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Goodbye to Romance

Ok, time for a new blog I guess... and this time I'll tell you about my divorce. Don't worry I'll try not to whine as much.

It all began in the last quarter of '08. I had a surgery and I was unable to move freely, so I wasn't working and I wasn't helping at all at home. Due to this my marriage entered a rough patch as my (ex)wife literally had to do everything at home and she was getting sick of it... but most of all, because I wasn't paying too much attention to her. A MISTAKE :(

Anyway, the nagging got a bit worse but nothing worth a divorce IMO. So what was it then??? Well, I'll come out clean and say that about a year ago, I had the chance to score big time with some other girl at work (if you know what I mean)... but the problem here was that as I was still in a delicate state, my (ex)wife had the car, so she used to drive me to work and pick me up whne the work was over. So I didn't really had a chance to execute my magic on that other girl cuz I never left the house alone by that time.

(Un)lucky me, by that time, she started receiving txt messages from one of her friends from work.. clearly the guy had something in mind, but I don't think she ever did something wrong... she really loved me. So I took the chance and told her she was cheating on me and to g.t.f.o. of the house. She cried and swore she wasn't but I "refused" to believe her... all this to have some room to perform my evil schemes freely. BIG MISTAKE :x

After a couple of weeks, I told her to come home and she accepted... except that her parent were on a trip and she told me to wait for their old folks to return. I told her it was ok but one day (the day her parent returned actually), she told me she had to drive her boss to the airport and I totally blew it out of proportions (BIG ****ING MISTAKE :x)and she was so upset that she told me she wasn't coming back.

A couple more weeks passed and I almost convince her again to come back home, but my mates at work invited me to a strip club... on a day I was supposed to meet her to go out for a ride. Knowing I wouldn't be able to dump her and go to the strip club with my mates, I almost told them I wasn't going... but then again, fate intervened and she arrived 1 hour late and with allmy characteristic stupidity, I blew it out of proportions again (ANOTHER BIG ****ING MISTAKE :x) and she told me she wasn't coming back ever again because of my bad temper.

Time passed by and I wasn't able to convince her again, so I told her that if she wasn't truly coming back, we should divorce... and she accepted. And so my marriage went to the trashcan. Needless to say the whole time I've been really depressed. I started to slim down like crazy, and most people at work thought I was sick (they didn't know) and even thought it was aids or even cancer.

Now I feel this house is so ****ing big for me, all alone and stuff... all because of 4 stupid mistakes I could've easily avoided. But alas, what's done is done and even though my regrets still remain, I think I'm ready to get over those... still guilt is a terrible burden, my friends and a one saying goes: You don't know what you have 'til you know it's lost.

So here goes to my lost love... the love of my life. The woman I chose to be my life partner and I lost out of pure foolishness. There's a Hole in my Souland it'll be really hard to fill, baby :cry:


Back in Black

Hello peeps... as you may have noticed, I started to check some of your blogs again. So yeah, Goblin is back... in Green?? :? Blog title fail!!

And you're probably (not) wondering: "WTF is this awesome dude up to?? Certainly up to no good as usual" and you'd be dead wrong. I've been actually pretty quiet for 1 big reason, but here's a brief sum up of the year I've been through since my last blog:

1- Biggest change in my life has been a painful divorce. Yup, that's right... I'm single again, and even though I should be "happy" to be back in the game again, I'm not. But I guess this will be explain a bit further in a future blog.

2- Fed up with my current job, and looking for a new one... hope to find one soon, but in the meantime I have to hang in there.

3- No more partying, no more drinking and certainly a lot more smoking... part of this is because of reason #1, but I'm starting to coming back to my old self now, so yesterday I had some cold ones with a couple of friends.

4- Playing as usual, and now I have 11 platinum trophies... I'll try to get a couple more in the month to come. Probably gonna post another blog with my gaming details.

5- No PS3 forums posts and no blogs as you probably noticed. I've been posting in the SW forums instead.... ground for some massive flaming, something I really like if you remember. Oddly enough, I've been raising my GS rank (29 now w00t!!) at a steady pace ever since... I barely get modded and haven't been suspended at all, whereas in the PS3 froums I was stuck at the same level (23 IIRC) for like a year or something and suspended every other week :lol:

6- Currently started replaying GoW2, in order to keep the story fresh for my 1st epic GoW3 playthrough, whcih I got on the midnight launch the other day. I'm aching to play it already but I still have to finish GoW2 and I barely beat GoW on tuesday night.

So yeah *****es


BTW, any of the old folks gone??

