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I left GameSpot nearly five years ago to pursue my lifelong dream of getting into game development. I've worked on several games in that time but Bastion is the one that's far and away the most personal since our team was so small. It's also the first game I've worked on as writer and creative director. If you have a chance to try it, please let me know what you think.




 Hey Greg,

as a long time internet forum lurker, I've somewhat greedily benefitted from the public commentary available to me, while keeping my input to myself. There are several complicated reasons that I find myself hardly contributing, but one of the most potent is that the vastness and crowdedness of the internet seems to silence all but the most vocal contributors. 

I enjoy the weird corners of the internet, the strange places I don't expect to end up in twice. I mean no disrespect by this, but while I enjoy your reviews, I never anticipated visiting your blog. I didn't even know it existed (and clearly you don't visit it much anymore as it is). 

I'm overcoming my cyber-timidity here because I feel like your blog shouldn't be as quiet and dislocated as it is/was. You did a solid job as a reviewer; I don't know how you felt about your colleagues but I was only ever interested in gamespot because of your contributions. Your space was limited, and lord knows there's usually a lot more than 2 pages to be said of such massive projects as games, whether successes or failures, but you never managed to get hung up on trivialities and your comments usually reflected some more significant philosophical investment in the progress of gaming as a sort of virtul installation medium. I applaud your nuanced interpretations and insights.

I heard your reviews as a kid, and while I don't think I was ever at threat of becoming a Modern Warfare fan, I think your short but careful assessment of the gaming world helped stear me in the right direction. 

Glad you can pursue your real ambitions now. Good work on Bastion; it distinguished itself in my memory, and I doubt it will get lost in the ether like so many mundane/average titles do.

you get a 9.8/10 in my book (nobody gets a 10, right?)