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New Avatar for me and perhaps anime?

After a couple years I decided to switch my avatar from Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo, to Alucard from Hellsing which looks very kick ass. I wanted a good lucky star avatar, but the ones I was finding were to big sadly. As for anime reviews I might start them here, but I will need a normal set of people visiting and willing to express their thoughts on it. For the time being I'm just going to do game reviews.

Getting back into the reviews.

I recently strarted to game reviews again for alot of the psp and DS games, asof recently I been intoa DS and PSP gaming mood. I would like to do anime reviews again for certian online forums, but every time I do them hardly anyone checks them out. I wish not to put into lots of effort, and get not much talk from it. So here is hopeing things get better for me.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is almost here!

Hello everyone, I know I been MIA for awhile on gamespot forums, but I'm here now to talk about my hype for MGS4. I recently got my hands on MGS3 after being out for a long time as I didn't want to be left out on some details when I come to play MGS4 later next week. I do hope many other people have PS3 and have decided to get MGS4 as it looks very awesome and action packed. Although people I do ask you try not to be turn off by this 90 minute cutscene stuff as I'm sure this scene will be alright and the action will keep coming as I hope it will. So all PS3ers and future PS3ers out there raise your controllers in joy as the wait is almos over and we can stop all this PS3 bashing from everyone that worships xbox360 like it's a god.

Damn it's been awhile since a blog post

I been kinda busy, so I haven't been able to do much posting in unions or forums lately but here I am for alittle bit. I plan to get me Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 this week, which looks to be an awesome yet also challengeing game. I also got more games as of late as well, but nothing to write home about. I also can't wait for Gundam Dynasty Warriors for ps3, so that I candestroy some mechs. Well seeyas for now

Sonic rocks!!!

I recently got me Sonic the Hedgehog for my ps3, and it's awesome as hell. I also did get me Monster Rancher evo, but i yet to play it. If anyone has played it tell me if it will be any good.

Behold the power of PS3!!!!!!

As of yesterday have setting some deals with my boss at work I now have me a Playstation 3! The system setup is kinda easy, since it's like the psp just bigger and can play psone, ps2, and the ps3 games on it. The system rocks, although till the 2nd of march it will rock my wallet though. It's worth it though, besides I usually end up spending my money on anime anyway. So when time comes I will get me a ps3 game, and give a review of it.

Castlevania is back again!

I'm very happy to say that a new Castlevania game has come out, and I been addicted all day and night for the past 2 days. The game has 2 chars you can fight with, and at first I thought I would be something like the 2nd castlevania game and you use the whip all the time. Yet they have thrown in a twist at this current person isn't able to use the true abiltys of the vampire Killer whip, so it's kinda Dawn of Sorrow except you find weapons and buy weapons (YES no more fusing). Also you can find new sub weapon abiltys or spells from the enemys as well such as the classic throw axe, but in order to release it's true abilty you must master it. Well I'll probaly post a review on this, so look under my reviews area of my profile to see the latest thoughts of this game. See yas back to playing Castlevania: Protrait of Ruin.

Knew it was going to happen with the PS3 launch

I just wanted to comment on the PS3 launch in the USA, which was both good and bad. Yet though I say it wasn't worth waiting in lines for the damn thing, hell as I read on some news article that there were shotings, rushing people, injured people, and all over for a PS3. For me life has more value then 500 or 600 plus dollars game system that will probaly be somewhat gltichy for it's 1st version units or 1st shipment systems. As I'm sure in time the reports of problems will come in soon.

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