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@ubisucks: ah, that's dissapointing. Oh well. Was it the same way in AC3 by the way? Only certain trees? I didn't play it long enough to get to trees, didn't like the control scheme on PC.

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Can you only climb certain trees? Or can you climb EVERY SINGLE TREE YOU SEE?

I've been dreaming about an open world game where I can climb every tree I see , so I can drop down like the Predator on some fool , lol.

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Reading the back and forth here is really a treat - a true battle of the minds. Anyway, Condor, in the fourth post you said: "Getting spawn killed happens in just about every multiplayer game." That is a claim which you have not substantiated. I, too, do not recall many (perhaps any) games with the level of spawning problems as MP3. However, you don't think that's right, and willing to hear you out. So which games do you think have similar problems, makng MP3's problems not a big deal? You need to provide examples of at least a few others for people to take your claim seriously. This really isn't that hard and we're on a freaking gaming forum - you don't need to even write in complete sentences.

Why does it need to be substantiated? Thats odd, because if you weren't illiterate, you would've noticed the thread is about the multiplayer in general, not whether or not you get spawn killed. You expect me to start naming off multiplayer games, when you do not name one? "I, too, do not recall many (perhaps any) games with the level of spawning problems as MP3." That is a claim which you have not substantiated. I tell you what, I frankly could not possibly give less of a s*** what you think about my post, I've played enough competitive shooters to know what I'm talking about. And anyone who posts on a topic, with nothing to say about the actual thread topic is a troll. So if you start naming multiplayer games that you don't get spawn killed in, I will name multiplayer games you do. What makes you think I need to provide examples? What makes you think I care whether or not people take my claims seriously on a gaming forum, of all places? Where did I say MP3's problems weren't a big deal? Its surprises me that being illiterate seems to be the most common trait on gaming forums. You know what really isn't hard at all? Making a post on the subject at hand, but it doesn't surprise me that someone who is illiterate finds that to be such a challenge. Though I can't say I'm surprised someone who is illiterate, also has a picture of a cat as their display picture. Seems incompetence, and an obsession with cats go hand and hand on the internet.

