Early Tekken 5 though

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After playing T5 for a few hours i must say that the game is very solid and i love it. They guy that reviwed T5 at 1up didnt knew of what he was talking about. When i first played agains T5 boss(Jinpachi) i though it was goin to be something out of this worls, like the DOA3 boss, but it isnt, in enjoyable and is not hard. At first it was hard because i didnt knew any of the moves he perform, but latter he was kinda easy; side steps, low hits and strong hits most of the time land on him. The loading time is really quick, you wont even notice that it is there, it just load on the vs screen and quickly start the match...once again something that 1up says was long.......wrong.....change your crapy PS2 you cheap people. The graphics, DOA:U being kinda better (depends on the point of view), are amazing as well as the lighning on each stage. Artistically this game kills DOA, and you will enjoy looking at it alot more. The move list have been fairly expand, every character have their new moves and combos. The combos now can be longer, now that the developers kinda make the character react alot faster after performing a move, leaving you chance to keep bounsing and continuing the combo. Some moves require speed to have the best at it. moves like Heihachi and Kazuya uppercut, the quicker you do it, the fastes it gets and the stronger it hits, thats really helps on continuing a combo (i dont know if that was already in a previous tekken, bit if it were i didnt noticed ). Some "clone" characters have been changed almost completly, like Wang and Beik. In conclution, the game owns and 1up sucks monkey poo.

Oh, i forgot the only thing i didnt like is Jin's game, is really bad and monotonous, and the camara needs to be fix as well. I havent beated it yet, but i thing im cose enough( the things i have to do to unlock devil jin )

Gif Sig

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Well, heres a new sig for pegnose's brother, i need more topics for my journal :(

Hi to everyone

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I havent been here for a while and i just wanted to say hi to everyone. I may add that true friends and family are everything in life. They support you everytime you need help and love, dont betray them and always stay close to them. Make them know how much you love himand how much they can trust you. Dont let that the "power" blind your judgment. Always stayclear with your friends near you. Why having all the money in the world if you cant use it with someone you love. Is sad how some people doub about their true friends after they gain some power, and end being alone. Stay clear with your thoughts and always trust them. :) whatsup:P

New sigs i have done

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Well, i forgot to actuallize my journal. I havent do a sig in months and im rusted right now. Ill add some new and no so new sigs...well two of my newest sigs.:)

My latest work

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Even though my latest work is not that good i feel to post them here in my journal. First ill show my latest sig, it doesnt look very inovating and it was easy to do, but i practically did it because i wanted to practice more on the font, one of my weakness. I was trying to imitate the box art of MP2, the divition between light and dark. I edited samus pics a littler bit and did some extra shapes as well:

The second work, is not a fully sig, it need to be compleated. I worked hard to make it look how it look now even though i know it doesnt look that good, is more editing that everything:

heres the original pic, well, i use another screen but it was basically this one:

And my latest work is the magazine cover, all drewed by me, i mostly used the pen tool, here it is:

World around you

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Today i was walking trough my college wondering, do everyone feel like i do? When i look at the different kind of things around me sometimes i think, how do other people think. Walking around, looking at people talking, make me think, do each of us have our own world? Do they have your same sensations, do this world exist just for you? Take walking for example, wen i walk i do feel a different sensation to must people around me. When i walt i feel that the world is the one that is actually moving at my pleace instead of me walking beneath it. If what i feel is true, we all could have our own world, live in opur own dimetion, cotroling it, moving it as we want to, be the center of it. why we have to be part of the world and not this one be part of us, its something that no one knows, its an unanswered question that dont have a clear explanation. I do think that the world do need each of us, and we all live in our dimention, if we stop leaving that dimention stop existing to open to another leaving being. As i have this question, it makes me thing about something. Is being shy prohibit you of enjoying your worlds? your dimention? Why we dont enjoy it if we know that it exist for me, not for you or anyone else, its for me. I know i kinda sound like im being selfish but as all my thoughs are, they are kinda crazy, but they have some sence of truth to me. enjoy your life :)

Sig request thread

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Well, i have desided i need more practice so i have desided to take some requests. If you want a sig just post the topic here and ill try to make it as soon as i can.
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