was ticked off to say the least, because GH3 had some amazing songs... Oh, well...

I've also kind of flip-flopped around on if I want a 360 or not. For a while, I decided I did. Then I decided I wanted a Wii and Super Mario Galaxy. Now I'm pretty much happy where I'm at. Besides, I kind of need to save my money for a couple reasons

On a more personal note, I've been doing great. I got a car back in October, and youth group has been amazing. Over this year, I've gotten really close to all the people I met last Christmas. One girl in particular. She became my best friend, because she was someone I could really talk to all about God. She has to be the most amazing girl I've ever met. Which is the reason why I finally told her I that I liked her over Christmas. She made me completely happy by telling me that she likes me, too. We have now been dating about a month and it's been amazing. I really like her.

I've gotten a ton more into music over the past year. I'm usually buying several CDs a week. Let's put it this way. I'm the BigC43 of music, lol. My favorite bands now range from Muse to the White Stripes to the Killers to Avenged Sevenfold, and the list could go on and on and on...

The point is, I'm loving life right now and, while I certainly don't want to put any of you guys off to gaming, but once I started taking my focus off of the next game I'm going to get and put it on the people around me and God, things just seemed to click and get much better. Don't get me wrong. The past year hasn't been all sunshine. But my life is so much happier now that I'm focusing my life on more than just things. It's not wrong by any means to like games. Even to love games. I love my music and probably spend more than I should on it, but I just try to keep focusing my attention on God continually. Just make sure you have you're priorities right. Meet some people, make some friends, get into your church. Just make sure you're not wasting away.

As a final farewell and a treat to you guys, I'll post a couple of pictures of my girl and me on our church youth retreat a couple weeks ago. Take care.


After the last few days, I've realized that I have lost interest in all of this. I just don't feel like doing anything on here anymore. This is kind of why I left the first time, but I have decided to do it right this time and tell you guys that I'm leaving just so you don't think I'm dying. I know a lot of you will try to convince me otherwise, but my mind's made up. I'm sorry if I'm letting some of you guys down, but I just have no interest in doing this anymore. Thanks to everyone who's ever become my friend, and a special thanks to a few of my best friends on Gamespot including...

    -BigC43: You were my first friend and we spent many a PM talking about Christian rock and the longest title we could find for a song:P It's been great knowing you. If I ever get Xbox Live, I'll contact you.

    -Gamespoting: Don't let the mispelled user name fool you:P This dude is awesome. His blogs are always cool and he's just a really cool guy. Thanks for being my friend and I will contact you, too, when I have XBL.

    -kellymae: The always-inspiring mom. I've always loved your interesting blogs about you, your family, and your gaming life. You've been a really neat person to know on GS, too.

...I know there are many others I'm forgetting, and I love all you guys, too. Please don't hate me for leaving. This just isn't something I really want to do anymore. So goodbye and God bless...

Put the Rumors Away, I'm Not Dead!

Long time, no see, dudes. I did leave for a while. I was kind of losing interest in Gamespot. I started to realize just how obsessed I was getting with gaming. That's one of the biggest reasons I left. I know this sounds really dramatic, but going on that Katrina trip and then a youth retreat a couple of weeks later changed me. I got closer to God and started reading my Bible more. I feel so much better after giving up the wants that would constantly fill my mind. I wanted a PS2 so bad that that was all I thought about in the coming days of the Katrina trip. I later realized just how selfish that was. God deserves more time than what I've been giving him. Sorry to be so preachy, but that's really how I feel. So I don't know if you've figured it out, but I didn't get a PS2. After the trip, I kind of gave that up. I thought it was selfish of me to pinch every penny I could to get it. I didn't even want to spend money on my dad for his birthday. Then, I knew I was going too far. So I didn't get it. Since then I've gotten more CD's and started loving music more. I've played my guitar more, I've listened to music more. It's just something that I really started to love. And to some people I know's dismay, I've become more of a metalhead :P I'm really starting to dig pretty much every band out of Solid State. I'm hoping to join the youth band at my church in a couple years. In time, if God wills it, I would love to be in a band and join a label. We'll see how that goes.