I Remember You

That's right guys, I still remember all of you even though I've abandoned you for quite a while now. The thing here is, I don't have much time now, so I'm kinda in some kind of canandrum or whatever it's spelled, just like my buddy abdel was not long ago. Games or GS??

Well, I definitely chose games but I thought I'd be able to check your blogs daily, like I used to not long ago. Sadly, my gaming's been leeping me really busy for mainly 2 reason:

1- I'm trying to get my last R2 trophy "Killing Machine" so I need 10k competitive kills and that's taking a while now. Currently at 3k, so as you can see, I have work for q while here. I'm thinking on doing like 50 kills per day so it's not that time consuming on the short term, but it'd mean I'll have this task for about 4-5 months :?

2- I decided to work on GTA's trophies too. This is not much of a problem cuz I don't think I'll go for the platinum here as I'm not interested on spending god knows how many hours on GTA MP, cuz that department's already been taklen by R2. I'm looking for the flying rats and all I'll be left with is a couple more SP trophies and all the MP ones.

3- SFIV comes tomorrow, but I think I won't be picking it up 'til the next weekend cuz if I get it right away, the other 2 games will be left behind and the gaming schedule looks pretty busy with KZ2 also arounf the corner and RE5 also near now :?

So as you guys can see, those 2 points I said were actually 3, so you get an idea on how busy my gaming schedule is :P

Anyway, I hope to see you guys on SFIV when the time comes, Tombo, jt, Mai, roger, hazel...all of you, let's make some tournament or something :D

BTW, I watched Friday the 13th on V-Day with my wife. Jason is back and it's nice to see this remake was nothing like the last 2 lame ass F13th movies. Pretty old school movie but on the present day... and with old school comes needless bewbs shots. Damn I liked this movie :D



Rise Above

Well, seems like it's been a while since my last blog and as I don'0t have interesting stuff to blog about (like I ever did, uh??) I decided to tell you stuff about this movie I watched yesterday:

Underworld - Rise of the Lycans

I guess most people here have watched the original Underworld movie, and I dunno about you guys, but I thought it was a really cool movie. The only flaw it had was Scott Speedman, God I really hate how he sounds really stupid with his "s" pronuntiantion.

Anyway, like I was saying Underworld was cool, so when Underworld Evolution came out, I wasd really excited, but it was a let down IMO. Wasn't as cool as the first one so I thought the series were going downhill, and I was "glad" tthat it ended there.

When I heard about I 3rd movie, I wasn't really excited about it and even less when I heard Selene (Kate Beckinsale) wasn't there... kinda my only motivation to even watch it after the Evolution debacle. But hey, it was a prequel, so Scott wouldn't be there, that was a plus, so yeah I kinda got interested :P

Well, yesterday me and the Mrs decided to go and watch it and boy I'm glad we did, it totally redeemed the Underworld series IMO.

The story is about how the war between Vampires and Lycans began, focused mainly on Lucian (Michael Sheen) who happened to be one of my fav characters on the original Underworld, so now it's the Lycans turn to play the good guys and the vampires the bad guys, as opposite of the other 2 movies. And for my surprise the story is not over the top, it actually makes sense, nothing you see in this movie makes you go "that's BS" and I liked that, cuz that's kinda what I hated about the 2nd one.

Bill Nighy comes back to play Viktor, and even he's a the real bad guy of the whole story, man I love this guy. Also, there's no Kate but this hawt babe called Rhona Mitra who plays Viktor's daughter Sonja, makes me forget about Kate lol. Man, this girl is hawt, too bad I couldn't express it while watching the movie but now that I'm among my crew I can't get enough of it: SHE'S HAWT!!!

Anyway, I won't go any further on the story so I don't spoil anything here if you ever decide to watch it, so it ends here. Just make sure you check it out sooner or later, as I really think it's some really good ****.

BTW K1LLR, as gay as it sounds, besides thinking how hat Rhonda is, I thought of you during the movie as there's a lot of mofo Lycans, and well, I know how much of a wolf geek you are :P

My Spoilerish Top 10 Boss Fights... MGS StyIe!!

After all this time, I finally got to post this. I tried to do it a few days ago and it came up pretty lenghty, but thanx to mofo Glitchspot all that got lost and I got pissed off real bad. :evil: Now that I've chilled about that, here I am again and while it's not like the previous one, I think it's kinda decent.

