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Well That Was Kinda Pointless

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It appears that the day after I complain to you guys about my Internet sucking, it decides to work again... YAY! Here's a vlog to celebrate. Pretty much everything I wanted to say in this blog and more is on the video. Hope you enjoy.

I will try to get back to every blog that I missed during my forced two week hiatus. :)

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!


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This is probably my favorite drink now. Okay, maybe not, but it's a close second behind Coca-Cola.

The title also fits because I'm being revived after not writing a blog for an entire month now. Seriously, what the hell happened? :P

Problem is, there isn't much to talk about. :| I checked out that GameSpot Fuse or whatever, and I honestly thought it was a mandatory switch, but I somehow found myself back to the original GameSpot this morning. :P It looks too much like Facebook, which reminds me why I left that website: it's too confusing! :roll:

As for gaming, I haven't made that much progress in my Ocarina of Time 3 heart run. I'm at the beginning of the Shadow Temple, I'll probably start that tomorrow morning. Morpha almost killed me in the Water Temple, for some reason I remember that being an easy boss. :P I used up all my milk (two bottles worth, and each gives you two drinks so that makes four) and I still beat him with only half a heart left! :lol:

I haven't made any progress on Metroid: Other M Cheap Mode, no motivation for obvious reasons. :P Instead I've been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns with my sister. The Co-op in that game is a lot of fun and very well made! :o We're up to the volcano right now, and man is it getting tough.

I'm also replaying Majora's Mask. I already have like 6 hearts before even going into the first temple. Over-prepared, much? :P

I've been meaning to make a vlog recently, but every time I get ready to do one I just lose motivation and decide against it. :( I gotta learn to not be lazy, man. It's a wonder my grades in school are as high as they are...

Speaking of which, I have to read FOUR books this summer! It's already half over and I'm only halfway done with the first and shortest book! :D *cries* :P I ran into this same exact problem last year, didn't I? :lol: I'm sure I'll pull it off somehow. Anyway, I'm reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury right now. It's really freaking weird, it's about these guys who are firefighters but instead of putting out fires they start them. They light houses that have books in them on fire because it's the future and they believe books are evil and have lied to us this whole time or something. Then this guy, Guy Montag, who is a firefighter, meets a girl named Clarisse who tells him that firefighters used to save burning houses, and books used to be read by everyone or something. I honestly need someone to tell me what's going on. :lol: I mean, there's this one part where the walls are like talking to Guy and his wife and it's like they're part of the family! What the hell?! I don't get that at all! :lol:

Sorry for making that paragraph so long. I swear, these last few blogs have been so scatter-brained. :P Ok I think I'm done. Until next time...

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

A New Challenge Approaches

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To start off the summer, I've been challenging myself with two games in particular.

Metroid: Other M on Hard Mode
This should instead be called "the creators are complete jerks" mode. Ok, Hard mode in this game consists of NO item power-ups like Energy Tanks and Missles, and the enemies do twice as much damage than on Normal. Seems fair, right? :roll:

There should be a death counter on this game, honestly. I have so many right now. That volcano boss with the long arms killed me at least 20 times! Right now I'm in Area 2, just got the Shine Spark ability. I may back down on this, it's just not fair.

I still don't understand this plot device in Other M but whatever.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Three Heart Run
This, on the other hand, is much easier than I expected. I've only died once stupidly, and the game is going by very quick because I'm not stopping every five seconds to do a side quest for a heart piece. Phantom Ganon almost killed me, I had to make Link drink 7 year old milk to survive. :P And Volvagia didn't get to touch me at all. :o I remember that boss being harder.

Now I'm up to the Ice Caverns. The Water Temple is gonna be fun. :roll: I suck at fighting Morpha. Btw, I'm playing the N64 version. Don't own a 3DS yet, not sure when I'm getting one.

Those spider kids in Kakariko always scared the crap out of me.