This may be just an reiteration of something you guys already know. I just thought I would give you the skinny about what was going on in my life. After I gave up Gamespot, I did check on periodically to check up on a few friend's blogs. Pretty soon, people started declaring me dead. I knew I had to say something to you guys. I'm sorry I didn't give you guys any warning about my leave of absence. I just wanted to give this up so I wouldn't get caught in the trap again of the never-ending want of more things. I hope you guys can forgive me. I don't know if I'll really use this site much more for gaming things. I've pretty near given that up (except for Guitar Hero. I'd still love to play that) I will use it for my personal blog, though.

Like I said, I hope you guys can forgive me for my unwarned absence. I just needed to get off for a while. I don't know how much time I'll spend back on here. I probably won't do much in unions, except for maybe the Christian Rock Union (Sorry, BigC. You can go ahead and demote me from everything except the CRU). If you guys have any questions, just PM me or leave a comment

Well... I'm back...

PS2... Very Soon! And A Full List of Last-Gen Games...

Ever since I've gotten back from Louisiana, I've kind of forgotten about getting the PS2. I'm still getting it though, and I might actually have some help. It seems my younger sister would like to play Guitar Hero a lot as well. Her birthday is next week and she's already gotten $35 for it. I've convinced her to save her money and help me get Guitar Hero II eventually, so then we'll have two controllers and both games. I now have $122 and my $80 to Best Buy, so I'm very close to getting it. I'm actually shopping around a bit. Chris (the same sleepy one on the trip:P) knows a guy who owns a Trade N' Games near where I live. I may be able to get a better deal on a PS2 there, but we'll have to see..

I will soon be done with the last-gen! Well, after I get a whole bunch of PS2 games I want. I'm already going to forget a lot of them, just so I can start saving for a 360, but I want to have a decent amount of good games. Here is the list of Xbox/PS2 games I still want. These may vary as I remember more.

...and that's pretty much it. Feel free to tell me what I missed or that something should not be included.

Home from Katrina!

Sorry I didn't do this when I got home Saturday, but I had a reason. Anyway, I had a great time in Louisiana. I got to know a lot of people from my church youth group, so now youth meetings aren't going to be awkward. Since I don't have anything better to talk about, I'll tell you about the trip...

Day 1:
I had to get up really early Tuesday, which was about 4:30. I was really tired. We got to my church around 5:30 and left around 6:00. I slept on the bus next to my buddy, Chris. A few hours later I woke up and eventually, one of the girls behind me introduced herself to me, and then I actually started talking to people. It feels so good to have friends:P There was Ryan, who I knew from the Christmas play I was in; Lea, who was a really cool girl; Kalee, who wouldn't stop talking on her phone or talking about her boyfriend:P; Kate, who hung out with everyone; and Alex, a kid that was like me, going into this trip without knowing anyone. So we all hung out the rest of the bus trip. We played tag in Wal-Mart. We stuffed ourselves at Waffle House (Why did I eat that second waffle!:cry: ). Finally we arrived at the church in New Orleans, set the ground rules, and went to bed.

Day 2:
We got up and had breakfast. We then split up into work teams but didn't get started for a while. Finally we got to go to our work sites. We hung up insolation and stapled plastic sheeting to the studs. We only had a few hours to work, but we worked fast and got all the insolation in and most of the plastic sheeting. All this time, I was wondering where Chris was because I hadn't seen him. Two others and I went back to camp while one of the worship leaders from our church was making a music video. Whenever my church finishes it, I'll put up a link for it. Unforunately, I won't be in it, but oh well. When we got back to camp we ate, and I still didn't know where Chris was. After dinner, we left to go the French Quarter in New Orleans to see a concert by that same worship leader. It was a really awesome concert. After that we went around the city and passed out tracts, and then piled into the bus and headed back for camp. I still didn't know where Chris was, and it was starting to worry me a little. We got back to camp and then went to bed.

