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Worst. Ending. Ever.

I managed to finish the last book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and I have to say I'm very disappointed with how it turned out. Of course, it's nearly impossible to write an ending to such a huge epic like that, but it seems that it could have been handled much better. It also doesn't inspire confidence when the author writes a long, apologetic afterword explaining that he had no control over the story and the story took on a life of its own and so on. I believe that to an extent, but after reading about 4000 pages the ending is just so anticlimactic that you can't help but feel cheated. I could have done without the last two books in the series actually, as they didn't seem to accomplish anything at all.

Oh well, I just finished the last book about a week ago, so maybe I'll learn to appreciate it over time. Either way, I'm glad to be moving on to something different. As of yet, I don't know what book I'll pick up next, but I'm considering Feersum Endjinn By Iain Banks. I don't even like sci-fi, but I love the way that guy writes. He wrote The Wasp Factory, which is one of the darkest, most intriguing books I've ever read. He also wrote The Player of Games, which I read earlier this year and really enjoyed. So, I'll give this other one a shot and hope for the best. Even if it sucks it's only a few hundred pages, as opposed to a few thousand.

Aside from turning a few pages here and there, I've been playing games as usual. Still playing Guitar Hero several times a week, and I still can't even come close to beating Cowboys From Hell or Bark at the Moon on expert difficulty. People have been asking me if I'll play any games over the holiday break, and I think I will. I'll at least play some Guitar Hero, and probably some Culdcept or something. I've been really tempted to play through Resident Evil 4 again, but I'm going out of town for the holidays and I'm not bringing a GameCube. Oh well, maybe I'll just have to wait for RE5.

On that note, happy holidays to everyone and here's hoping for another great year in 2006!