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This should be a great show, especially since it's free. I think Henderson will beat Rampage, but it won't be an easy match. I really don't think we'll see another first-round downer like we did in Rampage vs. Liddell, but I don't see it going five rounds, either.

CroCop will destroy Kongo. In the fights I've seen Kongo has used his strength and size to push his opponents around a bit, but his technique is very shallow and full of holes. I think CroCop is big enough and hits hard enough to neutralize Kongo's muscle without much trouble. Plus CroCop is coming off a humiliating KO, so he'll come in looking to redeem himself in spectacular fashion.

I don't really care about the Bisping Hammil fight, but it would be interesting to see the crowd deflate after watching Bisping take a loss on his home turf.

There's also the Alexander vs. Sakara fight to look forward to, just to see what Alexander can do after completely destroying Keith Jardine in his last fight. Some people have been claiming that he'll be the next champ, but I think he still has a heck of a lot to prove before he gets anywhere near a title, especially in the ridiculously stacked Light Heavyweight class.

Remember, if you're planning to watch the fight on Spike on Saturday night you'll want to stay away from MMA or sports sites that day, since the fight will be shown on tape delay due to the time difference.

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I've wondered recently why people like these guys so much. I like some songs off Intergalactic, Ill Communication, and Check Your Head, but the popular songs that I hear on the radio all the time are not pleasant on the ears at all. I think I mostly just get annoyed by their voices.
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I grew up in Spokane, which is the second largest city in Washington. It's right near the Washington-Idaho border, and there are a lot of great outdoor recreation activities really close by. Skiing, fishing, hunting, snomobiling, camping, hiking, boating, you name it. Spokane is not a big city, but it's big enough that it doesn't feel completely uncivilized.

I also lived and worked in Seattle for a couple years, and I loved it over there. It reminds me of a smaller, cleaner, wetter San Francisco. The people in Seattle are totally laid back and for the most part very liberal. Lots of hippies and a great music scene. Again, plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, Puget Sound, and gorgeous rain forests.

Central Washington...well, it's pretty barren. There's not much to see in the middle of Washington. Moses Lake is a big lake in the middle of nowhere, but it's nothing special. I went to college at Washington State which is out in the middle of a bunch of wheat fields. It's a good school, and it's a pretty nice campus, but there's not much to do out there.

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You could add just about any song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to this list.
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I think it's performed by an assortment of G-Unit associates. Here's the video link.
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Ouch, rough crowd in here. I actually kind of enjoyed that song. It reminded me of Queen. I'm not sure I could maintain the level of cheer required for multiple listenings though...
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I saw The Host. It was long, but definitely worth watching. It has some funny moments and a few generally creepy moments, but mostly it's focused on the characters rather than the monster or the action. I might pick it up when it comes out on DVD.
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I used to listen to a lot of Tool. I've seen a couple of their shows and I will say that they're a very talented and unique group of musicians.

I prefer their older work though. I think I waited so long for Lateralus that when it came out I was disappointed, and 10,000 days sounds like more of the same. Their first three albums are fantastic though. My favorite Tool song is either Sweat or the live version of Push-it from the Salival album. Great stuff.

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Mr. Bungle is great, but certainly an acquired taste. It's unfortunate that the band broke up, but you can bet Mike Patton will do some crazy stuff as the voice of The Darkness.