Day 3:
When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Chris. I sat up and almost started yelling at the guy. He said that the day before, while the people who weren't in the video were getting ready to go, he sat down on this couch by the house we were working by and fell asleep:lol: That's Chris, for you I guess. He said he got back late with the team leaders and missed the bus to the concert. Anyway, after breakfast, we split up into groups again and worked on putting up drywall that day. It seemed like a really short day, as dark came soon and we had to stop and go back to camp. For the next four hours, after dinner, Lea, Ryan, Alex, Kate, and I played a several different card games. We played Spoons (I hate that game!:x I'm so bad at it!), BS, and a game we called King of the Hill. Ryan kept winning at King of the Hill, and that was getting pretty funny seeing Lea's reactions:P At midnight, we were told we had to go to bed.

Day 4:
Last workday. I was both excited and bummed. Either way we did the same routine. We split up and headed to the same houses as the day before to continue putting up drywall. At five we left again, because of the dark. Fortunately, we got most of the ceiling done and all of the exterior wall. We got back to camp later and did some cool stuff. The leaders handed out a bucket of these things like drumsticks and there was a bunch of stuff like wheelbarrows and plastic tubs for us to bang on and have fun with that. Eventually a couple of older guys grabbed some acoustic guitars and they played worship songs for a while. Finally, we all went back inside and tried to play cards again, but it just wasn't as much fun, so I just watched the others play. I had the girls (Lea, Kate, and three girls I met later that week, Megan, Rachel, and Adrienne) to the left of me playing BS, while the guys (Ryan, Alex, my friend Stephen, and several others that I can't remember right now) to the right of me were playing King of the Hill. When the girls were done playing I talked with them for a while. It was kind of funny how Lea put my life once, as she said, "You like don't have any friends, do you?" Ahhhhhh. Lea, you made my day:P

Day 6:
This was one miserable day. We were leaving for home on our bus and all freakin day I was puking. I caught a bug from some kids those couple of days. When you're throwing up, it's bad. When you're throwing up on a crowded bus with no where to go but sit by someone and make them sick, too, it's miserable. That's why I didn't post a blog about my trip Saturday. Everybody kept telling me how bad they felt for me. It was just a really crappy day....

So, yeah. There's my trip, all laid out. I feel better now, and am happy I'm back. If you're still reading this, you're cool. If not, then... bummer, I guess. Thiry minutes of work for no one:P Anyway, peace and love, everyone. Enjoy New Year's Day!

My Last Farewell...

...before I go to Louisiana. Just in case any of you thought I was going to leave:P It's been a great Christmas so far. My grandparents, aunt, and great aunt are still out in the living room, so I have to hurry this blog up before my dad comes in and gets mad at me for not spending time with the fam. Anyway, last night we went to my mom's parents house, ate, went to church, and then opened presents. I got three Best Buy gift cards at $15, $20, and $25. I also got a sweet black hoodie with a camo Superman logo on it. I still think Superman's a pansie, though:P...
This morning we opened presents around 10 O'clock. That may have been the first time I've ever slept in on Christmas:P Anyway I got two pairs of camo shorts, a nice pair of jeans, some sleep pants, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Curse of the Black Pearl (Which I've watched about half of. It's awesome!:D), and some weird 24 Countdown game. My mom got it for me because she thought it was some kind of 24 trivia game and that me and my dad liked it. I hate it when she gets me presents like that, because you love the thought, but you don't think you'll use the gift at all, and you're trying not to hurt the person's feelings. But I think she took it OK. I actually wouldn't have minded trying it, but I probably wouldn't have played after that. She said she would take it back if I didn't want it, so I might have a bit more cash in my pocket.
Later my dad's side of the family came over and we opened presents. I got $20 of a Best Buy card from my grandparents, so now I have more than enough to get a PS2 and then Guitar Hero, and maybe if I can get a little bit more, I could get Resident Evil 4, too. We'll have to see how it goes.

Well, anywho, merry Christmas, everybody! I hope you have a great time with all your new gifts. :DHappy Birthday, Jesus!:D

Katrina, Here I Come!