First of all let me clarify this MGS "countdown". It's not a real countdown because I couldn't make up my mind about most fights as all of them are pretty memorable or epic and ranking them was no easy task as I initially thought L

So instead of giving them a proper coolness Rank, I'll just post them in the order you'd find those battles in the whole MGS saga. I know it's kinda lame but **** it, here they are:

Cyborg Ninja - The original cyborg ninja a.k.a. Gray Fox a.k.a. Frank Jaeger. I remember being really afraid of this fight after what I saw in the hallway scene and seeing how the first minutes were hell as I didn't do any harm. The guy is so badass that your shots never get to the target... but I figured it out and dumped my guns. Fighting like real men, mano a mano in this memorable fight with the original Ninja badass.

Psycho Mantis - This fight was an epic win for Kojima, and it turned out being one of the most memorable fights for any MGS fan. The fact that you can't defeat this guy without "cheating", and the neat stuff Kojima chose to throw in (HIDEO wtf?? ) would make me chose Mantis as the number one fight, even though many would disagree. To support this, I can say that there's been countless topics on many forums about "what did Mantis say to you?", thus my "choice". And he's also the only Foxhound member besides Ocelot to appear on the sequels.

Metal Gear REX - REX is probably my favourite MG ever. I remember dying a lot of times the first time I faced that kick ass mecha. And when you beat it... you have to face it again!! Damn it!!

Fatman - When I saw Fatman, I thought he was the lamest Dead Cell member, I mean a fat guy in skates doesn't appeal my tastes, but in fact he's a really good character. His fight gives you that rush feeling when you have to disarm those bomb in a pretty tight time, 4 bombs is no joke considering the are you fight in... Look!! Your favourite... explosives!!

Harrier Fighter Jet - Some of you will probably disagree with this one. Originally, I thought of the Hind D, but truth is the Harrier fight took the Hind D concept and pushed it even further. Hind D had like 2 attacks only and this one has more, not to mention that missile barrage that probably owned you a couple times.

Metal Gear RAY - This fight was quite easy, but it was epic as well. Not only you have to fight 3 RAYs at the same time, the ****ers just keep coming and coming and coming. When I did the Euro Extreme run, I could only pay for it to end. 25 of these ****ers was really exhaustiating, so I don't understand why people keeps saying Raiden is not a badass.

The End - This fight is probably the most epic I can remember. When I got to that forest I thought it was going to be a simple Sniper fight, like Wolf's. But damn, I was wrong... The first time I faced him, the fight was on for about 30 mins... and tbh I got owned big time. Second time was about the same time with the same results. Third time was longer IIRC but the outcome was finally a win for me. I agree that once you know what to do, it gets quite easy, but I bet everyone of you will remember the first time you fought The End.

The Boss - The Boss is badass, no questions about it. When you face her you gotta be extra careful because she uses the best gun in the game and damn she can use that thing. IIRC she uses that thing to shoot your shots so it's kinda hard to hit her. And not only that, if you see her run for you, you better run away if you don't want your ass CQC'd, at least 'til you learn how to Counter CQC. BTW, I love to watch her owning Big Boss during the whole game, she's as badass as it gets.

*Salutes grave*

REX vs RAY - Just like Mantis, there has been countless topics about REX vs RAY, many said RAY because it was designed to beat REX, and some others (like me) said REX because that mecha was something to fear... well, this fight ends that discussion with an amazing battle. It almost reminded me of the Jehuty vs Anubis fight because it was practically the same concept, 2 mechas settling down which one is the most badass. And while I can agree RAY had more potential, REX ownz.

Liquid Ocelot - The Ultimate fight, a fight that goes through the 4 chapters of this saga to commemorate its end, from Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake to Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot. This fight is not that complicated but once you see the first fight "scene" you can't help to go "awsomeness".

Special Mention:

The Sorrow - This "fight" is worth mentioning because, well... if you've played MGS3 you'd know why is it so special even if it's not a real fight. Walking through the river full of dead souls and aal that creepy scenario makes this one hell of a "fight". BTW, I'm ashamed to say this, but this is the only MGS fight ever to make me look for a walkthrough as I never figured what I was supposed to do :(


That's it, some of the most kick ass battles you're going to find in MGS, but I gotta say that if you rather have some other fight instead, I wouldn't complain about it as every single MGS boss fight is pure awesomeness :D

My Spoilerish Top 10 Boss Fights.

So as I was challenged by ZSC (not really but I said in his blog that I'd answer his with this one) I'm making my own countdow to the most memorable boss fights I can remember (making them memorable :P)

Note that I said that only my blog series and my countdowns will be safe from the music titles, so I'm still sticking to my rules :P Also note that I'll include some spoilers, but these are mostly old games, but you probably haven't played them all anyway, so I'll post what game the fight is from and if you're planing on playing those, you can just skip those fights.


