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Quick Note About The Blood Release On

I bought it today, and couldn't get it to run until about two hours ago. The reason it wouldn't run is because I installed it to my gaming partition of my hard drive (D: directory). Anyone who's thinking of buying it, make sure you install it to the C: drive, or else it is not likely to work.

Also, I downloaded Final Fight: Double Impact. It's really good. -Gregg

DOOD! Today's Acquisitions

So I re-bought Dead Space and Fable II, and finally got past that b**** of a part in the former, and am enjoying the latter. I also picked up the book, "The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade" from Barnes and Noble. And if all of this weren't good enough, I picked up the first season of The Kids in the Hall on DVD while I was at the aforementioned store. This is going to be a fun week.


Evil Among Us, plus Playing On The Offensive

Here's a quick update for everyone, and please note that as I type this, I'm watching Top Gear Series 11 on DVD.

So I've been playing a hell of a lot of Resident Evil 5, and it seems I'm hooked. I'll admit, the only thing that I really miss from 4 is, and you probably guessed it, the British salesman. "Whaddya bahyin'?" but anyway, I'm on the fifth chapter, and I'm pretty sure I'm near the end.

Now, on to the other half of the title. As some of you may know, I'm boycotting Activision right now. Which means that I'm not going to line Bobby Kotick's pockets with any more of my money. But you know what the great thing is, here? I CAN STILL BUY USED! So I picked up a copy of Call of Duty: United Offensive for PC. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is the first, and only expansion pack in the whole of the Call of Duty universe. It's an expansion for the first game, which is the game that got me interested in the series in the first place. It's sad to see the name of Call of Duty get exploited as it's going to be in the following few years, but that doesn't mean I can't relive the good old days.


Sick, Games, Multiplat, Multiplayer, Single Stuff Too.

A wise man once said; "Yeah, well hey. I'm really sorry."

I've been sick since Monday morning. This cold is starting to crack, with the help of hot tea, Netflix, and some Penicillin. =D

Anyway, you'll never guess what I've been doing to pass the time. That's right, GAMES! My good buddy NJ bought me a couple of late birthday gifts. Namely, Armed and Dangerous and Torchlight. Torchlight's great. It's like Diablo, without all of the boring aesthetics. (colorful, cheery, 3D) I've merely configured A&D, thus far. I also picked up Metal Slug 7 for my DS at a mere $15.00. I scored some new Rock Band songs and Rocket Riot on XBLA. Also, I've been playing some Bad Company 2. I'm really good at tagging choppers and tanks and letting NJ blow 'em up.

Well, that's all for now. If anyone wants, I can start blogging more often. Once this cold is gone, I'm going to be getting into some interesting stuff. I'll keep you guys posted.


Birthday Aftermath OR The Easiest Rare Item Get Ever

So, my birthday was on Saturday. Everything went alright that day, with one very high disappointment toward the beginning. But enough about that, let's get to what this blog is really about.

About a half an hour ago, I was playing Symphony of The Night on my 360, which was being transmitted through my BRAND NEW 32" HDTV when something miraculous happened. Bear in mind that the save game I'm currently playing on is practically mint, barely been touched.

So I'm playing for a little while, getting through some sub-bosses and leveling, the usual stuff to be expected with SoTN, when I come to the first Doppelganger encounter. Now, as many of you are undoubtedly aware, it's a very early occurrence in this game. What you may not know, or remember, as the case may be, is that right before this battle are two enemies, both of them Axe Lords.

I've only killed two Axe Lords in the game so far (the two I just mentioned). So I defeat the Doppelganger and I go to the jump that I always try to make, but never do, right after the fight. I didn't make the jump. Instead, I landed down below, having to go back up through the corridor. I kill the first Axe Lord. Guess what he dropped.


I mean, I'm no mathematician, but general consensus is that of all the rare drops in the game, the shields are the hardest to come by. And here I get one after my third kill of an enemy. That's got to be some kind of record.


P.S: Please note that I was only level 13 or 14 when this happened.

Fun With Numbers -OR- Retro PC Revival: Part Deux

Alright, so I currently have over 108 games installed on my PC harddrive (number directly pulled from the games xfire recognizes). Most of them are either old and were popular in their time, or old and relatively obscure. Now, I have only completed 32 of these to date, and two of which I had to use cheats in order to complete (Soldier of Fortune and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I double dog dare you to try and finish them without such help). These games can be broken up further, and I will do so now:

12 of these games are not first person shooters.

Of those that are not fps', 2 are in first person (Oblivion, Portal)

5 of them are Grand Theft Auto games

4 of them are a mixture of shooters and crime games (Gun, Mafia, Max Payne 1 and 2)

1 of them is an action/adventure platformer (Prince of Persia)

The remaining 119 games (again, xfire only recognized 108 of them) are a mixture of strategy, shooters, adventure games, racing games and action/adventure games.

What's the point of this blog, you might ask? Quite simple. It's a documentation for reference's sake of a collector who is making an attempt to finish his collection. Also, because numbers are fun.


Retro PC Revival (and now I sound like an idiot :D)

"I've got a fever. And the only old PC games."

So lately, I've been trying to play through my backlog of might-as-well-be-ancient PC games. I've accumulated quite a collection between retail, Steam, and GoG. Here is a list of the games I am currently playing and will be playing in the coming weeks;



Freespace 2

No On Lives Forever

No On Lives Forever 2

Gabriel Knight

Red Faction

Beyond Good and Evil

Also of note is how damn good this trail mix is.


Max Payne, the movie.

Ugh. So I just wrote a review for Netflix regarding Max Payne the movie. I basically just said the movie sucks, go play the game if you want something good. And now I feel dirty for even giving that movie my time of day.

So I say again; Ugh.