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(Insert random argumentative topic here)

Warning: This is my first blog entry, so please, be aware that you may disagree with my views. And please, keep an open mind. Oh, and also, no rude comments. Thank you in advance.

Now that I've got a disclaimer, I feel as though I can start. First, I would like to say that I love all kinds of video games, except for Madden Football. I'm not a football fan. What I also don't like is when people gang up on one or two members and put them down just because their opinions differ, or if the topic creator is new to that game/out of the loop. Other members pick on them for no reason, other than to get their point across in a rather crude fashion.

One example of this is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' forums. Yes, many people are "noobs" when it comes to most popular games, but then shouldn't we give them the benefit of being that guy? I'm sure that if the message boards were that congested and/or taking up too much space, wouldn't the administrators do something about it? Just because someone doesn't know how to navigate the site very well does not make it okay to insult their spelling, sig, or most importantly, their knowledge of the topic.

Second, these topics I keep finding on the Saints Row forums. "Better  than GTA?", "Cheap San Andreas rip-off", or my favorite, "Saints Row sucks". They never give up. Yes, San Andreas is probably better than Saints Row will be. But, having played the demo myself(by preordering, not on XBL), I can safely say that the game shows heaps of promise. And yes, I am a GTA fan. Have been since the original trilogy. But, unlike most fans, I don't care either way. I will play both series endlessly. Now, having said that, I will stick by Rockstar Games until a)they release a truly awful game that offsets the balance of the cosmos, b)they go bankrupt, or c)I die some God forsaken death. Of course, I hope that none of these things happen, and Rockstar continues to make quality games for years to come. However, I also hope that Volition continues to do so, as well. It would be beneficial to both companies to have competition in their genre. Trying to outdo each other each year, that sounds like a good thing to me.

Now, in the realm of action sports, way at the other end of the spectrum, Tony Hawk's Project 8. I have been playing these games since the first one on the PS1. Now, I'm no expert on physics, but I can tell you that this franchise threw them out the window before it even began. However, people are still complaining that the series has got to be realistic, or they won't buy, or even play it. Even worse is when they say that it used to be a realistic game. Those people should go back and play it on their old systems. It never was to begin with. They also often overlook the positive additions to this iteration. I won't list them here, but you can find them in previews and dev. interviews. Maybe I will make a list in my future entries. But it's getting late, and I am getting rather tired.

So there is my first blog entry. It feels good to know I can put my opinions somewhere that people can see them(even if they hate me for doing so). Anyway, good evening, and good night.