10 - Mike Tyson: What made this battle memorable?? well, the fact that this mofo will knock you out in 4 hits TOPS. This has to be an almost flawless fight if you wanna have the chance to beat Punch Out.


9- Ganon: Who doesn't remember thinking it was all finally over after defeating Ganondorf in The Ocarina of Time?? only to be surprised by a big ass monster called Ganon?? Ah that image will never go out of my head and I'm glad of that, good times guys, good times :D


8- Bonetail: This guy is a big ass dragon, no biggie here. But the mofo waits for you at the end of the 100 Trials Pit, making him harder than he should be, mainly because you're all worn off after 99 stages.


7- Akuma: Akuma was meant as a secret boss to replace Bison (only after he got his ass severily kicked by Akuma) and even if he wasn't that hard to be an epic fight, the sole fact that it maked the birth of a cIassic character in the history of fighters, is good enough to be memorable. Of course, most of you won't agree because you had to be there to understand this ;)


6- Nemesis: The final battle with Nemesis wasn't that great, but the fact that Nemesis followed you through the whole damn game to kill you and that he wasn't easy to defeat the during those times he showed up (not the first time anyway) makes me think of him as a memorable Boss and also one of the most memorable RE characters.


5- Fou-Lu: This is probably one of the best characters I've seen in one RPG, and sadly not many people are aware of him. Through the game you play as both Ryu and Fou-Lu, 2 parts of the Emperor Dragon... and you can even grow fond of Fou-Lu more than Ryu, so fighting such a kick ass character is both a shame and a thrill.


4- Anubis: When you meet Anubis at the end of ZOE, you can't help to think "OMG I can't even touch this guy!!" because Anubis is sooooooo badass that poor Jehuty is no match for him. But once you get as badass as him in the 2nd Runner, the result is an epic match fit to this kick ass game. BTW, notice Anubis hands?? those were designed that way to honor the worldwide hand sign of rock, so you can't go wrong with Anubis (and yeah, that pic is from an Anubis action figure, so go ahead and drool all you want ;) )


3- Vergil: I love Vergil, he's hands down my fav DMC character after playing DMC3 and while his fights are not that hard while playing on normal, the last fight against him on DMD is EPIC. Just like Tyson, Vergil could turn the tables on you and pwn you big time if you got careless.You don't wanna mess with that guy when he's pissed, that's for sure.


2- Krauser Knife Fight: This battle is not your regular boss battle, it's a mofo cut-scene, but damn that's probably the most kick ass fight in the whole game and that's saying much considering other great fights like Del Lago, El Gigante and Verdugo. Chances are you died at least 2-3 times the first time you "watch" that scene, and even if you say that once you know the whole drill it's a walk in the park, you can deny the fact that the first time you fought Krauser was epic.


1- Sephiroth: If you're anything like me, because you don't like to read/watch ANYTHING that spoils your games, you probably didn't know Sephiroth was in this game... so once you see the bonus matches in the Colisseum, you pick the first one nd it's the Ice Titan, pretty hard mofo but you defeat him. After that you pick the next match and you get a short cut-scene of a white beam of light that uncovers your opponent, he turns around to face you and "One Winged Angel" starts playing... you're owned.

That's it, my top 10 of boss fights... I know what you're thinking "WTF Goblin, where's my MGS?? :evil:" Well, let me answer that: in all honesty, if I included MGS in this countdown, chances are that it would take at least 6-7 spots cuz there are so many memorable MGS fights that they deserve a countdown of their own.

My Name Is (What??)

Hey boys, still not much going on here, but this is something I've been wondering for a while now. You see, ever since one of my friends here created (or changed can't remember well) his PSN account, I've been wondering what your real names are.

Why did that make me wonder your names?? well, because the GS name and the PSN id didn't match, and as I knew the guy with certain name, it would be weird to call it that way while on the PSN because that's not his PSN name.

Some of us have matching names, but some other don't, and this kinda bothers me for the reason I already told. Besides I don't think it's weird to ask a friend for his/her name, right??

I already know the names of some of you guys, even if it's only a handful of you, so I won't mention who you are so you're "forced" to post them anyway :P Note that I don't ask your for your FULL name, in case you're wondering I'm some kind of stalker or something like that. No, I'm good with your first name, so I'd be happy if you guys pleased me with this tiny request.

BTW, my name is Luis (like Luis Sera from RE4... but I don't get wangpalled)

Oops, I Did It Again!!