I did very well on my report card! Passed all of my tests with pretty good scores, except for chemistry which was a 76. Don't know how that happened, but whatever, I passed. :P I thought it was kinda easy while taking it... weird. My average was still like a 96 or something in that cl@ss. (Why am I not surprised to see after at least THREE FREAKING YEARS, GameSpot has done nothing about this glitch?!)

SO! Does anyone still play Brawl? I do, and more than usual lately. But I haz no friends, I deleted my old file for some stupid reason and now I only do Basic Brawls which are fun for only so long, especially since now everyone is either a tourney tard or a taunter. So if you feel up to it, give me your FC. :o

And I've been playing the Sims 3 a lot, too. Still got my Hetalia Sims living their lives. :P We went to some vacation spots. I can easily say that China is the most fun, and France sucks because there's nothing to do. My sister went to the Desert place (can't think of its name off the top of my head, Al Simhara or something?) and it seemed ok, but it's probably mostly for dungeon exploring and stuff. We didn't do any of that, don't want to risk our Sims dying. :P

Not much else going on. So......... begone with you!

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!


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Plumbum is the best word ever. And it's a real word. Google it.

And it's not totally irrelevant to this blog! Maybe.

School is almost out for me. I just have two more tests and report card day and then it's summer time. 8) On Wednesday we have Chemistry, and then Thursday is Geometry. Not worried about either of them. Then Monday is report cards! I honestly can't believe how fast this school year went.

Haven't written a blog in a while, just nothing to say I guess. We've all pretty much recovered from "I've lost a pet" syndrome. The house feels more quiet and empty without a dog but we've all pretty much gotten used to it. Still miss her, of course.

I've completed the current Assassin's Creed series! I loved the final battle for Brotherhood, easily the best so far. The ending kinda threw me, though. Not saying anything incase someone cares, of course. And apparently the Borgia family actually existed in history! :o Wikipedia says so. For some reason I didn't think they were real people. Horray for video games teaching you history lessons! :P
Achievements in Brotherhood seem glitched for me. There's at least three that I've done twice or more but I'm not getting them! I'm particularly talking about Going Up, Special Delivery, and Easy Come Easy Go. Don't know why the game won't just give me them but whatever. :roll:

Guess I can also talk about my E3 opinions. Honestly, I wasn't shocked or excited by anything Nintendo announced. The WiiU seems pretty cool (even though it has the worst name ever) and I'm thinking about buying a 3DS now, but I was really looking forward to something big on Skyward Sword and all we got were small gameplay clips and some cutscenes. I'm probably most excited about Super Smash Bros on the WiiU, and they only talked about that one. :P I heard that Sony and Microsoft had bland conferences also, so I guess E3 was kind of a bust this year. Whatevs.

My sister started playing her first Zelda game yesterday: The Wind Waker. Would you believe me if I told you she made it to the Tower of the Gods in one day? :shock: I can't believe how far she got in one day. :P She's getting pretty good at it, too.

It's true.

Um.... end of blog, I suppose? Yeah, I'd say so. Thanks for reading! Now go do something productive with your life! :P

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

Requiescat in Pace

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Hey guys.

No fancy intro or anything this blog. I'm just gonna come clean.

We had to put our dog down today.

My parents and older sister drove off five minutes ago to the vet. I started crying when they headed off, mostly because Olivia was the greatest pet we've ever owned (we've had her for about 7 years) and she looked so happy as she left, having no clue that she was going to be sent to sleep.

We had to put her down because her leg was getting worse and worse every day it seemed. She couldn't walk in a straight line without falling over, and we had to carry her up the stairs to bed every night for at least the past month. I don't think she was in pain but it would only get worse, the only way to help her was to cut her leg off and give her a wheelchair or something and we didn't want that. She would eventually get paralyzed in her leg and wouldn't be able to walk at all, so it's for the best that we did it now before it got too bad.

