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Mass Effect 3

Just did the whole run of Mass Effect 3 with the extended cut. I'm happy with some of the stuff they added to fill in the holes that left me confused.

However, the Star Child and AI designed to kill everyone for designing AI is still dumb.


Well, that was grueling

I've burnt myself out on Diabo III about a week ago or so. I don't intend to sign back onto that game unless my friends pary together. I've really come to realize that this game, other than addictive loot, has nothing to offer. Nice job, Blizzard.

Why Would I Do That?

So, I'm pretty sure that Nightmare Mode in Diablo 3 is curing me of the desire to play this game any more. Every time my wizard says, "Why would I do that?" when I ask her to pop a potion before the cooldown completes, I want to reach into the game, slap her, and yell "BECAUSE YOU WANT TO LIVE!!"


The more I play Diablo III the more I find Mahgda hilarious as a villain. I mean, she's got dragonflies on her shoulders. Dragonflies. She just tells you everything she's going to do. She wears bright colors. She feels about as threatening as a wet paper towel scrap. Who the hell wrote this crap?

Oh yeah, let's make the one responsible for Cain's death an attention starved, overgrown fairy.

Fire that writer.

You like Discipline?

So, every time my daemon hunter alt says, "I don't have enough discipline" I laugh and think of Arnold Swarzenedger from Kindergarten Cop. "YOU LACK DISCIPINE!"

You think Blizzard was aware of how overly overpowered they were making the daemon hunter when they gave her a MACHINE GUN???


It was incredibly awkward to have the templar follower meet himself in Act I.

"Brother, what brings you here?"

"I'm going to kill a fallen brother."

"Brother, please!"

"Fo' real!"

"Oh snap, two templars are way better than one just talking to himself!"

Belial loves his post-it notes.

Ugh. Sorry, I can't get over it. The writing in Diablo III really is terrible. I started to laugh out loud when I picked up a note written by Belial to one of his minions, lecturing her on her failures. I can just imagine Belial, a giant monster with mouths on the side of his face, crouching over a tiny writing table with a quill clasped in his talons, scribbling a note whilst wearing reading glasses. "Ah, yes, yes!" He says to himself, a talon poised on his fangs, "I will write that I will rend her. Rend her!"

Well, why not?

With Diablo 3 coming out soon, I did the logical thing... I played StarCraft 2 again.

I still contest that SC2 was not the be all and end all of what it could have been. Many of the missions still feel on rails to me and the cinematics are so full of cliches that you could swim in them. The writing seems to be done by a 16 year old or just a bunch of middle aged men sitting around remembering how awesome the first game was. Blizzard also did a great job in blurring the line between WoW and SC2, which is something that urks me, making the two universe nearly one with all the crossover gimmicks. The "decisions" you are forced to make at several junctures of the game don't really carry any weight except for a few units you acquire, and any hard decisions are justified by Ranyor either way. All of the characters, who do a lot of talking, hardly deploy on the missions. I figured after WarCraft 3, with hero units playing a huge role in that game, we would have seen more of Jim Raynor on the field with special abilities. But... I guess that would be asking too much.

I really feel like Blizzard has a dulling edge. When WoW was released, ti was revolutionary and wonderful, but these days it runs of gimmicks and grinding. The original StarCraft was a great leap forward for the multiple army gameplay, but StarCraft 2 did very little to push any innovation forward. Diablo was gory and frightening while you marach lower into the depths of hell, weaving tales through text that gave foreboding, but the follow-up game did not hold the terror factor the same way with those funny goblins and brightly colored enemies around.

I worry a bit about Diablo 3. How much of World of Warcraft is going to bleed into this game? How kid-friendly will it become? How many gimmicks can we count in it?

We'll find out soon.