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Well for those of you who over the past years have read my blogs I would like to personally thank you. Those were tought times in my life and writing helped me get through it all. But since then I've matured greatly as a person. Whether I like it or not I'm still debating.

A basic run down of whats happened to me since I've last written: my mother died , i got kicked out of my high school (but I'm in a new one I like better so don't worry) and idk exactly what else but I'm just very different. I'm more of a "toughguy" then I ever was. I had lost interest in video games and rock music both of which I really enjoyed while I was a regular member of this site. I still listen to rock but mostly rap now.

I probably suffered from depression but not like I was going to receive help for it. I strongly believe I have anger management problems now but I can handle it better. Getting kicked out of my first high school was a strong reality slap. But my new school is fine, it's a public school which is VERY different then the catholic schools I had been in my whole life up to now. But it's more laid back which I needed. I'll be playing football there which starts in about 2 weeks. I succeed in football at my old school which was a life-changing experience for me that greatly improved who I am and gave me friends that will last for a lifetime.

I got a xbox 360 about 2 months ago which brought back my interest in gaming which in turn brought me back to this site. So I felt the need to "update" those who remembered me since I kinda left off like a depressed suicidal threat, which I probably was at the time. So thank you for reading this since there were just some amazing people I've met on this site and hopefully more to meet in the future. But I don't think I would spend a whole night posting in off-topic like I used to but I'll still be on here from time to time. Anyway thanks, bye..


your 5'8 offensive lineman sensation (d1 recruit if you know what that is)

NFL Camp

Thursday to Sunday I have to go to this NFL camp for high school players. Should be fun because I get to lay out kids from all over Staten Island..w00t..Anyway I come back to GS like once in a while now and vipie2004gmail is a lowlife nerd that has nothing better to do with his life..=)..hope you drop dead =)...and I'm gonna go out with this girl soon..pic soon..peace losers..


Haven't been on here in a while. Really don't miss it..I'll be back every now and then..goodbye people..

Friday the 13th

Today was Friday the 13th..bad school i have 4 periods with my ex-girlfriend who I broke up with like 2 weeks ago. She found out I'm going out with someone else and she gets all pissed and we're fighting in like every class. Oh well..screw her. I'm going out with my gf tonight so I gotta go take a shower now..Bye...

2005 In Review

First off..let me just say..holy s*** it's been a while since I've posted a journal entry or blog. Whatever you prefer. Since I've posted here:

My mom died on October 20th
Me and Shannon broke up

Those are the two biggies. I went out with another girl for like a month but we broke up and now I'm going out with my new gf, Danielle. We've only been going out for a week. I still talk to Shannon pretty often. She hasn't had a bf since. I've actually seen her too. Her school is like 5 minutes away from mine and I've seen her going to the train station with her friends. She stops and says hi. My friends don't really know her cause she knew my friends from grade school.

Anyway, overall, my 2005 was alright. I lost some but gained some. I think I did a lot of maturing this year. I was kind of forced to due to what surrounded my home life. And as mean as this may sound, life's easier without my mom. It was difficult to deal with her when she was sick. But now I think of her everyday.

Anyway, those were just two topics I wanted to address. Thanks for reading.


More On The Depressing Chapters That Is, My Life

Well, I've had more time for Gamespot than I thought I would. Yesterday, I had a WHOLE half hour to go online and today was about 45 minutes. I didn't expect to get on at all. Although my homework has been easy the last two days, it's taken me like an hour each night. I get home at around 7 and I finish my dinner, after my shower, at around 8:30. Then I start homework. Finish around 9:30. Take a nap until about 10 or 10:30.

School hasen't been that bad. But the school's a lot larger than my old school but I'm starting to learn where my classes are. I'm not in any honors but I really wish I was. On the day of the placement day I was really sick and threw up in the middle of the test. But my math and spanish classes are like retarted. The math, I've been doing since 7th grade. Spanish, they're starting from the very beginning and I've been taking spanish since third grade, so this is pathetic for me.

My teachers seem nice. Although it's only been four days, but still. I've made a lot of more friends. Although at lunch and assembly's I sit with the rest of the football team. We're like the loudest people in every class and I guess the "cool" people. But like no one really knows anyone else and we've seen each other days for two months and survived the hardest week ever together at camp.

Football has been going good. I'm starting center for sure. I'm frickin awsome. So they finally stopped trying me at guard and tackle. The scrimmage last Saturday was okay. I was starting guard at the time. But the center fumbled the snaps four times so they took him out and I'm starting center. Just that easy. Center is SO much better. I don't have to pull on any plays except the tight end screen, which today, two times, my own teammates on offense tried to lay me out, by accident. Keyword: tried. I'm unstoppable.