We adopted Olivia on October second of either 2004 or 2005. She had two owners before us and neither liked her. We took her in and gave her so much love. It's so sad that it has to end this way, with us sending her off like this...

Olivia, the greatest dog in the world. Requiescat in pace. ("Rest in peace" in Italian, thanks to Assassin's Creed II)

See you next weekend or whenever.

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

My Blog That Is Written By Me, For Me

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"Today I was awesome!" -Prussia (reference to "My Song That Is Written By Me, For Me" from Hetalia)

June 1st, 1995. 10:41 am. New York, USA. I entered the world. And it was epic. Maybe, I don't really remember.
16 years later... I can't believe that.


Thank you in advance to anyone who wishes me a happy birthday! :)
Today was actually pretty average. We went to school an hour later than usual because of a teacher conference or something. The school was hot as hell because we apparently don't believe in air conditioners or something. :x I got an iPod Touch (first time I've ever had an MP3 player, believe it or not! :P) and my grandma told my dad to get me a guitar so maybe! :o Then we had Mc Donalds. :P I had a new bacon cheezburger. It wasn't spectacular but it was good. The ones from Burger King are better. :P

And now I'm sitting here typing this thing. Probably play Assassin's Creed 2 'till I go to bed! :D
And so ends my birthday! Don't know when I'm gonna start driver's ed, either in the summer or in September because my school holds cl@sses after school. (Why hasn't GlitchSpot fixed that problem yet? Honestly! :roll: )

Speaking of Assassin's Creed, I got into those games over the weekend. :o They're amazing! I've wanted to play them for a very long time and I finally got the chance. I'm playing the second one right now, and it's kind of a slap in the face with all the new content they added. :lol: It's cool though. I'll start Brotherhood when this one is finished.

Didn't write a blog last weekend because I was waiting for today, incase you were wondering. :P I probably won't write another one this weekend either. So next blog is next weekend!

I learned today that I suck at smiling for pictures. :| I was taking a new one for Facebook (I started using that site again after literally one year. :lol: ) and I just... couldn't take a picture of myself. :P I finally got one that was decent.

I'm mentioning random stuff again. :x Seems like when I write blogs in such close time frames like this I run out of things to say and just mention the first thing that comes to my mind in some random order. :P Ok I'm done. Bye-bee.

:| Why did I just make a Lucky Star reference? *facepalm*

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

Doomsday? Maybe Next Time, Guys

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"According to the bible, the second coming of Jesus Christ will be May 21st 2011. Noah's flood will kill us all. More doomsday blab."

Yeah, well the bible also states that no man can predict Christ's second coming. Not even the angels can predict it. Looks like you guys were wrong again,theorists! Maybe you'll finally be right in December of next year! ;)

But yeah, if you believed any of this crap, you're very gullible. The world isn't going to end any time soon, it probably won't even end in our great-great-grandchildren's lifetimes. Doomsday theories are spread around all the time and are never true, so just ignore them. :D

So now that that's out of the way...

Posted two cool things recently for you guys to check out! :D
One is a vlog on YouTube that I made a few days ago. I know, I'm shocked that I made one, too. So if you wanna see what's going on with me, check it out!
Another thing that I made earlier today is a meme on deviantArt. This thing is hilarious and includes some of you guys! Check it out if you want a good laugh!

Not much else is going on. The Seniors in my high school graduated today (or technically yesterday, this is being typed at 12 in the morning on Sunday.) This officially makes me a Junior in my school! 8) Because of this, we don't have school on Monday. I don't get it either, but it's a 3 day weekend so I'm not complaining... especially since I have 3 essays to type. Fun. :x

My mom, sister and I just got finished with a game of Mario Party! :D It was the first time my mom's played in years, and she did better than me; she got second place, while I got third. My little sister won. :roll: It's because they kept stealing stars from me! asdfgrrr... Screw you, Boo. It was fun though, and my mom said she'd play another board tomorrow. :) Family bonding can be fun if you're doing the right thing like playing a video game.
We would've let Dad play but we only have three remotes. :P Plus one of them has a screwed up control stick. I took the handicap and used it. Yeah, I'm a hero. :lol:

Mario Party 1 is infamous for having so many control stick rotation mini-games. If you win your hand suffers.

