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Smackdown vs. Raw 07

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Hav any of u tried Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 yet? I did not bother cause after 2006's version of that game I am never going near a wwe game again. It was that pathetic.  

Ps3 vs. Nintendo Wii

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Alright, haven't been on for a while but let me give a brief description on wat is going on in my video game world right now.

I was at toys r us the other day and it was almost a week since the ps3 and nintendo wii had been launched. I saw this huge pile of nintendo wiis and playstation3s and I asked myself why people made a huge deal with game consoles when first released instead of just waiting one more week and find a huge pile of them for less money instead of buying it offline for like wat $1,200.

My parents asked me if I wanted anything and I told them no. I told them I will come back a month later instead. Now the question is do I want a nintendo wii or ps3? At first I said the ps3 and now I kinda regret it because the only REALLY good thing w/ the playstation is the graphics. My opinion, the nintendo wii has way better functions this time!!! So wii it is

FIFA World Cup

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Can you believe France lost? I can't! I feel SO BAD 4 France, but I feel even worse 4 Zinedine Zidane. He totally did not deserve that especially at the end of his career. It wasn't even his fault.

School's Over

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School is finally over (thank god). Some of my friends actually recieved summer hw (that's a first).

Today, after school, my friends and I went over to the theaters to watch some movie. I wanted to watch Nacho Libre but they wanted to watch Click with Adam Sandlers. Advice: Next time u go to the theaters and Click is still on, watch anything but Click. I found the movie very worthless and dull.

Harry Potter

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The seventh book is coming out for Harry Potter. I think Harry Potter is pretty cool. The only thing is, in the fourth one, The Goblet of Fire, Voldemort returns. Would you join him? I would.

My favorite character from Harry Potter is Professor Snape. He is the coolest dude ever. I think Harry Potter ( Daniel Radcliffe) just gets uglier every time a new movie comes out.

Gamespot S**KS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey, Gamespot now sucks real badly. I don't know why but for some reason I am no longer allowed to recieve my messages on gamespot. How retarted is that?

Nobody comes online anymore. I haven't been online for about a week and and nothing changed (except for maybe the tournament).

Sword vs. gun

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Hey you know what, today me and MASTERCHIEF55 started this whole argument about swords and guns. I told her that it would be much better if you killed somebody with a sword. She said it would be much better if you killed someone with a gun (bazooka to be exact). Then we went around the whole school asking others for their opinion. half of them said sword and the others said the gun. Wouldn't it be better if you killed someone with a sword? No reloading bullets. If you were at war, I think it would be much easier to use a sword then a gun. I love swords. When I grow up, I am going to have about 50 swords in every room of my house.So there.

getting killed

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Every Thursday I have to go to some afterschool math program. Today, after my teacher dismissed us at 4:30, my friend and I deciced to go over her house and hang out. She does not live that far from the school. About 2 blocks away. Me and her were walking to her house. While we were walking, we had to cross this huge street. I told her to wait for the red light but she did not listen. So we both were crossing the street and there were about 3 cars coming at full speed. One car passed by honking. The other one stepped on the brakes and started cursing. The last car was this black car that was so close to killing us both. We were VERY lucky. The car stopped. Me and my friend ran away before the driver got out of his car. I am never going to cross the street with my frind again. NEVER.

Smackdown vs. Raw for 50 cent bullet proof

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A couple of weeks ago my family took me to this party. I was totally bored until I met this cute guy. We started talking about Need For Speed and all those other video games on ps2 and xbox. I started telling him how Smackdown vs. Raw was a sucky game and how it was a rip-off. he could not believe I said that cause he was a HUGE fan of wrestling and since he was grounded by his parents, he had not bought Smackdown vs. Raw yet. I told him I would sell it to him for $30 (even though the game is worth $45). After a while, we agreed that we would trade. I would give him Smackdown vs. Raw and he will give me 50 cent bullet proof. I heard the game 50 cent bullet proof is a really cool game. I am dying to try out the game. But still, do you think it is worth it to give away Smackdown vs. Raw?

My frickn' blog

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MASTERCHIEF55 wont stop bugging me about my blog. So here's another entry.I faked sick and my mom let me stay home from school...again. I cant believe she fell 4 it. Oh well. I was supposed to have two tests today. One for SS and one for Italian. How retarted is that? Oh well, at least I dont have to take it now.To bad 4 MASTERCHIEF55. HAHA I am going to stop typing now before MASTERCHIEF55 sends me another bad e-mail about my blog.
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