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Grammaton-Cleric Blog

It's Okay To Admit You Don't Know What You're Talking About

A Chinese professor of mine once observed the fact that Americans have a nasty habit of pretending to possess knowledge about topics that in reality they know nothing about.

So do Online message board dwellers.

Every since VF5 landed on the PS3, anybody and everybody has been paying negative lip-service to this incredible game. Apparently, overnight, all of these people became experts in one of the most niche and demanding genres in gaming.

Unfortunately, this expertise is limited to regurgitating Jeff's mediocre review of VF5 for the PS3, an editorial more concerned with complaining about the lack of online functionality than it is with addressing the overt quality the core gameplay represents.

So now we have a legion of lemmings claiming VF5 is nothing but a prettier version of VF:Evo.

The truth is that VF5 is everything a sequel should be, including better gameplay, superior balancing, larger movelists, and new characters.    

Of course, you have to play this game to understand. And that's the one thing most of these people haven't done.

And yet they feel compelled to critique it.

God Bless the Internet.

I Make No Apologies

I was recently banned 10 days for taking a fanboy assclown to task on GGD.

It was worth it.

The reality is that the message boards have become a breeding ground for immature, uninformed twits who gleefully spew all sorts of rabid, unsubstantiated propagandist nonsense that in turn corrupts the possibility for any real intellectual discussions to take place in GGD.

Even worse is the arbitrary nature of the moderation system, which allows some people to bend and break the rules with impunity while others get censored for minor infractions. My most recent ban was in response to a comment I made to a fellow member about firing the team of monkeys that wrote his posts. That I was banned doesn't bother me; what bothers me is that I was banned and he wasn't punished at all despite calling me "delusional" in a previous post.

So basically, the GGD forum has become a place where people can act like A-HOLES and get away with it assuming they hit the mod button first. What this means is that GGD has become elementary school. Do you remember the kid who would always start crap and then run to the teacher when retaliation came due?

And what eventually happened to that kid?

Answer: Somebody finally got him alone and smacked some civility back into his punk ass.

I've tried to play nice many times here and the truth is I've flamed only when attacked first. What annoys me is how often I see TOS violations that go un-modded yet my reasonable and mild response to an antagonistic member earned me a severe penalty.

This place is fast becoming a joke. It was once a palace of intelligent discussion but recently, it's just like every other forum, filled with immature clowns waging war on anything they don't own.

Meanwhile, I'll take fools to task without hesitation.

They don't belong here.