So now that it's May 22nd... 10 days 'till my birthday! :o Glad the world didn't end today, I wanted to see what I'd get on my sixteenth birthday! :D :P

Guess this blog is coming to a close, I can't really think of anything else to say. So... thanks for reading, and see you next week! ;)

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

I Feel... H..a...p...p...y...

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The title refers to one of Giygas' stranger quotes in his battle in EarthBound. I feel happy about several things to mention in this blog, the first one being... THIS:

An awesome EarthBound sig that Aidan made for me! It matches my avatar, which makes me feel better. Thanks again! :D

So how was everyone's weekend? Mine was more interesting than usual! :o
I woke up at 6 am to help out at the Special Olympics my school was running yesterday. I helped set up a little and showed the handicapped how to play Bocce Ball (a really old Italian sport, it's pronounced "ba-chee".) I had to leave early though because we had to head to my grandma's. I felt bad for leaving so early but it was nice to help out, plus it was fun! :)

After that, my grandma decided to take me, my little sister, and my cousin to the Harry Potter Exhibit in New York City. I've seen the first five movies and want to start reading them sometime, so I decided to tag along. It was actually a lot cooler than I expected; they had just about every prop actually used in the movies, including the clothes, wands, and magical creatures like Buckbeak, Fawkes, and those damn Mandrakes (You can even pull them out of pots and they scream like in the movies. :P) I would've shown some pictures but they didn't allow pictures. And I forgot my camera anyway. :P

Today we're not doing anything special. My sister is coming home from college for the summer soon so that'll be cool.

Wednesday was Awards Night at my school. I got an award for having the second highest average in Math for all Sophomores. I felt... happy but nerdy. :lol: Whatever, it's always nice to get rewarded for your efforts. And tests are coming up soon... I'm not worried about anything but I just... don't want to take them. :P

I have so many minor and random things to talk about in this blog apparently. :o Well my birthday is coming up in like two and a half weeks. So go get some presents or I'm not talking to you anymore. :x :P

I haven't made a YouTube video in so long. :o And I haven't made a vlog in a longer time. :lol: I feel like such a jerk to the people that subscribed to me on YouTube.

My sister just downloaded Re: Your Brains and Still Alive on her iPod Touch. :P I want one. Maybe for my birthday?

Ok, now I'm mentioning very random stuff. Which means... time to end this blog. :P Have a good week! ;) See you next time.

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

Seis de Mayo

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Happy Sixth of May everyone! This day... has no significance whatsoever and isn't actually a holdiay. Unless you were born today, in which case happy birthday I guess.

I'm gonna try to write blogs every weekend from now on, unless something exciting happens during the week (not likely) or if I don't have much to talk about.

So yeah, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Although I have a bit of Puerto Rican blood in me we didn't do anything special. My parents were out at my older sister's softball games all day so me and my little sister were left to rot at home. :x Just kidding. We played some Brawl and The Sims 3. We made Hetalia Sims in that game. Yeah, we're dorky. :lol: And I hate to brag, but they're pretty awesome if you ask me. One of my favorites is Russia, he practically came out perfect. Here's a link to a pic my sister posted on deviantArt. Also here's a pic for comparison. Incase you're curious, Russia is afraid of his sister Belarus in the anime because she wants to marry him. Hence why we took a picture of that face.