Back to the scrimmage, if it was a game we would've won but it'd of been close. The school sucked, we really just screwed up our plays. They're a AA team and we're AAA. Triple A being the best. I made this awsome block and the coach keeps talking about it but they called some dumb penalty on me, unnecessary roughness. I mean, comon. If I laid the kid out, I laid him out, get over it.

Things at home aren't so great. I can barely concentrate on my homework because my mom just has emotional outbursts and she starts screaming and crying out of nowhere about nothing. Her condition is getting worse by the day and if I had to guess I'd say if she survived the next month, I'd be shocked. We're already making plans for things I'd rather not think about. This doesn't bother me as much as I think it should though. I mean, I came to terms that she'd die like three years ago, but now that it's finally here, I just thought I'd feel different. I hate to say it, but it's like she's been dead to me for the last three years.

Well, thanks for caring and reading. I know what you're probably thinking. What about Shannon? Let me put it this way, it's basically over, just, not yet.

I Won't Be On Too Much Anymore

I won't be on here too much anymore. I wake up at 5:45 and get home and 7. I have football practice after school so when I get home, I shower, eat dinner, homework, and study. Leaving little to no time to go online. I'm falling alseep as I'm writing this. I also got a myspace, if you want to see what I do daily. Here it is. Sunday is just about the only day I'll ever get some time to go online.

Today was also my first day of high school. My school is awsome. They're kinda strict but the teachers are nice and I know A LOT of kids from football. And the girls are hot. I'll talk about it more later, I'm really too tired to go on.

Very Bad News

Before I start, I really wish I could come here with something positive to say.

Well, last Thursday I came home from football camp. It was extremely hard but a lot of fun. I'll make an entry about that later. Also, I had no idea about the whole Hurricane Katrina thing until I got back.

Friday was just a lazy type day for me. I slept until like 3, resting from camp. Then my dad took my mom to the doctor's. Before I start, when I left for camp, my mom's ankles were like swollen. But when I got back they were all red and they oozed and stuff, VERY difficult to look at.

Anyway, since I start school Thursday and my sister starts Wednesday we'll need someone to stay home and take care of my mom while we're away so they had to talk to someone at the hospital about that, cause they would provide someone or something (my parents really don't tell me much about any of this) and she has a doctor's visit. The doctor basically said there's nothing they can do now. They're having people from a hospice come and comfort her. Plus we're getting someone to take care of her on top of that. So this all means that my mom is gonna, well....

I really don't like to think or talk to much about it. I really haven't felt like myself lately. To add to the happiness, my air conditioning just broke.

Leaving For Football Camp

Tomorrow I leave for football camp. I'll be returning September 2nd. So I won't talk to you guys for a while. There's gonna be so much catching up to do with my unions and stuff, I don't even want to think about it. Also, answer me this, I have about 800 posts, so why am I level 5? Also I've been on GS less and less lately, just not as fun as it used to be. I haven't been to OT in a week and don't plan on going back anytime soon. I'll stick around, for now. But this doesn't mean I'm moving to IGN or anything, I've just had less time to go on GS and when I do I'm exhausted.

Football this past week has been the hardest with practice running from 12-7. We do get a 45 minute break for lunch and rest. Today wasn't so bad though. We did some drills and ran 11 on 11 for like 3 hours. I was playing center for all of it. I like center A LOT better. The main center has been playing nose tackle a lot. I'm thinking I could be the starting center. Either that or guard or tackle. I'm definately gonna start. But up at camp whoever scrimmages against the JV is a starter. The coach said "If I know you can't withstand the blow, I'm not putting you in". Meaning, since I hit like a f***ing psycopath, I'm playing.

We also loaded up the bus for camp today. We had to come back at 3 cause practice was early and short today, 8-12. It only took an hour and twenty minutes which is a school record. Freshman basically passed stuff in an assembly line leading to the bus for half and hour, then, since we sucked at that, JV took over and they told us to get out of the way. So we go sit on the bleachers by the tennis court, where, of course, the girl's tennis team is practicing. They wear skirts and when they swing, it flies up. You get the picture.

So then they finished packing the bus and coach gives us a lecture and we were out of there. I had to wait half an hour for my dad to pick me up. There were other kids though, so waiting wasn't so bad. Then, I went home, took a shower, went to Shannon's house. I stayed there for like 3 hours. Then I went home, had dinner, took a nap, and here I am.

I'm really gonna miss Shannon. I can call her though. I told my parents that I can't call them, but I can, I just don't want to. I'm really gonna miss everyone. But it should be fun, lineman bunk with each other and they're the most fun kids. We're gonna be up until like 3 doing funny s***. Anyway, I'll tell you all about camp when I get back. I'll miss you all. Bye...