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A Good Time

You know you're having a Good Time when, right in the middle of your very first quality time alone with the Wii--playing Trauma Center, what else?--you're interrupted by word that the PlayStation Network has finally launched. So you quickly plug the PS3 back in, go through kind of a convoluted registration process, and download a MotorStorm demo and start playing it. You also scope the two pay-per-download PS3 games, and quickly work your way through the decision of whether it'd be faster to review one of those or the Wii game you were playing in the first place. You decide to stick to your guns. You observe, for the first time, that the Wii remote is a little heavier than the Sixaxis. Must be the double-A batteries. You realize you like both of these controllers and you're really impressed with the Wii remote in particular since it's different and feels good and solid, like it's tougher than it looks. And before you go back to trying to save the life of the little sister of your med school friend with a dark secret, you decide to type all this up. It's only Wednesday.