I haven't said this yet, but last Wednesday I went to youth night at my church for the first time. Ever. No, seriously. I've never been there before. The church we go to is pretty far from our house, so it takes a lot of gas to get out there, and therefore, don't go out there for much beyond Sundays. But, finally my mom started letting me go. I'm glad she did. The pastor's 27-year old daughter (and leader of the youth group) introduced me to several people. Even though I've been to church there my whole life, I've pretty much kept to myself. So that was cool, I met a few people. Then they asked if I wanted to be in the Christmas play, and I did. I was a shepherd. I dragged the stubborn goat and the sheep that wanted to buck everyone:P but it was a lot of fun. Later that week the youth group leader asked if I wanted to go Louisiana the day after Christmas to help with Katrina relief.:shock:! That's all I was thinking. Me! But I'm going so it's going to be really cool.:D So anywho, that's just a heads-up. I won't be here December 26-30, cause I'll be helping with the Katrina relief. It's gonna be awesome!

The 360, The PS3, The Wii...

I hear constant buzz about all the next-gen consoles. "This sucks because of this", "This sucks because of that". I'm tired of all that. I'm laying down my opinions of all these consoles.
Xbox 360

Ever since the Xbox 360 came out, I've wanted it. All the good games that were coming out after that fueled the fire. I even had a competition with BigC43 on who would get their 360 first (Obviously, if you know him, he won:P). I still want it desperately for games like Gears of War, Oblivion, and Rainbow Six: Vegas, but I'm waiting while I play with a new PS2. Anyway, the Xbox 360 is, right now, the strongest gaming console out there. Period. The main reason isn't so much about the games (though, those are a big part of it), but about online play. The 360 has, from what I've heard, fantastic online play. Every game out there is meant for some connection online. If not for huge multiplayer matches, then there are always the achievement points. Achievement points seem like the coolest idea I've heard of in a long time. Rewarding people for going deeper than they've ever gone in a game will encourage people to search for hidden things so they can brag about how big of a gamer they are. Achievement points tie from everything from doing a specific thing in a single player game to playing so many online multiplayer matches. Obviously, though, achievement points aren't the only reason why the 360 is doing so well. With online giants like Gears of War, Call of Duty 2, and Rainbow Six: Vegas, it will most likely always keep the title as greatest online console. Not that the single-player is shabby, either...

I've never really wanted a PS2. Call me a Microsoft fanboy, or whatever, but I've always thought of it as inferior to the Xbox. I now think different (Obviously. I want one don't I?). But the PS3 is somewhat of another story. The PS3 wound up releasing a year after the 360, which gave the X360 a head start with games and profit. However, that extra year paid off with the hardware. The PS3 has the most powerful hardware of any gaming system yet. Graphically, it has incredible detail and should make a lot of things seem extremely lifelike with it's power. The PS3 isn't just a gaming system, either. It is also a Blu-ray DVD player. So just about everything is incredibly beautiful on this console. Naturally, for those reasons, this console's mainly for those who own big HD TV's, 5.1 surround sound, and comfy chairs. Not that any of this is a bad thing. But what about casual gamers on their standard TV's who just want to play there long-loved game series on the PS3, but have to pay a lot more because of the Blu-ray on it. Like I said, I don't think it's bad... if you have an HD TV. If not, then there's not a whole lot of advantage of the PS3, yet. It hasn't had enough time to grow and crank out good games. The only game that sounds good right now is Resistance: Fall of Man, but Sony claims there coming up with more...

The Wii idea has always intrigued me. Motion-sensing controllers have always sounded like it will make me a little less lazy by getting me off the couch and playing sports... or swinging a sword... or moving a giant platform and watch a monkey roll around. It's also cheaper, and includes Wii Sports. I considered buying it for a couple weeks, but then realized that I should wait for several standout games before I go leaping into it. The Wii's best aspect is it's motion-sensing control. Again, I think it would be incredibly cool, and make the game come alive in new ways. There are several bad aspects about it, however. For one, the system doesn't support HD at all. I don't have an HD TV, but it doesn't make any of those games look any prettier. It tries to be something more casual than a powerhouse system. It's small and slick to make it easy on those with a full entertainment system and not much room. The other thing that makes it not so strong is the online. It's free, but Nintendo complicated it with buddy code things, instead of the ease of Xbox Live. So far, most of the single-player games aren't incredible either. The Wii will most likely stay the black sheep of the three throughout the whole nex-er...current gen, but it is definitely the most accessible.