I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "illiterate". It means someone who is not able to read or write. The people you call illiterate construct FAR better sentences than you.
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I don't remember the last time i've actually cursed out loud at a video game since the days of the unbeatable super AI of Kintaro on Mortal Kombat 2 for the genesis. And things are not made better by the fact that I recently played max payne 2 and i'm sorry, but why did they have to ruin such a masterpiece of gameplay? MP2 was an emotional experience for me. I really got into the story because of the way it was presented.Max's monologues were poetic and philosophical. There were some cliches, but the atmosphere was engrossing. Mostly, it was one of the few shooters that actually made me WANT to kill the enemies. I wanted them to SUFFER. For what they did. I was taking revenge on them just as much as Max was. The game was a generator of hatred. It was genius. The gameplay was genius. I never cleaned a room the same way twice. Which made the game infinitely replayable. It was like a murder sandbox with a million different ways to clean a room. I could jump from high to low, or from low to high. I could wound the enemies first in bullet time, then finish them with a leap. I could blow their chest with the shotty while flying above them , then switch to double uzis and swiss cheese the other two guys while i'm still laying on the floor , the uzis spitting bullets like a pair of fiery devils. The catharsis, the emotional release of energy was incomparable. I could do whatever the hell I wanted to do and the game LET ME do it. It was okay to do it. The story was awesome too. Max's monologues were cool. They put all the senseless violence of the city in a timeless, almost spiritual perspective. Something that did not have meaning was given meaning. In MP3 all the old Max does is gripe , gripe , gripe and complain , then drink , drink and drink (in every single cut scene) , then gripe and complain some more. Kind of like me now , but with less variety. He has ONE point to make - "I suck. Life sucks. I messed up. Here I go again." And also, in MP2 we chased a beautiful woman. There was sexual tension. There was chemistry. In MP3 we try to save the equivalent of Paris Hilton, who I would personally let be killed. We have the task of protecting some of the most cliched, repulsive , "i want to punch you in the face" type of characters i have ever seen in a video game (even the over-the-top pricks from the gta series are not as bad). None of the MOTIVATION for caring about them is here. Maybe except for the pregnant girl (who didn't stop crying in my ear the whole time). Killing enemies is more like a chore than a destiny in this game. There is none of the passion , none of the anger , none of the sadness and despair , the anguish. None of the "you killed my wife! She was my companion, she was my friend. She was my everything! And my little girl. My beautiful little angel. YOU BASTAAAARDS !!!! DIE !!! None of that , not even a trace of that can be found in Max payne 3. Taking that away , what do we have left? Gears of war with normal guns and bullet time? Why did they have to do that? But here is the things I absolutely cannot stand about this game , starting with the worst : 1. Way , way , way toooo many enemies. These are frickin ARMIES! Seriously. And that's on the lowest difficulty. The ghettos in Brazil apparently have numbers to take over north america. They keep coming. And keep coming. And more. It is unrealistic. I've never been to the favellas, but I doubt that there are that many people there as are enemies in the game. Seriously. And for a game so hell bent on absolute realism, the number of enemies would be more appropriate for an arcade game like saints row or something. And more and more over there. And more! AND MORE! With rifles, grenades and AK's! Against that I got a nine milimeter! Yeehaw! Take that , armies of foul , insult hurling portuguese speaking DEMONIZED brazillians. (seriously, after playing this game, I AM NEVER GOING TO BRAZIL! EVER!) 2. I mentioned that most enemies are "over there". The ones that are "over there" (which is most enemies in the room) , they are several pixels big, so head shots and one shot kills are a matter of pixel hunting like an old school point and click adventure, rather than good reflexes. The leap is basically reduced to moving from cover to cover. And yes, my most hated video game innovation of all time apart from the weapon limit (oh , wait , there is a weapon limit in MP3, how weird!) 3. The cover system has removed all creativity and tactics from the gameplay of MP2. In that game, you could decide how to enter and best clean up a room. The enemies were numbered and the result was a dance of death , the beautiful and poetic motion of the grim reaper. In MP3 , there is no such creativity. Especially from the middle to the end where it degenerates into something like the shooting gameplay of GTA IV. There are very few things that I hate in games today more than COVER! Ugh. ITS SOOOO BORING! AAAAARGHHH! 4. Where did the cool noir comics go? Oh, you mean the story telling device that made the original games absolutely unique? Why, we got rid of it! Of course we did. Better to do absolutely pointless cut-scenes with the game engine where max either drinks and gripes, or just walks through the worst areas on Earth like some tourist. I mean , that's like strolling through compton armed only with a glock. WTF?! And he keeps talking about making dumb decisions. Max was never pathethic. He was tortured, made mistakes , unlucky, pained. But he was never pathethic. Well, he is now. 5. I paid money for this game. I paid money for it and it crashed! I had to spend an hour trying to get it to work. This is a brand new product with stability issues. You pay for it and it doesn't work. Not to mention how heavy the game is. My rig handles CRYSIS with hd mods on super ultra graphics but Payne3 gives my RAM a run for its money. Not sure why either. 6. Max Payne is a senior bad ass detective and a hard boiled cop, YET , he takes orders and allows himself to be BOSSED AROUND by that so called partner of his, who later turns traitor. Every time he tried to boss me around I would shout at the screen and shoot at him. Max Payne works ALONE! This is not CALL OF DUTY, Rockstar! There is no , "FOLLOW". 7. I have the easiest time playing the game on whatever difficulty. I can aim, shoot and get headshots whenever I damn feel like it. That's because I'm a big fps fan so that's why I can. I used to kick Xaero's ass in Quake 3 on the hardest difficulty and was for the longest time an avid counter strike player. So no, it's not because I suck at the game that I hate it. It's not because it's easy or hard. It is because they have made it sooo booooring! They took every single cool thing about the last game and REMOVED IT! I wanted max payne 2 with max payne 3 graphics, but that was too much to ask for , I guess. Whatever. I had such high hopes for the game. And either way, I wanted to vent. I'm sure somebody will agree with me. Although most of you like the game. I actually feel better that I got that off my chest. And now that i've vented the venom out of my system into the clear blue waters of the ocean of the internet , i'll play a PROPER max payne. I'll play MAX PAYNE TWO! And I'll uninstall this ridiculous game. Peace!