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Yes i'm still alive!

just checking in because it felt weird not posting any blog in the past year D: so whats up u boring ppl of gs :P jk lol

Q: so what you have been up to?

A: not much in the past year. mostly spend time playing wkc2 in jp and eu server (only on JP server now since EU was shutdown at 18th june) play but i got bored lately so im playing league of legends more.


Q: what games you have played in the past year?

A: Lets see...

on PS3: white knight chronicles II (EU&JP server) infamous 2, disgaea 4, MGS4, FFXIII-2, TES: skyrim and MW3

on PSP: fate/extra <3, Persona2: IS, corpse party: book of shadows, tales of the world and many more to remember O_O

on xbox: nothing because it died on me T_T


Q: anything you wanna add?

A: NO goodbye!

GameSpot here I Am!

how you doing my GS friends :D it has been a long time since i came here! alot has been going on in my life...good and bad stuffs but i'm still alive and kicking! i'll leave the details for another blog as i don't feel like writing...

with all the bloodshed happeningin in my country, Syriai just can't standthe tyranyanymore...i had to close my workplace as a result of the crisis and the steadydecline in business. so now i'm unemployed...even with my college certificate i can't find anyjob at all!...i'm seriously thinking of leaving the country...

with everything happening i'm still a GAmer! i'm playing games as usual. latest games i played are CoDMW3, GeOW3,Catherine (love itso much :P) Dark souls (which kept me playing for a whole month non stopping until my broadband became messy -_-") and white Knight Chronicles II which i'm playingdaily cuzit's the only game that run online for me and still fun. i'm planning on getting Uncharted 3 soon to wash away my bordom, thoughit will cost me80$ here...i was planing on getting Disgaea 4 as well but i can't get it anywhere here so i'll have to get some1 from outside the country to send it to me and pay double the price ofcourse...damn it :evil:

i'll be checking in more often now that i'm SO FREE :D:|:(:cry:

Viva la Revolution!


&quot;Long time no See&quot; Huh?

nowdays whenever i pass by my Gamespot profile strangly, i feel nastolgic and remember the good ol' days...although i'm still a hardcore gamer i stopped being a communiest (forum poster i mean :D) due to my very limited time and dull motivation. how can i afford the time to be here with all sorts of gaming consoles and systems pilling in my room?

aside from gaming, the sickness called Anime which started 6 years ago still developing and spreading in my body like cancer lol...can't get enough??? what is my problem -_-' i need to control my self and start taking things more seriously from now on...still, entering the world of animu' was helpful in many ways! now i can speak and understand Japanese better which enabled me to play many JPN only released goods like Ougon Musou - a spin off game from umi neko no naku koro ni series -. not only JPN exclusive titles, but also games like Valkyria Chronicles 3 and The 3rd Birthday which were released in Japan first......

as for my current game life

on PSP: i finished Valkyria Chronicles 2...still got GOW ghost of sparta to playing Digimon World 2 PSX

on PS3: Winning eleven 2011, Castlevenia LOS (which was disappointing as a game from Castlevenia series)

on 360: Call of duty Black ops (very good) and Tales of Vesperia

on DS: waiting for Pokemon Black and White :D

thats all for now...before i leave, i think i will make a quick visit to the forum&unions

Star Ocean TLH Done....and Still Life 2!!

this is a blog made out of boredom, so i 'd like to apologize for the unentertaining content in advance...

finally! i was able to Beat Star Ocean TLH on 360, it was enjoyable and fairly easy game...even thought i was playing the Japanese version, it wasn't so hard to adapte to the battle style although this was my first Star Ocean game. i had a hard time trying to fully understand the story at first but eventually i got the hang of it...

what makes me more happy is the fact that this was my first Japanese RPG game to beat! i had an experiance through playing Persona: IS before but i couldn't beat it

one the other hand, the long awaited sequel of Still Life has been announced! it's one of my fav puzzle-solving games and i have been waiting Still Life 2 for ages! the release date is aug 11 :D

My new 360 and RE5 Done! [may contain spoilers]

as you see, i went ahead and bought a 360 :D

first thing i did was playing RE5 till i beat it! the game was good but too short and not so great as much as i expected :S the only thing i enjoyed was kicking Weskers ass at the end lol

PS3 or 360...which one is it gonna be for me?

with only afew days away till the release of Resident evil 5 for both 360 and PS3.. i'm in a dilemma :S

which one to get?!..i gotta tell you at first i was going all the way with PS3 as my next Gen console and i've wrote this many many times here on GS boards but lately, i began to take the 360 side thanks to piracy...

PS3 has many great games i wanna play and more on the way. on the other hand, Xbox360 has a bigger games library and the games it has ain't bad... especially with RE5 (along with other titles were PS3 EXclusive) which is -believe it or not- the only reason i'm going next Gen...

the third option for me would be waiting for the PC release and upgrade my PC...

which one i'm going to choose?..tomorrow i'll made the final decision and post Pics for the console i choose here :P

Persona 4..Done!

First, let me Say BIG THUMBS UP to Persona 4!

yes...i just beated P4 after appx 93 Hours of gameplay, the game was awesome in every detail...the new imporvments in the battle system were so cool, the characters, the storyline and the endings

i was looking forward for it espeically, after the crush i had on P3:FES. the game didn't dissappoint me and was up to my expectations. i'd definitly recommend the game to any RPGs after i've beated the game, i feel so empty...since i was disappointed in silent hill 5, most likely i won't play any game till RE5...

eh?!? a New GS Design

eh what with the new gs design 0.o am i the only one who think it sucks? i liked the old one i have to remake both my blog and my profile banners since they don't mix well with the current design -_-

Ara! i just noticed that i haven't made a blog in a long long time lol. in fact got nothing to talk about in here. i barely play anything these days, my life is boring...i'm a very uninteresting person :P...every time i log on, i go and check the new releases and Delete the never stoping unions invitations >_>...i feel like GS isn't worthy of my time now...still miss the good ol' days though AND i don't think i'll be posting on the forums on the near future unless i had a week or two off o.O!

i know what i just need!

some inspiration and an aspirin pill cuz my head really hurts right now -_-'


Quick Blog!!

yo how you doing my friends? :)

it's been a while since i've beenhere hehe...well, i was really busy or should i say more likelyboredom from gamespot which has become more boring these days? anyway, i was just going through theforumschecking my unions andthought i should post ablog or somethinglol

as for gaming,i'm playing nowall.hack//G.U series.a greatAction RPGseries withan epicstoryline) i can't believe the low score GS gave it but it difinitly worth playing, i'm almost done with Vol.3. just a few more hours and it's done ^^ i really can't wait for the end :o...i will talk more about the game in my next blog..

here is my newest artcreation:

guess thats all for now...later