Speaking of deviantArt, I made an account there last week! If you're not already following me I suggest you do because I'm that awesome. :iconprussiaplz: ....Oh wait, that doesn't work here. :| Anyway, here's my devArt. I have some more Sims on there and so does my sister, if you care. My art skills aren't amazing but I may post a funny picture every now and then, and of course hang out with the people over there. Which means, yay no more posting pictures here anymore where it takes like 2 hours to load the picture! :iconimhappyplz:

Short, Probably Unnecessary Apology
So remember two blogs ago when I went all out and complained about how I get few comments on blogs lately? And then I went on saying, "Oh I'm so uninteresting, oh woe is me"? I've been thinking about that lately and I'm really sorry to make it sound like I'm all emo and I wanted to hear that I'm awesome or something like that. Trust me, I'm one of the least conceited people I know. :|

I should've just wrote that I'm sorry that I didn't post for a few months and been done with it. Although I do appreciate all the comments that tried to cheer me up (which they did, btw) I almost feel like I forced it out of you guys. :|
See, this is the problem with me. I linger on to things for so long, like a girl. :x I should just be a guy and let it go but whatever. That's just the way I am I guess. :P

Not much else to talk about. Well, GameSpot changed their design ever-so-slightly. It's kinda cool but it was extremely minor and random. How about fixing actual problems, such as when I try to post in Unions and I get the error box of doom and I wind up double posting? :lol:
Wow, when I don't post pictures my blogs are so much smaller. :? So yeah, I'm done. Happy Mother's day on Sunday! And I'll see you guys around. ;)

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!

April Showers Is An Understatement

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So April is almost over. April always seems to go by so fast with Spring Break. Speaking of which, mine was pretty plain; I got a lot of gaming done though. I got myself and my sister back into Smash Bros Brawl. I was surprised, she hated that game because we used to play it so much! :P She's pretty good as Lucas, while my main is still Yoshi.
We also had a basic same-old-same-old Easter. Nothing too special. The break seemed to go by very fast though, we got back to school on Wednesday. And it was pretty nice weather throughout all of April... until the last week or so. It's been pouring rain lately, especially yesterday. I heard it was because of a tornado that hit not too far from here, and this is what we got in response. It wasn't too bad, luckily.

So, notice the new avatar? Yep, it's Ness from EarthBound! I got this for two reasons: My old one... died. Yeah, I know it's sad. :( It's ok though, I kinda wanted a new look; that one was so two days ago :roll: The other reason being that I beat EarthBound last night! :o The final boss was so much fun, easily one of my favorite battles ever despite how creepy it is. It's mostly so fun because Giygas has unlimited HP so you can just go all out with your strongest attacks like Multi-Bottle Rockets, PSI Rockin' omega and PSI Starstorm omega.

You cannot grasp the true form of the Happy Meal's ingredients!

If you haven't played EarthBound and you love RPG's you should totally find a way to get it. It was totally worth the money I spent on it, even though it was a little too much. :P I'd totally play Mother 3 but either I need to move to Japan and learn the language or I have to download an emulator and the fan translation, which I don't know how to do. And if you've never heard of Mother 3 go check out some videos on YouTube. Gotta warn you, it's one of the saddest games ever made.

(Wow, I said "totally" three times in one paragraph. Bogus, man.)

You Just Lost The Game
In other gaming news, I've been wanting to start a three heart run of a Zelda game. I've never done one before but they seem like fun! I'd either start with Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time (Probably Ocarina, I tried the Cave of Ordeals in Toilet Princess the other day and I epic failed with twenty hearts :P) and then maybe move onto other games like Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker.

Bleah, not much else. I restarted Pokemon Pearl the other day and I'm in Eterna Forest. That place has awesome but eerily sad music. So far my team consists of Monferno, Budew, Drifloon, and a Bidoof named Bob for a slave. And yes, I moved everything over to Black before I restarted. I'm not stupid. :P


And finally as some random note... I recently found out that you can click in the mouse wheel button to bring up new tabs in Internet Explorer instead of right-clicking. That... is awesome, I've been having so much fun with it. :lol:
That's about it I guess. Have a good weekend, thanks for reading!

Green~Love, Peace, Happiness, Yoshi!