When I finaly thought I was getting rid of the lvl 24, bam!!! A new moderation strikes and makes me go back to that lvl.

Not that I care much about levels, but just saying. I've been stuck at this level for months now... I can't even remember when was the first time I got it :?

If you wonder what I did this time, let's just say that you (apparently) can't imply a place is boring, but you can pretty well imply people are stupid for wishing a change in the looks of their PS3, more especifically the new Yakuza version (which looks awesome)

Anyway as I haven't much going on in my life right now, I'll post 2 other things:


Today I got this new visual player called "White Cap" aaaaaaah!! it was a beautiful experience.

I'm the kind of guy who enjoys watching those visual players, you know?? But not just any vidual player, I prefer the ones who keep the rythm of the music, and this one did it a magnificent way.

Like I said, it was a beautiful experience (but probably the fact that the 1st song I listened to was "To Live is to Die" by Metallica had something to do with it.) The only problem is that I got the trial version because the full one is 20 bucks, and I'm not paying that much money for a visual player.

So like my buddy hazel said once: "who need drugs when you have those visualizers?" (or something like that :P)


I've decided a couple of things for my blog titles. They still gonna be music related bu:

1- The song can be any song, not necessarily metal, not necessarily good or not necessarily of my tastes (like the title of this blog)

2- Titles will not be limited by song titles, they will also can be taken off song lyrics.

3- Titles won't be strictly witten according the songs. They can have lil twists, like changing one word for another or the inclusion of a word. ex: "Oops they did it again" or "Oops, I did it again boys!". Nothing big as long as it keeps the scence of the song.

4- I'm thinking on ommiting this rules when it comes down to my blog series, like my "top 10s" or the "bad guys rule" series. But only for those, which are pretty much abandoned anyway.

5- I'm also thinking about making an special blog after every 10 blogs to let you guys know where those titles came from. Some of them are pretty obvious, but some others don't. This would be a way to let you know I'm not cheating.


Not that you care much about any of this, but like I said, nothing big has happened to me lately. :P

Down with the Sickness...

... I'm not. I'm seriously not. :|

Before going on further details about this, thanx everybody for your comments in my last blog. I haven't been around that much, mostly because of this Holidays, but I think I'll return back to normal now.

BTW, no Santa didn't got me **** of what I wanted. I don't know why everybody loves the fat ****, he's a real bastard :evil:

Ok now.. on to the main stuff.

I'm pretty sure most of you guys here are aware that I seriously love my sweet sweet pr0n. It's not a secret. I love it, I enjoy it and all that.

Well, yesterday that got ruined for me. Why?? Well, do you remember the first Tombo comic?? If you don't, it's about rogerjak trying to watch some pr0n involving 2 girls and 1 cup.

I've been curious about this ever since Brian showed it to Stewie in one Family guy chapter, but tbh never got past a simple "lol I gotta check that" and I forgot about that soon. When Tombo had that first comic, those thoughts returned but not for long tbh, so I never did anything about it.

But yesterday, I saw something that reminded me of that, and I said: "**** it, lets get that stuff and let's get this over with". Boy, why the hell did I do that?? :cry: That's gotta be the sickest sick **** I've ever watched in my entire life, it's entirely messed up.... no, that word is not good enough... ****ed up... seriously ****ed up.

I've seen pretty much every kind of pr0n out there within the human limits of decency (as long as they have girls that is) and I've thought some of them are well, hilarious. Seriously, I've watched a videos with dalmatas and horses (lol I know) but this is waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond that.(btw, none of that stuff has turned me on, it's just for fun... I'm down with the regular stuff)

Funny thing is... when I was 18 I sent and email to one of my friends with one pic involving that kind of stuff and I totally loved his reaction (he was near me when I did that). I seriously lmao... hard, real hard. He was soooooooooooooooo pissed off at me that he almosts kicks my ass and as I could stop laughing, I would've been unable to defend myself or even care about it.

Now I get this karma stuff. Oh man, that was not cooll at all.

So my friends, if you haven't tried that... don't you ever EVER try it if you wanna keep your mental sanity. And you know this is some serious **** when my advice is not to watch pr0n :?


Santa Claus is coming to Town!!

Not for me though... haven't seen that fat bastard in over a decade now.

But I guess I'm kinda glad about this because every Christmas morning was the same: wake up, rush to the tree only to find out that Santa didn't get me what I asked him to.

Anyway, I hope that guy gives you guys nice presents this year, and make sure you come here to brag about those gifts tomorrow, ok??

Merry Christmas.