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well, THEY ARE Diablo III, MassEffect 2 and Starwars th Old Republic :D

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GW... one of the best MMOs i played,

i decided to return to GW and play it again when i was diappointed :(

know why? because the population has decreased dramaticly, even in LA you cant see many ppl on EU servers, and Few people on US servers, so i just decided to try AoC :(

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ed to buy AoC butsince it's buged and will be boring after some time, i'm goin to play somthing else.

so, what do you think?? warhammer online ot Lotro? and why

ok, I Like Both PvP and PvE so which is better. but u can say PvP :D

and do they have EU and US version or are all the same?

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hi there guys,

i wanted to buy age of conan, but one of my friends said that he had heards that it has bug. so i started searching about it and found out some things.

first, is the game as bad as this guys says????

and second, are there still bugs? are they fixing it??? is there any MAJOR bug that stops you from playing??

finally ( only people who have played it plz :D) do i buy it or not? if no, do you know any game with the same combat ****or GvG **** (not WoW or GW)

thanks a lot, iwont buy AOC anymore.

ok, thx guys,
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hey all

any1 know any DMC-style game for PC??

other than these: DMC 3, DMC 4, onimusha