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Four Free Netflix Trials

If anyone wants a free Netflix trial, I've got four to give away. Post in this blog that you want one, and I'll PM you the code. (the codes are limited to US residents)


New Acquisitions, New Favorite Racing Franchise

So I just recently finished Dirt 2. To put it bluntly, I f***ing loved the hell out of that game. And now, having seen the X-Games trailer for Dirt 3, I can safely say I am more excited for a racing sequel then I've ever been before. I mean, the one thing I wanted out of Dirt 2 was variety in track make-up, and in the trailer, they not only show rain, my favorite ambient effect, but SNOW. SNOW! The one thing that's been missing from rally racing for a few years now.

Anyway, on to today's newly acquired games. Tomb Raider: Legend, Race Driver: Grid, and The Darkness. I actually owned The Darkness a while ago, got stuck, and ragequit the game entirely. Anyway, I got past the part I was stuck in. And now I'm stuck in another part. I will consult a FAQ.

One more thing, before I send this blog off, I will be posting a new edition of the Haunted Amusement Park podcast later in the week. So if any of you listened to it, and moreso liked it, leave a comment here so I know who I'm recording this for from now on.


Red Day II: Origins HD

So I recently downloaded a bunch of new games. You can figure out what they are, plus one that I will be getting soon, by reading the title of this blog.

Give up? Alright, they are as follows:

Red Dead Redemption


Dragon Age: Origins

Earthworm Jim HD

The game I will be picking up soon (hopefully) is Green Day: Rock Band. I'm getting the Plus version, which includes 2 redeemable codes, one for the previously released Green Day DLC and one for a full setlist export into Rock Band's main platform.

Speaking of Rock Band, RB3 looks astounding.


Go Team Venture!

I picked up the first two seasons of The Venture Brothers on DVD tonight. This is gonna be a fun week.


Skate 3 Bender

Over the past two days, I've completed all of the challenges in Skate 3, and I currently have 42/47 achievements. I need help.


Guitar Hero Tourney Champ, Tomba! and Alundra

(all in the span of a week, btw)

So, let's see, where to begin...alright, so today was the Guitar Hero Tournament at my local game shop. I was playing in the hard mode bracket, and sweeped the competition. (there were only two of them, but I'm the Champ, K?!) I won ten dollars in store credit for that.

I traded in my DS Lite and a game with the rumble pak, and with that credit, I bought Tomba!

That's right, Tomba! I haven't played it yet, but if it's anything like the demo I played over a decade ago, I'm going to LOVE it. I also bought Alundra on the weekend.

Alundra Japanese cover

So far I like it.

So that's about it. Have a week!


Quickest S-Rank Ever!

So yeah, I bought Final Fight: Double Impact on Thursday, I believe. I just got the last achievement in it (i.e, I got everything possible in that game). totally worth the ten bucks. Now I'm gonna play some Mass Effect 2.