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Presenting GameSpot Journals

We're very pleased to present a brand-new feature available for free to all registered GameSpot users: your very own personal journals. Your journal is for you to share or explore your thoughts about gaming or other topics. It's yours to decide whether you'd like for your journal to be publicly visible, readable only by your friends within the community, or completely private.

The possibilities for your journal are infinite--try keeping notes on your favorite (or most frustrating) gaming experiences, tracking important dates or events, jotting down your innermost thoughts (for all to read and pass judgment on, of course), practice for the local poetry slam, propose your best idea for a better banana, list all your favorite recipes--whatever! Also, if you have friends in the community, their journals will automatically be linked in the space to the right. It's a great way to keep track of what your friends are up to, or to get acquainted with others with similar interests.

Our goal is to make GameSpot the ultimate destination for anyone remotely interested in gaming. With our continued efforts to build and expand our community features, we hope you'll agree that we're moving in the right direction towards that goal.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment below.